[Event] The launch of Bio-Oil’s Largest Bottle 200ml

I am proud to say during my pregnancy 1.5 years ago, I did not suffer from a single sign of stretch mark on my tummy despite there were times my tummy felt itchy and I scratched on it. So what’s the secret to stretch-mark free tummy during pregnancy?

Bio-Oil was my main skincare.

Previously I reviewed (refer to blogpost) how my scar was lightened from using Bio-Oil. That convinced me quite abit, and so I used it again during my pregnancy. I applied it once a night before sleep. That’s all it took. No skin allergy. No discomfort. Bio-Oil had reduced the risk of forming stretch marks on my tummy! Yay! My holy grail skincare for pregnancy!love58

I truly appreciate how this small bottle of skincare showed its effectiveness on me.

And the good news is, Bio-Oil is now available in a larger sized bottle, 200ml!

Let me recap on the key ingredients in Bio-Oil.

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract (Calendula Oil)
Lavandula Angustifolia Oil (Lavender Oil)
Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary Oil)
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Chamomile Oil)
Mineral Oil
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

You’ll probably think, “Huh? so many types of oil, the texture is sure going to be super oily and uncomfortable!”.

You’re wrong. One of the plus points from Bio-Oil is, it makes the skin soft and smooth instead of feeling greasy all over.

Bio-Oil can be used on baby skin, like during a massage for the new born. One of the main agenda behind the product is to create the special bonding between the parent and child, and not just a skincare product. Any mother who has used the product and learned about its effectiveness, will sure to share with the little ones at home.

Anyway, when I was at the event introduction launch of the 200ml bottle, I also got my chance to diy a skincare scrub using Bio-Oil with some natural ingredients which are easily found at home or the supermarkets.

Natural Scrub (for face and body) Recipe and Simple Steps

2 table spoons of Manuka Honey.
2 teaspoons of Himalayan Salt (need to self-grind into finer salt).

2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil or 4 squeezes from Fresh Lemon Wedges.
10 drops of Bio-Oil.

Mix it.

And Voila! We’re done!

Pour everything into a airtight jar, you can easily get one from our local  Daiso or Ikea.

Storage is easy, keep the jar in a fridge for months and you can use it as and when you need it.

I tried my diy-ed Bio-Oil scrub on my dry hand. Gave the skin a light scrub, rinsed it off, and immediately I saw good results!

My wrinkled hand looked so much smoother and fairer than before the scrub.


It was an awesome evening with Bio-Oil. I’m already thinking to DIY this scrub for my girlfriends for our next special occasion.

Because the event was held at Cookyn Inc, bloggers and guests also had the chance to learn cooking salmon in the simplest and healthiest way.

I had roughly jotted down the ingredients and steps, going to try it next week when Hazel is in school. (That’s when I’m free, heh!)

Shall share the recipe and steps in a separate blogpost.

Thanks Bio-Oil, you have been such a terrific product when I was pregnant and I can’t stop sharing my experience with friends.

Bio-Oil will be launching its largest sized bottle this coming May 2015.


[Event] Watsons Girls Day Out Beauty Bash

Are you a fan of Watsons? Be thrilled by their eStore that has been launched recently! With Watsons eStore, it simply means you can now shop at Watsons locally at your own convenience!

What’s even better is, you get to choose to have your shopping buys to be sent to your home or to be collected at any Watsons stores near you! Awesome right?

Anyway I attended Watsons Girls Day Out event held at Nex Atrium on their event first day. It was a blast!

I got the chance to check out the new beauty brands at the bash, had fun-filled activities like free make-up session, photobooths and hands-on of the products!

Let me tell you the event was not just on beauty, it’s also about healthcare! Here’s what I gota share:

Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest

 I have tried it before, and I must say the taste is bland. But that’s what 100% pure Bird’s Nest is all about: Rich, Nourish, Bland.

At Watsons Girls Day Out event, there was a small experiment to prove the purity level of bird’s nest from Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest and another Brand, X.

Before the test, both brands of bird’s nest were colourless before the experiment. A drop of an unknown solution was added to the bird’s nest to test the purity of bird’s nest. After the mix, both bird’s nest changed colours. See the aqua and purple solution. The purple showed that the bird’s nest was not100% pure bird’s nest while aqua solution implied the bird’s nest had very high purity of bird’s nest and that’s Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest!

