[Food Review] Nahkon Kitchen – Thai Cuisine

Sawasdee Ka!!

There are many restaurants in Singapore serving Thai cuisine and all of them claim to be authentic. But here’s one Thai restaurant which I am going to share sure serves authentic Thai cuisine, as shown on their signboard.

You may question, “How authentic ?”. Read on to find out!

Located in the midst of the heartland estate of Bedok, yes in the heartland estate where all the HDB are, not in the shopping malls, Nahkon Kitchen serves  Thai cuisine dining where everyone can comes in shorts and flip-flops! Fuss-free! No worries about dress-code!

Upon arriving I was shocked at the sight of the queue that’s maddeningly long.

Thankfully, table for two didn’t have to wait too long, while food was served in a jiffy. What the Nahkon Kitchen staff did was to take in our orders while we were in the queue.

Enough of the prelude, you may wish to meet the authentic Thai ‘cast’ from Nahkon Kitchen! I meant the food and not a real person. Let’s see which are the dishes that spice up my taste bud.

Introducing the appetizer :

Green mango salad

This is definitely one traditional appetizer that no one will miss out ordering when comes to Thai cuisine.

Nahkon Kitchen serves a great rendition with the correct mix of sugar, vinegar, lime and fish sauce, All are perfectly on the spot. The chopped pieces of the chilli padi give the dish an extra thumb up. The cashew nuts compliment dish just like how batman and robin works together to kick the baddie. I also want to  mention that the green mango slices are so crunchy and fresh that I wish to order a second plate.

Pineapple fried rice

No fanciful pineapple husk to be held in, but the sweet-tasting rice sure does its job with a generous dollop of pork floss, prawns and cashew nuts, this is a decent version. Even though I have tried a better taste before, this is still good enough to call itself authentic.

Green Curry

Green curry is also another must-order Thai dish to really enjoy the dining experience. Available in beef, pork and chicken. Thick and sweet enough to go along with plain rice. Even before the dish is served, I could already smell the green curry fragrance when the waiter was walking towards us. The brinjal cubes and long beans are quite delightful to bite into.

Stuffed chicken wing

Boneless chicken thigh! Comes with a special homemade chilli-and-sweet fish dip! The chicken might not taste like chicken at first bite, if you have dipped it into the sauce! So be expected to taste two different kind of meats at one go!

Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk

Finally, ending my meal with Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk.

The mangoes are sweet. The rice is nicely steamed. Mixed well with thick coconut cream. This is sinful but worth every divine bite. 🙂

My overall dining experience at Nahkon Kitchen was good.

I am particularly impressed by their service and hygiene standard. Wiping tables with detergent after the previous customers have left, serving free flow of iced water even when I didn’t request for it, and replenishing little rattan baskets of tissue paper for my comfort and convenience! Save money on the tissues!

Nakhon Kitchen offered an affordable and authentic Thai experience that is close to its roots. Is Nakhon Kitchen Thai food authentic? You bet!

Nahkon Kitchen

Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3
Singapore 460136

Tel: +65 6245 5548


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