[Event] Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness

Cervical Cancer, one of the deadly cancer that can happen to all the women on this earth. It is not an uncommon cancer, it’s just that over the last 20 years, many women have taken part in the prevention programs, hence the number of cervical cancer cases in Singapore have been decreased.
We need to encourage our female loved ones to learn and take up the prevention, no one wants to see loved ones leaving us for an illness which can be prevented. Even if it’s detected early, we can be cured.
I was invited to a bloggers event, “Protect to Tell”, to learn more about Cervical Cancer, and of course to bring out the awareness to my loved ones and blog readers.
Guess what, theme colour was mint and pink! This is what I wanted to plan for my baby girl’s 1yo birthday party!
Event was held at my one of my favourite bakery, Lady M, where all female bloggers and invited media guests were treated with Lady M’s Mille Crêpes!
Lady M’s signature Mille Crêpes in green tea!
Checkers is da bomb for chocolate lovers!
Strawberry which I found it average, as I’m not a fan of cream on the top layer.
I had a rolling good times with my blogger friends.
Photo credits: Herine Ang
We wrote well-wishes on the decorated balloons for our mums, girlfriends and loved ones.
Here’s mine,
“To All Ladies, stay pretty & healthy! Women Rocks!”
“Live Love Laugh”
We had 3 speakers to share more info on Cervical Cancer with us.
There is nothing to fear when comes to prevention. girlpower
If you think you have a lower risk of getting Cervical Cancer because there’s no such history in your family, you are wrong.
Cervical Cancer is caused by common virus – HPV.
There are about 130 different types of HPV but the 4 most frequent and aggressive HPV types that cause cervical cancer are:
  • HPV 16
  • HPV 18
  • Hpv 45
  • HPV 31
Women who have sexual intercourse are more prone to getting Cervical Cancer. Sticking to one partner doesn’t mean a lower or zero risk. This is different from AIDS. HPV is transmistted through skin-to-skin contact at the genital area, during sexual intercourse.
It can also be transmitted through non sexual contact like mother to infant during delivery.  (This was something that I wasn’t aware earlier.)
Two phases for prevention,
Pap smears – Less than a 5-minute procedure. It’s painless, maybe slight discomfort for some ladies.
HPV vaccination – A 3-dosage of the needles, to be spread over 6 months.
(1st month, 3rd month, 6th month. Similar to Hepatitis B)
I’ve done Pap smears for 3 times so far and it was painless for me all 3 times. Felt a little discomfort, but I’d just have to breath in and out slowly, relax my muscles, and before I knew it, the procedure was done.
I’m not sure how much does a Pap smear cost, but trust me, it’s affordable and prolly like in the $20 bucks range or eve free of charge. Yes I mean free of charge! Because I bought women illness coverage policy from my insurance agent, I was given a complimentary health check inclusive of Pap smear once every 2-3 years. And after my recently delivery, my gynae did a Pap smear on me as well, to ensure all was safe and sound,
Gynae also recommended me to go for the vaccination which cost about $400-$450 (can use medishield to pay) 3 doses.
But if you are keen now, you can do your Pap smear free! Call 6489 9133 for an appointment.
So what’s the difference between Pap smears and vaccination? Do I have to do both to prevent Cervical Cancer?
Pap smears is just a procedure to scrap up the cells in our cervix to detect any changes in the cells. Changes of the cervix cells may develop into cancer in the later stage, so it’s good to Pap smears regularly for early detection.
Vaccination is to reduce the risk of developing cervical pre-cancers and Cervical Cancer. It can even prevent certain HPV infection, but no foolproof. There is a no 100% prevention ya.
So it’s good to do a first Pap smears, ensure we are cervical cancer-free, then do the vaccination. After which, perform Pap smears regularly for early detection.
Even if you’re already sexually active, you are still good to be vaccinated.
Vaccination is recommended to be done as young as the age of 9. The immune response will be stronger. Vaccination for teenage girls will not have any impact on their adolescent development, will not disrupt their mentrual cycle.
The main side effects are perhaps redness and alittle pain on the injection area, mild fever, and tiredness.
Find out more during your Pap smears consultation.
Call 6489 9133 for an appointment.
Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness” on 12th April 2014 Sat (the “Event”) was held as a lunch session, organised and sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd. I was not paid for participating in the Event. All personal views expressed here are entirely my own.