No rock sugar (or any sugar) is added into Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest. One spoon of it gives me the nourishment I need from a few bottles of other brands bird’s nest.

Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest is available in 2 packaging sizes.
6 bottles x 30ml – $95
2 bottles x 250ml – $152

If bird’s nest is too expensive to be drank often, here’s one more yummy (and more affordable) supplement drink for beauty!

Kinohimitsu BB Drink
Bird’s Nest with acerola cherry

Kinohimitsu BB Drink is beauty drink that helps restore your skin’s natural glow and clarity – not only on the face but the entire body, including the back, hands and legs.

But my current favourite from Kinohimitsu is their Collagen Diamond which gave me a soothing sensation. It contains Collagen Peptide which helps in anti-aging, more for starting-to-age skin like mine. love58

Collagen Diamond is the bottled drink on the right my photo above. I’m going to start drinking it regularly!

Kinohimitsu BB Drink Value Pack retails at $39.90 for a pack of 6, with 4 complimentary bottles.

Smile Makers

Read the captions, do you have an idea of what these are?

For a moment, I thought I was wrong, it’s not that vibrator, but perhaps a toothbrush encapsulated inside. LOL

It’s one of the new products that will be coming to out local Watsons real soon.Be thrilled. Be excited. Be shy. I got The Frenchman in my bloggers goodie bag!

I still have not figured out on how to use it. The shape is just so weird. Haha!

Purposely added one of my wedding photos into the photo above, does it look like some intimate products meant for couple use? blahahaMore information on Smile Makers in their website.

Another healthcare product which I loved from Watsons Girls Day Out is,

Energeyes Digital Lenses

Prolong exposure to the glare light emitted from computer screen, mobile screen can strain our eyes, causing redness, discomfort or even headache.

Energeyes Digital Lenses are meant to reduce the emission from digital devices into our eyes by up to 50% and reduce the glare from the screens.

The ready-made ones are more for those who have eyesight perfect or wearing lenses. For those who are already wearing glasses, you can’t get the ready-made ones from Watsons. But from what I was told, some optical shops are able to incorporate this kind of lenses into the short-sighted lenses during manufacturing. My colleague custom-made hers, slightly more expensive than the average $200 pairs of glasses.

Energeyes Digital Lenses are available in a few colours with different frame-shapes.

Anyway, wearing zero-degree glasses is like a fashion these days, no harm getting one pair and use it when you’re on the computer. Time to learn to protect your eyes!

Retailing at $67.90 at local Watsons store.

Visit www.energeyes-eyewear.com for more information.

These are the 4 healthcare products which I love from Watsons Girls Day Out. I’ll blog about more loves on subsequent blogposts. You can also check out instagram #WatsonsGDO for more photos! I will also be spamming my instagram (username: sunkisstiffy) with my favourite picks from the goodie bag!

Watsons Girls Day Out is still on-going at Nex Shopping Mall Atrium from now till this Sunday, 15th March 2015. Free entry to enjoy the fun and pampering by Watsons!

[Event] Creer Beaute Officially Launches In Singapore

The long-awaited Japanese Anime make up line, Creer Beaute, has made its way to SG!


Creer Beaute brought along Versailles (Based on a mango called The Rose of Versailles) and Sailor Moon series of makeup products to the selected local Watsons stores!


A little background on Creer Beaute

Creer Beaute is actually a cosmetics subsidiary of Bandai. They have launched make up products based on a few popular series La Rose de Versailles, Urusei Yatsura, and Sailor Moon. Creer Beaute has also alunched men’s products like Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax series.


Awarded products for Versailles series

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, SGD20.50
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX, SGD20.50
The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask, SGD7.80

Versailles is the most popular line under Creer Beaute. It’s based on the mango The Rose Of Versailles, also know as Lady Oscar or La Rose de Versailles.

Difference between Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner and Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Ex

Both liquid eyeliners have tip as fine as 0.1mm, long lasting and smudge proof. Both have very fast-drying properties too. The only difference is, Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX is coupled with wild rose oil and rose water, a natural caring property for the delicate skin on the eyeline.

