#Review# Ultimate Colla-gen Gold

It was my first time to receive a Japanese-gift-wrapped product. Looks like those lunch bento sets! Oh well, it’s not bento set, but still something good for the health! It’s collagen drinks!

Korean celebrities Mr Lee Min H and Ms Kim Hee Sun, are Ultimate Colla-gen’s brand ambassadors! Does that motivate you enough to try out Ultimate Colla-gen?

Love the cheery colours on the packaging!

As we age, collagen level in our bodies decreases, our skin then loses the suppleness and elasticity, wrinkles start to form. No doubt we maybe using tonnes of skincare, we still need supplements to further enhance our beauty. That’s where collage comes in.

Korea #1  preferred Collagen is Halal-certified with a light and refreshing sweet taste. Ultimate Colla-gen uses a technology that provides the lowest (50% smaller than other collagen drinks) Nano-molecular structure in collagen for easier and faster absorption.

Ultimate Colla-gen uses  real Blueberry extract and contains other key ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Glucosamine, Acia berry.

Ultimate Colla-gen, caters to people of all age groups, but comes in 2 different formulations. Ultimate Colla-gen Plus nurtures skin, hair and nails, good for those between 20s and 40s. Ultimate Colla-gen Gold are meant for those who are in their golden years, it nurtures joints, bones and skin.

Each sachet contains the powdered Ultimate Colla-gen.

Added in water to dissolve the Ultimate Colla-gen powder, do a little stirring and it’s good to drink!

The drink tastes sweet and if you have it chilled for awhile, it is very refreshing drink to be served after a hot day from the outside.

I shared the box of collagen drinks with mum who has a problem with her joints and bones. I guess it must be the Glucosamine content that helps in giving a little more strength during climbing of the few steps. Mum in her 50s, has a weakness in climbing up stairs. Even the 2-3 steps up the bus, she needs a grip on the poles. Ultimate Colla-gen Gold doesn’t help much on her aging appearance, but more on her joints.

But it was not an overnight thing that happened to her. She only managed to see some results after finishing almost the whole box! To see better results, regular consumption is required for sure.

Does this sound like a good Christmas present for the elderly at home? Ultimate Colla-gen is available at Nishino pharmacies, Robinsons, Pan Derma Clinique, Pharmex Healthcare, and selected Sasa outlets in SG.

I totally heart the pink scarf that was used to wrap the box of collagen! And guess what, it’s from Burberry!!

Happy max!

I was introduced to Skinbiotics on my first Yacht trip!

Photo extracted from Skinbiotics facebook.

Together with a group of bloggers, we made our way for a yacht trip at One degree 15 Marina!

Thanks to Karen for reminding us a list of items we may need to bring along!

I wasn’t going for the watersport, so I only brought my shades and sunblock!

The main agenda of this trip was to introduce to us the products from Skinbiotics, a beauty supplement for ladies who have skin concerns. Aside from this, it’s basically a rest and relax session for everyone on board.

“We had fun, we had joy, we had seasons in the sun!”

On board with us, we had Doctor David Tan, medical aesthetics from www.dtaesthetics.com.

Doctor Tan shared with us some true and untrue facts  about skincare treatments and products. We sure learnt alot that day!

I was sponsored with 3 boxes of Skinbiotics supplement to try out! Two boxes which target on dull and uneven skintone (for myself) and one box targets on dry, matured and sagging skin (for my mum)!

Today marks my first day trial on the supplements!

The pills are in coral pink!

What I have is REACTIV 01 Skin Lightening And Regeneration. One comes with 50 pills, able to last for 3.5 weeks.

Two pills to be taken with water every morning after food.

Right now, I have 100 pills, enough for me to try out for about 7 weeks, should be enough to see some results as clinical study is able to see visible results after 8 weeks.

What makes Skinbiotics work is one of the ingredient used, Algaplex, a complex blend of compounds including Marine Algae.

A little food chain that discovers the wonders of Marine Algae:

  1. Marine creatures like Krill eat the Aglae.
  2. Fish eats the krill.
  3. We eat the fish which pass down the compound of algae cells to us.

Some studies were conducted and the result was a unparalleled anti aging efficacy on human skin!

This explains why this ingredient is added to Skinbiotics to enhance our skin’s texture and appearance.

Skinbiotics mainly helps to protect, renew, refortify and repair our skin.