[Product Review] Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask & Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector

 Two new additions to the Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening range,

  • Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask
  • Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector

These new additions skincare will provide the ultimate boost for a clear and porcelain-looking skin!

Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask

The word “biocellulose” tells me the mask sheet thickness is like a second skin on our face.

Yes, it’s super thin and yet stretchy, not the type that can be easily torn.

Long-term use of the Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask will help to reduce visibility of fine lines and pigmentation. Skin’s moisture and firmness will be improved. Overall result is a brighten-up face.

Key ingredients which make the mask effective,

Vitamin A derivative, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C derivative, Lipoamino Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Mica Minerals.

Each key ingredient serves a purpose here.

Vitamin A derivative and Vitamin B3 works together to brighten up the skin’s appearance and support skin’s collagen on the firming part. Because skin’s firmed, fine lines are minimized and skin has its own ability to reflect light, and that’s how the skin is going to look brighten-up.

Mica Minerals are like an optical diffuser to enhance the reflection of light onto the skin, enhances on the skin brightness.

Lipoamino Acid is responsible for improving the uneven skin tone.

Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin are to provide intense hydration to the skin.

A box of Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask contains 5 sheets. Each sheet is well sealed and infused with the intense dose of ingredients.

Lightly scented but suitable for all skin types.

Just one application and I saw immediate result. My face looked so much brighten up. *Bye bye to the dull naked face*

My face felt very comfortable with the mask sheet on. I put it on for like 15 minutes and started to feel the mask was drying up. It was time for me to remove the mask. Lotsa of mask essence were left on my face and it took me awhile to massage it into my dry skin. Good to use twice weekly.

Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask
A box of 5 pcs
12ml /pc

Available at all Elizabeth Arden counters.


Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector

Do you have a spot somewhere on your face, shoulder, back, arm or leg? And feel embarrassed or annoyed with the spot?

Well, I do! I have a few spots before my pregnancy and now, I have even more after pregnancy! FML.

But I think I’m going to eliminate these annoying spots with Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector!

At the bloggers’ event, I was told this spot corrector is able to lighten up stubborn spots (and uneven skintone)!

Yay, savior is here!

Key ingredients,

Vitamin C derivative, well-know ingredient for skin brightening and minimization of pigmentation.

Liopamino Acid to improve uneven skin tone.

Protease Enzyme to exfoliate the dead skin’s cells, restores smooth skin’s surface and supports natural cell renewal.

Hyaluronic Acid is also included to retain skin’s moisture. When skin’s moisture is improved, fine lines and pigmentation will be lessened naturally.

Clear, light gel-like texture, easily absorbed into the skin. Good to use it continuously for at least a period of 8 weeks to see the result.

Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector

Available at all Elizabeth Arden counters.


Before the bloggers’ event ended, bloggers were treated to a fun time at Arteastiq!

Happy me because I have always wanted to go to the cafe for some painting fun!

My colourful painting station!

Inspiration drawing of the day: White Rose

My painting was bad, I guess I will never learn to colour/paint beautifully.

I was suggested to hang my painting at my nursery room! But I couldn’t make up my mind which wall to hand. LOL

But recently I have collected my new house keys, most prolly I’m going to hang this painting somewhere in the living hall. =D

It was a fun morning to attend events like this, rather than sleeping through the morning. *Bliss* love58

I’m on my journey to try out the Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask and the Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector.

Looking forward to see some good results!


[Review] Lovemore Water Beauty Series

It’s been a long time since I review about Lovemore face masks! Feels good to be reviewing it again.

Introducing to you the Lovemore Water Beauty Series facial masks. From the name itself, we all know these masks are all about hydrating, clarifying and maintaining skin moisture level.

I am sponsored the Deep Sea Water hydrating mask because my cheeks have turned dry (skin surface layer) for quite sometime. The skin sure needs intensive hydration during masking.

Let’s talk about the hydration level.

Yep, extremely hydrating on my skin, the essence is alot and there’s some essence dripping during masking!

If you don’t want to waste the essence, you will just have dab on the dripping essence and massage or pat on the neckline.

Main essence ingredient is the Deep Sea Water. Deep sea water is rich in magnesium and calcium, good for skin. Been hearing lots of raves from Deep-Sea-Water-content products.