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black

In the same Versailles series,  there are also very good mascara worth checking out.

The Rose of Versailles Volume Mascara, SGD24.70
The Rose of Versailles Shining Long Mascara, SGD 24.70

The Rose of Versailles Volume Mascara

Difference between The Rose of Versailles Volume and The Rose of Versailles Shining Long Mascara

Needless to say much, one focuses on volumising the eyelashes, the other focuses on lengthening.

Both mascara are good at minimizing the clumps and easy to apply on my bottom eyelashes as well.

For those who prefer pencil eyeliner, Versailles series have it in brown and black, SGD22.60 each. Smudge-proof and easy to draw with its creamy texture.

If you’re looking at eyebrow pencils, yes, Versailles have it too, in dark brown and light brown.

Creer Beaute is has also brought in facial masks under Versailles series, too good to be missed!

So that’s for the Versailles series.

Come to Sailor Moon series!

Miracle Romance is the signature range of Creer Beaute. Star product in this range is, Star Power Prism Eyeliner.

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black and Brown, SGD24.70
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White, SGD18.50
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Red and Blue, SGD24.70
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Set Orange Gold and Green, SGD36.90

Focus here will be on the coloured eyeliners,

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in red, blue, orange gold and green.

The opacity here is very light, infact the coloured eyeline becomes very uneven. It’s recommended to draw this on top of black eyeliner.

I tried to overlay the blue on my Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black drawn earlier. As you can see, towards the last letter ‘r’, the blue is not visible at all. Not easy to draw if you’re a newbie in liquid eyeliner.

It’s smudge proof, and yet easily removed with makeup removal wipes, which is a plus point.

Do note that the Orange Gold and Green are available in sets with a liquid eyeliner.

Orange Gold + Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
Green + Liquid Eyeliner in Black

For the ladies who want to create the teary eyes look like Sailor Moon, Miracle Romance range has this pencilliner in white to create it!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White, SGD18.50

This pencilliner white comes in creamy texture, has got shimmery powder to create this watery, bright and fresh eyelook.

Most of the white pencil eyeliner which I have tried, are not long lasting and tends to fade away after 4 hours due to oil sebum and sweat.

But Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White proves itself to be smudge-proof, anti-oil, anti-sweat and long-lasting! I like to use it on my bottom waterline, to give the eyes a brightening look.

Be sure to notice the variety of these pretty packaged products at selected Watsons stores: Jurong Point, Vivo City, Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Compass Point, Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Causeway Point, Yew Tee Point West Mall and all 49 Watsons stores with Japanese Corner like Takashimaya and Marina Square.

Hazel Goes To Alive Museum

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Here’s a blogpost about my family trip with my (currently) 10mo baby girl, Hazel. I haven’t been blogging much about her, because I want to set some privacy for her life. But for those who have followed me at my instagram and dayre, will have prolly seen her nonsense and cuteness since the day she’s born.

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

So who says baby isn’t suitable to go Alive Museum? Mummies and daddies should not just enjoy themselves at Alive Museum without us, the little ones!

Thanks to OMYSG sponsorship, I have got two tickets to Alive Museum with my spouse. Hazel enters at no charge because children below 3 years old get to enter FOC! Yay!

So what’s this Alive Museum about? It’s basically about visual illustration “coming alive”! One example will be having a 2D drawing which has a 3D effect.

This 3D art piece is a must for all mummies to take a photo with their little ones! It’s hard to visualize what the 3D effect will be until Hazel “enters the mother’s womb”.

Heh! I’m inside the womb with Hazel!

Alive Museum originates from South Korea and has 8 branches in South Korea, 3 branches in China, 1 each in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Singapore.

All artworks are hand-painted and hand crafted by Alive Museum’s own team of talented artists from South Korea to exacting standards, so as to ensure unparalleled quality. They even have a R&D team to study the techniques and paints for the best quality masterpieces.

My spouse and me, floating on a paper boat! Is this one of the nostalgic dreams when you were younger?

My butt got molested!

Wow, since when does Hubby know how martial arts?

Mummy! Help me!! I’m falling off with the dragon!

Drama much? Well, it’s meant to be drama ya!