It targets skin concerns on skin areas where products like cream and essence cannot reach.

No doubt I have plenty of skincare to take care of my skin, it’s still the best to  boost up my skin underneath with supplements.

Just like we may need vitamins because the food we take in every meal, may not be sufficient to give us the necessary nutrients we need.

Some skin issues that Skinbiotics help:

  • Skin structure
  • Skin smoothness
  • Skintone
  • Fine lines/Wrinkles
  • Radiance
  • Pore size
  • Skin discoloration (Spots)
  • Hydration
  • Blemishes

For my mum, it’s REACTIV 02 AGE Defenze And Renewal.

She has yet to try them out because of her morning rush to work. Gonna set reminder for her!

The 3rd type is REACTIV 03 Age Defenze and Repair is formulated for Oily + Blemished Skin.

It was awesome to have the products presentation on a yacht rented from Charter Yacht! As the yacht making her way out to the sea, I caught so many nice views of the residential area and the beautiful sky!

Interior of the Yacht was very remarkable. Every space in the yacht is fully utilized. There were 4 rooms and 2 restrooms.

Hee, here’s our Skipper/Charter manager, Richard Koh. He is such a fun guy to hang out with! Thanks to Richard, his colleague and Doctor Tan’s wife for preparing the BBQ dinner for everyone on board!

Relaxing myself on the fornt deck as the yacht sailed out into the sea!

Sailing by Kusu Island!

Oh yes, the weather that day was uber hot! The sun was working so hard that all of us applied thick sun block all over!

Me and Chantana

Patricia and me

Thanks Chantana for taking this photo for me! I love it!

Photo extracted from Skinbiotics facebook.
Me, Chantana, Yijing, Verlyn, Feliza and Patricia.

Towards Sunset, we caught some glimpses of the the helicopters flying by with Singapore Flag!

Did you see the crescent of the moon on the photo above?

Sunset happens really fast and every 15 minute, the sky looks different. Luckily I took many shots to keep as momento!

While enjoying our BBQ food, we saw Song-of-the-sea fireworks from the nearby Sentosa Island.

Chilling under the sky with twinkling stars above us, it was an awesome evening with the girls, doctor Tan and the yacht crew.

Before we realize, it was like 10pm!

And slowly we made our way to sail back to mainland. So reluctant!

The night view of One degree 15 Marina was beautiful and quiet. One of the perfect places for chillax!

Thanks to Skinbiotics for this yacht trip! I’ve enjoyed myself!

Skinbiotics are available only at Watsons stores exclusively for the first 3 months from now. Depends on which box, it is retailing at S$138/box and $148/box.

My FOTD look for the yacht trip:

Leaders Clinic tinted sun cream

Za Candylicious Cheeks Groovy in Strawberry Pink

Za True White Two-way foundation

Benefit Brows A-go-go

Za Liquid Eyeliner

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extension Mascara

Natural-looking falsies (top and bottom) bought from Taiwan and Dollywink

My Outfit of The Day:

Close up details on my crochet shorts:

Add a cardigan, incase it’s going to be breezy out in the sea!

Bralet from TVD
Crochet shorts from MLB
Cardigan from MissyPixie

#Review# Blackmores Radiance – My very first beauty supplement!

It has been almost 4 weeks that I have been taking Blackmores Radiance supplement! And I must say, my skin has been feeling good all this while! I even brought then to my Taiwan trip! I will still continue taking this supplement when I am back!

I was invited by Watsons and Blackmores for their beauty and health workshop held at held at Cookyn-Inc. The place reminded me of aquiet cottage-like garden.

Had a great time in the beauty and health workshop where I also get to learn to cook my own dinner!

Blackmores Radiance is a beauty supplement which helps to enhance skin’s elasticity and moisture, keeping the skin healthy. It also helps to protects the skin from sun damage and free radicals which are the main factors that lead to early signs of skin aging.
Other than taking in healthy and antioxidants food, supplements also help to enhance the results. It’s possible that many of us are not taking in the correct levels of nutrients and antioxidants, which is also why we need supplements.
Indeed there are skincare products in the market to deal with all the sun damage and free radicals issues. But still, when comes to skin aging, beauty still comes from within the skin and the underneath layers.
That’s here where Blackmores Radiance comes in. It not longer helps to improve texture and radiance of the skin outer layer but also the inner layers.

