#Review# HydroGel masks – Keeps Your face Protected & Moisturized All Day Long!

I was invited to take up a sponsorship of 5 new ranges of HydroGel masks from TheNatureLab.

HydroGel keeps your face protected and moisturized for up to 24 Hours.

Unlike traditional sheet mask, HydroGel mask are able to penetrate faster and deeper into skin. It will also not evaporate in the air and will keep your face protected and moisturized for up to 24 Hours.

Unlike traditional sheet mask, HydroGel mask does not have any holding medium. It is made directly from pure nutrients and essence into a soft water-gel mask, just like how ice is formed from water. Hydrogel is soft and gentle on skin. Upon applying Hydrogel, it will melt onto face creating an entire new masking experience.

From left to right:

  • Wrinkle Free
  • Snail Charm
  • Bright & Clear
  • Gold Power
  • Slim V

Wrinkle Free
, one of the must-have type of mask sheets in every ladies’ mask collection! Maintaining have to starter early, it will be too late when the fine lines appear! The red packaging gives me the sense of urgency. Time waits no man, we have to start early to minimize wrinkles existence!

Long term usage is going to achieve a skin which has improved skin’s elasticity and skin structure because the essence in the mask sheet contains cell renewal formulation. It helps to repair & protect against fine lines and wrinkles.

Snail Charm, erm… the name does sound… gross? But it has all the good benefits for the skin!

Snail Mucin has been well-known for its skin healing ability. Snail Charm combines valuable cell-proliferating healing agent of Snail Mucin to stimulate healthy tissue formation. When applied to skin, it contributes and triggers the natural healing process of the skin. Good for the acne-prone skin and skin with acne scars.

Bright & Clear, the name tells it all! Yep, it’s about brightening and clearing off the flaws visibility on the face. Clearing off may sound not convincing, but the mask sure does help to lighten pigmentations and scar.

Bright & Clear HydroGel mask contains Whitening agents that will turn rough and dull skin into bright and clear skin.

Bright & Clear is the first mask which I have tried upon receiving the masks.

Each mask is “cut” into 2 pieces. 1 for the upper half of my face, another for the lower half.

Material of the mask sheet was gel/rubbery. Not stretchable but able to nicely firmly fit on the face.

During masking, I can smell some sweet scent from the mask sheet. The scent relaxes me while resting on the sofa. Shiok!

Separate piece for the eyelids.

The amount of essence isn’t alot but somehow it makes my skin feeling cool and refreshing after masking. There isn’t alot of essence left on my face to massage, just some dampness. Light patting on my face helps to freshen up my skin.

Lightening of pigmentations isn’t obvious on first trial. But my skintone looks slightly brighten up. =)

Gold Power!

Gold Power contain Caviar & Salmon egg extract, helps to nourish & restore the skin. It also has amazing ability to slow down signs of aging. Use this together with Wrinkle Free for the best results!

Slim V, the mask to V-shaped face?

Slim V provides nourishment to skin, aid skin cell rejuvenation creating a supple, firm and radiant skin. Use regularly to achieve v v v face shape!

Keen to try out these wonderful mask sheets?

TheNatureLab masks are available at WATSONS.

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Enjoy masking!


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