Sally Hansen Diamond Collection

It’s been a long time since I blogged about nail colours! And that reminds me I haven’t been DIY-ing my nails for don’t-know how many months ever since I am hooked to gelish nails.

*Will share my gelish nails in a separate blogpost later on*

But last evening, I finally painted my own nails again! Thanks to the invitation I’ve received from Sally Hansen to preview a new diamond collection on their nail polishes!

Check out this lovely Candy booth from littlehouseofdreams!

Got myself some candies home!  The candies tasted so yummy that my dear jiemei, Jacelyn was snacking on the candies while listening to the presentation. 

The event was all about how to beautify our nails using simple DIY steps and basic nail tools. We were also given some tips on how to paint our nails professionally, and hands-on session to try the new nail polish collection on our nails.

Other tips like what shape of the nails , colours of the nail polishes that suit ourselves were also explained to us. It was interesting to realize that our nails shape have some resemblance to our body sizes! 🙂

Round Shape (DIY-ed by myself)

Square Shape (DIY-ed by myself)

Incase you didn’t know, for toenails, it’s always the best to keep them square!

This cuticle remover comes in gel-texture, and is easily applied on my cuticles. I followed up with an orange tree stick, “digging” out all the dead skin along my cuticles lines in circular motion, less than a few seconds, I could see the dead skin appearing!!

Applying Sally Hansen’s Gel Cuticle Remover along my cuticles lines.

Dead skin appearing.

My nail looked clean after wiping off the Gel Cuticle Remover!!

Repeating it on my ring finger, see the after-effect difference from other fingernails!

After cleaning our nails and cuticles, followed up with a base coat and we were ready to witness the Diamond Collection Fantasy from Sally Hansen!

Here are some colours from the Diamond Collection!

Inside Sally Hansen’s coming up Diamond Collection, we will be seeing 18 colours under the Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour!

If you think there’s no diamond inside the nail colours, then you are wrong!

What makes the colours shine and shimmer is because it contains diamond dust! Diamond dust (diamond powder particles) may not be as big as a diamond, but they are under the diamond family, so it’s close to diamond right!? Heh!

Because of the Micro-diamond formula, Platinum and Aluminum, nails can be strengthened and less situations of having chipped nails!

Not only that, each coat of the Diamond Collection colours ensures that the nails and colours are strengthened for up to 10 days! No worry about nail polish colour fading on nails!

Quick touch dry-time is also one of the results I saw from Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour collection!

Here’s what I have applied at the event. Pardon my uneven painting, I haven’t been practicing painting myself for months!

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour:
470 Black Tie

470 Black Tie from the new collection is gorgeous! It has abit of dark grey shade with black tone, but under a different colour lighting, it reflects green!

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour:
460 Save The Date

460 Save The Date has a mixture tone of dark red and purple. I totally love the shine it reflects on my ring fingernail!

By the way, this whole new collection is not just about colours, it’s also about mixing the colours to achieve a rich and intense shade which is preferred!

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour:
450 Wedding Crasher

I applied a layer of 450 Wedding Crasher on top of 460 Save The Date so as to create some glitter on my ringer fingernail! 450 Wedding Crasher is an awesome bling bling red, it can be applied in almost all dark base colour! It can also be applied as some gradiant bling on the nails using the sponging-dab or brush-dab method.

Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat

After all the colours were done, the last coat was the top coat, Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat!

This is going to be my number 1 top coat for now. It gives me the smoothest application which I’ve never had from top coat.  It enhances the shine on my nail colours and dries up my nails surfaces within a minute!!

Yes, I mean a minute, 60 seconds! No worries about smudging the nail colours!

Then again, its in-between layers may not be fully dry yet, so we just have to be a little careful not to press harder on the nails surfaces.

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour retails at S$13.90.
Diamond FLash Fast Dry Top Coat retails ar S$16.90.

Available at:
John Little
and other fine stores.

Time to beautify own nails with Sally Hansen’s new diamond collection!

*bling bling*


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