So what’s so special about this mask?

I made a silly mistake when trying to put on the mask sheet. The mask sheet is so thin and being sealed by two protective sheets that I actually mistaken one of the protective sheets to be the mask!!

I have though this blue sheet is the mask itself! And I was wondering,

“Huh, why the material feels so weird?”

How to use:

And so I removed the blue sheet from my face and looked at it again, only to realize there was another super thin layer sealed by the blue sheet!! This super thin layer is the mask!

How to use:

Remove white plastic sheet
Fit mask over face
Remove blue non-woven plastic sheet
Remove mask sheet after 10-15 minutes
Gently pat remaining formula into the skin

How to use:
How to use:
Step 1: Remove white plastic sheet.
Step 2: Fit mask over face.
Step 3: Remove blue non-woven sheet.
Step 4: Remove mask sheet after 10-15 mins.
Step 5: Gently pat any remaining formula into skin. – See more at: http://www.secretive.sg/lovemore/156-lovemore-deep-sea-water-hydrating-mask-box-5pcs.html#sthash.VinwkGp7.dpuf

This is how thin the mask sheet is! It’s meant to be like a 2nd skin during masking, to feel light and comfy!

I personally find the placing of the mask sheet on my face a little inconvenient. The thin mask sheet is so thin that a little bit of strength can tear it easily.

Inorder to fit the mask sheet nicely onto my face, I have to stretch the mask sheet.

Masking is recommended not to be more than 15 minutes and I follow this guideline very strictly. I won’t want my skin to dry up even more!

After removing the mask sheet, I can really feel the thick essence on my face. I will just massage the essence all around my face and neck. Deep sea water is easily absorbed into the skin and my skin definitely feels moisturized and well hydrated. I hit the bed for night sleep without applying any night cream, for a night after masking.

Under the same mask series, there are:

Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask
Lovemore Glacier Water Soothing Mask.

Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask (BOX 5pcs)
Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask (BOX 5pcs)

Lovemore Water Beauty Series, comes in box of 5 pcs, SGD13.90.

More reviews on Lovemore face masks here.

Bon Appetit! Penny University

Here’s another popular cafe, Penny University, where all-day brunch is served.

Despite the small variety of food here, Penny University tends to be very crowded from noon onwards. Long queue is expected on weekends, no reservation is allowed. So we have to go really early inorder to chop a table.

There’s no table number, food is served based on order queue number.

I’m on breastfeeding, so I could only have Hot Chocolate. I wish there are more caffeine-free drinks, or even decaf coffee!

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon $14. I’m impressed by the sourdough toasts. They were crispy and not too thick or hard. Poached eggs were not the best which I’ve tried, but for a $14 Eggs Benedict, this was reasonable.

For the non-preferred smoked salmon food goers, Eggs Benedict with Turkey Ham is perhaps a good alternative.

If only the fresh veg salad comes in a bigger portion. For the first time, I quite like the greens.

Turkish Eggs $8. Adventurers food goers may want to try poached eggs on lightly whipped yogurt Turkish Eggs look kind of plain, but additional toppings like smoked chicken, turkey ham and smoked salmon options are available.

Surprisingly the brunch was so full that 3 of us could only take in 1 piece of Red Velvet cake. We wanted to try at least 3 cakes!

This Red Velvet cake definitely tasted much more better than TheTiramisuHero’s! Gosh, I still cannot forget that rubbery taste. =/

My girlfriends commented it’s too moist, but to me, I like it. So it’s really up to individual’s preference.

If only our main courses weren’t so full, we would get to try more cakes! I shall revisit Penny University one day!

Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997
Phone: 90089314
Opening Hours: (Tue – Thu) 08:30 – 18:00 | (Fri – Sat) 08:30 – 00:00 | (Sun) 08:30 – 21:00 | Closed on Mon
Only cash payment.

Bon Appetit! Ground Cafe & Bar

Supposed to try out Chock Full Of Beans but their coffee machine was down! No choice, we did a fast google to dig the nearest cafe around us. I found Ground Cafe & Bar.

Since we had no fate with the cartoon coffee art with Chock Full Of Beans, I ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate ($5) with request to add a random coffee art.

Coke Light $3.
Iced Chocolate $6.

Coffee art was only available on hot beverage.