Blackmores Radiance comes in a day and night formula. But there’s no strict rule that the supplement must be consumed specifically in the morning and at night. This is because both formulas are different.

Quoted from Blackmores Radiance
When taken in combination, Blackmores Radiance day/night capsules:

  • Are clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten pores
  • Help decrease premature aging effects of sun damage
  • Visibly reduce uneven pigmentation and skin tone after 12 weeks
  • Increase skin moisture and hydration
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • help maintain integrity and structure of the skin
  • Assit with collagen production, skin-regeneration and renewal

I have yet to see improvement in my fine lines under my eyes area, but skin’s roughness seems to be lesser! Skin’s pigmentation remains, hopefully will turn lighter as weeks pass.

I don’t have much of a pore issue, so no comment on that. Anyway, it has been said that, after 12 weeks of taking Blackmores Radiance, fine lines, skin roughness shall be reduced by 21% and there will be a significant reduction in pore size. This was done on a study & research using the night formula.

There were a few days when I’ve forgotten to take in the day formula, but it’s not an issue, I took both day and night formula that evening before sleep. 🙂

It’s pretty easy to differentiate which pack is for day and which is for night. There is a difference in the colour and there’s an embossed sun and moon on each supplement pack.

Here’s snapshot on the difference between the day & night formula.

Believe it or not, Blackmores Radiance supplement is my very first supplement. 🙂 I am not the kind of person who really believes in taking supplement because of the worry of having side effects. But Blackmores Radiance seems to have won my heart. 🙂

Blackmores also share with us a 5-step approach to address the factors that affect the rate of how out skin ages.

  1. Facial exercise and massage to give the facial muscles some workouts for face lifting. Just 5 minutes a day is enough for both eyes and face!
  2. Eat smartly – Increase intake of antioxidant food which contain Vitaming A and C, proteins and omega-3 to maintain the skin youth.
  3. Hydration – Other than moisturizer, drink lots of filtered water a day! This helps to minimise wrinkles.
  4. Sufficient Sleep – Get a lifestyle which gets rid of stress and worries at the required time.
  5. Relaxation – just 10 minutes a day to calm the mind, in this way, tight facial muscles will smooth out as well.

After finding out about Blackmores Radiance, the professional chefs from Cookyn-Inc gave us a cooking lesson, teaching us how to prepare healthy delicacies within a short time, even when we have zero experience in the kitchen.

These nice crackers to bite along while watching the presentation had opened up my appetite that evening, I couldn’t wait to hands on doing the cooking!

When comes to cooking, time planning is very important.

Chef got us started with dessert, Berry Yoghurt Trifle, so that by the time we finished the starter and main course, dessert would have been chilled and ready to be served. Then again, starter needed not heating, it’s like it could be served immediately upon prepared. Which is after preparing the dessert, we started off with the main course, and while it’s being baked, we prepared our starter.

Getting the ingredients ready to handmade my starter, Vietnamese Spring Roll. Peanut Dip (to go along with the spring roll) was tasty and was not made by me of course.

it’s not easy to wrap the spring roll! Need skills!

And because I had over stuff mine with ingredients, my spring roll “bursted”when cut. LOL

My main course,  Salmon & Choriza Baked with Assorted Capsicum, was my favourite dish of the day!

Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of capsicum but when I saw the look of the baked salmon, taking the capsicum was not a problem at all! *Capsicum is good food for skin beauty*

See! I finished my baked salmon together with the capsicum!

Ingredients which were used to make the Berry Yoghurt Trifle.

Check out my yummy dessert!

I had almost thought that’s all for my 3-course-dinner. But to my surprise, the nice chefs at Cookyn-Inc prepared us few of their signature dishes.

Below: Wild Rice Salad with Prawn

Below: Sous Vide Chicken

Below: Clams in Rice Wine

Ending the workshop with Chef’s handmade Dark Chocolate Truffles!

It was a fun evening with the rest of the bloggers, learning about beauty products and making healthy food.
Photo extracted from Watsons.

Thanks to Watsons and Blackmores for holding such an informative workshop for the bloggers, and to give me a the opportunity to try out the beauty  (Blackmores Radiance) which is available in Watsons stores.

Blackmores Radiance is available in leading pharmacies and watsons.

Recommended selling price is $123.00 for a box of 56 capsules ( 28days & 28 nights).