Truffle Fries $13, my favourite from this place, and perhaps the best truffle fries which I’ve tried.

Prawn Aglio Olio $12, good enough for my tastebud but a tad too pricey IMO. The peeled prawns were of average size, olive oil was overly added. I quite love its garlic taste.

Eggs Hemingway $17. The mushrooms and corns were good! Poached eggs were perfectly cooked and I heart how juicy the egg yolk was! Yums! Definitely worth the 17 bucks!

I may return for the truffle fries!

Address: 226 Tanjong Katong Singapore 437015
Phone: 63420226
Opening Hours: (Tue – Fri) 11:00 – 00:00 | (Sat) 10:00 – 00:00 | (Sun) 10:00 – 23:00 | (Mon) Closed.


Right after this, we walked down a few steps to a random stall, and had durians by the roadside.

Thanks to Jacelyn who tried to push open the durian shell!


We realised it’s July’s first time to have durians by the roadside! :O

Though it was a night without full attendance from HumSupGroup, I felt good to meet the girls for a quick dinner, since meeting up with full attendance is not easy.

Award Winning Items From Aqua Label, Ma Cherie, Majolica Majorca, Senka, Tsubaki, Za

It’s the end of the 1st quarter of 2014, and I’m here to share the award winning products from the sister brands of Shiseido this year.

Sister brands of Shiseido:

Aqua Label, Ma Cherie, Majolica Majorca, Senka, Tsubaki, Za

These brands are easily available at my favourite Watsons stores, how easy is that for me to grab the award winning products!

That’s alot of products here, isn’t it?

Starting with Aqua Label, we have Aqua Label Special Gel Cream which has this intense moisturizing effect due to the double Hyaluronic Acid content. Its jelly-like texture makes absorption easy. The most important point here is its high collegen concentration which ensures skin is supple and skin elasticity improves and maintains.


Ma Cherie, where its princessy packaging and fruity fragrance melt alot of the ladies’ hearts.

From left to right on my photo above,

Ma Cherie End Cure Milk, provides intensive repair for hair ends. It’s a leave-in treatment essence for split ends, dry ends, and the not-easy-to-manage hair ends.

Ma Cherie Hair Gelee, is more for those with hair curls. It helps to enhances the curls and to give it a bouncy hair look.

Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo, is for those with thin flat hair. It helps to give the hair a volumized look.


Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover has always been a hot favourite since the day it was launched. It’s the Best Beauty Buys in Women’s Weekly 2014.

For Majolica Majorca, needless to say, their mascara is a bit hit ever since they are first launch years ago before I started this blog. Back then, I shared my reviews at forums and receives many raves on the various mascara.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister, is a 4mm jet black long fibers that not only gives a volumized eyelash look, but also the lengthening effect.

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In is formulated with Jet-Black fiber formula and blend polymer to make eyelashes thicker, longer and deeper.

Majolica Majorca Lash King, contains 5 mm super long fibers, impact wax to achieve volumized eyelashes with power-up volume.


Senka has 2 winning products, the Senka Mineral Perfect UV has SPF50 PA +++ and Senka Whitening Lotion.

Senka Mineral Perfect UV has SPF50 PA +++ has no issue of blocking both UVA and UVB rays. It can be easily washed with facial cleanser instead of makeup remover despite its high SPF.

Senka Whitening Lotion helps to hydrate the skin and keep the melanin at bay, to ensure a fair complexion. It’s like a serum, easily abosorbed into the skin due to the “micro-manufacturing” process.


Tsubaki Damage Hair Care has won a few awards this year.

The Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo strengthens the damaged hair, repairs hair cuticles and restores hair shine.

Both Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner work together to repair and protects hair from further damage from the UV rays and chemical treatments.

Tsubaki Spa Massage Spa Mask won the Best Scalp Treatment from Women’s Weekly 2014 and Nylon Beauty Hitlist 2014. It’s Nylon’s editors choice. This is the only hairmask which I’ve known to be safe for hair scalp. No irritation and infact it promotes blood circulation! It’s really like giving a spa to my scalp!


Za, my trusty brand for skincare and makeup. I’ve known this brand since my teenage years! Za has sure comes along way till today.

There’s alot of award winning products from Za, I shan’t bore you with too much description. I’m sure by the products names, you will know their benefits. Do a search in my blog and you may find reviews on some products mentioned here. These products are really good for the price you pay!

Za Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation
(A two way cake foundation, my number one foundation to buy at Watsons)

Za Ever Brow
(An eyebrow pencil which requires no sharpening, easy gliding and smudge-free)

Za Killer Volume Mascara
(SUPER VOLUME. ZERO CLUMPS. NO SMUDGES is the tagline for it)

Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White
(Non-sticky BB cream cum sunblock)


How wonderful to have all these award winning products on your dressing table?

Or in the bathroom?

Or bathtub??

I will be on cloud nine!!

Event was held at Oasia Hotel, one of my shortisted hotels when comes to staycation. I actually did a blgopost on the hotel facilities here.

I didn’t win any prizes from the Bingo and the What’s-Inside-The-Box but I had fun playing the games.

This black box was DIY-ed by the creative folks (from Majolica Majorca I think?). Super pretty can!

It’s a good recap of all the award winning products launched by these brands over the past few years in this Bloggers Appreciation event.

It’s my honour to be part of this event and many thanks to the lovely folks (from the brands) who have spent time planning this. *applaud*

I’m going to start trying out these award winning products soon!

[Product Review] Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Aging Boosting Cleanser & Anti Aging Intensive Eye Serum

I was invited to an “antioxidant cooking class” with beauty brand Elizabeth Arden. The cooking class was a fun activity for bloggers but main agenda that was to introduce us two new additions to the Prevage family.

 PREVAGE Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser, 4.2oz/125ml


PREVAGE Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum, 0.5oz/15ml

PREVAGE Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser is a mild cleanser that foams, removes dirt and impurities from skin’s surface. Inside the foam I can feel very tiny beads (bamboo beads) which are gentle enough to be used daily on removing dead skin cell and promotes cell renewal.

 It is my current favourite cleanser, I am using it twice daily. And yes, Idebenone (most powerful antioxidant) is integrated into the cleanser formula. My face feels instantly smooth after each wash. I like how it can be used as a cleanser and also a daily exfoliant.

One thing to note is to avoid getting the cleanser entering the eyes, it’s going to sting badly.

 Key ingredients:

Idebenone: Provides skin with maximum protection from environmental assaults. Our environmental threats produce an abundance of free radicals that can speed up skin aging.

Bamboo Beads: Exfoliate the skin gently and effectively.

Mushroom Extract: An anti-oxidant that works together with Idebenone, minimizes signs of aging.

Enzyme Exfoliate: An active enzyme that assists in cell renewal.

Shea Butter & Glycerin: Moisturizes the skin.

This cleanser is ideal for women with mature skin or skin experiencing early signs of aging.

PREVAGE Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser is available at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters in SG, retailing at, SGD69.00.

I’m currently using this PREVAGE Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum and I’m very happy with its ‘immediate’ benefits. When I say ‘immediate’, it is more of a cosmetic significance and not the once-applied-eyes-problems-all-disappear-forever benefit.

However, with continue use of this eye serum, the signs of aging around our eyes can be less visible over time. The delicate skin will look more firm, less puffy and more radiant. I am still looking forward to these improvements.

But for now, the ‘immediate’ result I get from this eye serum is 95% (I give it a 95% because it’s really almost perfect!)  diminishing of the fine lines around my eyes!

See my Before-and-After photos!



See the huge difference? Even the redness/dark circles area is lightened upon one application! I’m pretty sure continuous usage of this eye serum is going to work wonder.

Texture is very light and moisturizing on my undereye areas. I can instantly feel the less tightness in the skin and I heart how it’s easily absorbed.

Key ingredients:

As usual, Idebenone is the number one antioxidant here, together with other antioxidants like Thiotaine which complements Idebenone in protecting the skin from free radical damage, allowing Idebenone to perform repairing works on the signs of aging surfaced on the skin.

Perhaps it’s also worth thanking Idebenone technology that works with the antioxidants to fix the signs on aging.

This eye serum is suitable for all skin types and can be followed up by an eye cream.

PREVAGE Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum is available at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters in SG, retailing at SGD215.00.

The cooking class was all about cooking healthily, and to cook yummy food using antioxidants! Very informative!

I’m a food junkie, so sad to say, my own cooked food were not stimulating to my appetite even though I was hungry!  D:

I guess junk food is still my love.