Every branch has a different content and visitors get to enjoy a different experience in each branch. To encourage visitors to enjoy different experiences in the same branch, 30% of the exhibits are replaced once every 12~18 months.

The Singapore branch is the biggest branch of such 3D museums in SG is occupies about 10 000sq ft and is the 15th museum under Alive Museum. The largest branch so far is in Jeju Island, takes up about 43 000 sq ft.

You will see this fridge at the Singapore branch entrance, available for everyone to take a photo without paying the entrance fee. Not bad eh!

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Back inside Alive Museum Singapore, let me share with you what are some of the comedian art pieces which are a must to take photo with your loved ones.

Don’t be a woman who needs the man! Be a woman a man needs!

Wahahaha! Hubby got chased by walking dead!

I’m shrunk and squeezed like a balloon??

Michael Jackson wannabe?

Help me! I’m hanging on a collapsing building!

I’m saved by Superman!

Poor hubby, t-shirt was pulled by the “baby” and he’s still looked so happy about it~

Not for sale okay! Meant for Hazel, maybe!


Peeing on me! Gross! No way I am going to open my mouth!

See my arms and hands? They are strong enough to support my weight!

I have flexible legs!

Don’t give me that smiley face when I’m lecturing you!

Evil hubby, scolding Hazel and me for playing foul! Not easy to play basketball while carrying Hazel you know!

Ice cream anyone? Hazel has queued for it!

Hazel loves water splashing!

I think Hazel is the little mermaid, hubby is her slave?

Leaving Hazel in Russell’s care!

Mummy, I don’t feel safe. Russell seems too scared to protect me from falling!

Leaning on this wooden pillar is safe, I think?

My little girl was pretty amazed by the colourful huge paintings and the many expressions from the visitors whom we walked past, though she fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the journey. Keke!

This place is definitely a fun place is definitely not just for friends but also family with kids! Don’t neglect the little ones at home okay!

Ending this blogpost with this photo taken at Alive Museum Singapore. Hazel wasn’t smiling despite so many visitors were trying to make her smile! She must be feeling sad we were leaving.

Remember to bring your camera and mobile phone when you visit Alive Museum ya! There’s free WIFI!

Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 (Between Tower 3 &4)

Ticket Prices:
S$25 for adults
S$20 for children 3-12 years old
Free for children below 3 years old

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm Daily
Last admission 9pm

Alive Museum will be having collaborations on promotions and deals for visitors.
Current Promotion:

Like Alive Museum facebook page and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full-priced ticket.
Click HERE for more details.

[Event] NEOGENCE Summer Skincare Tips & DIY Essence Workshop

Had a very informative workshop held by Neogence last weekend. I had a better understanding on my current products I had been using, and their quality.

Bloggers were demonstrated to do a few simple comparison tests between Neogence products and Brand X products.

Tests include Hyaluronic Acid concentration, pH level, and oil secretion level.

And so we had tubes of different ingredients, and the necessary tools.

I was also given a small beaker and bottle so as for me to custom-made my own essence!

Purity of Hyaluronic Acid

And so the first test was to test how pure Hyaluronic Acid was as a hydrating essence.

Photo above, left is Brand X, right is Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence.

Salt was sprinkled on both drops.

Brand X texture turned into slightly watery, while Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence texture remained. The same texture just proved how pure the product was.

The reason why Brand X has changed its texture was because the salt dissolved in it. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid was pure enough to retain its moisture and so the molecules inside the Neogence Hyaluronic Acid were able to provide intense hydration to the skin. The molecules were pretty strong and texture of the ocmpound remained.

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence… *thumbs up*

pH Level

The second test we did was pH level on Hyaluronic Acid.

Put one drop of Hyaluronic Acid from the two brands onto the pH strips.

The change in colour in the pH strips indicated the pH level of the products.

Brand X, acidity level was between 2 and 3! Oh no!

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid, acidity level was between 4 and 5, pretty near to pH 6 which is the ideal pH for the skin.

Impressed? I am!

Matt Skin

The final test was my favourite test! I always have problem about oil being surfaced on my skin after a few hours. Tried a few matt makeup, the effectiveness was not bad but I wish for something better.

Neogence Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel works wonder!

See my pictorial illustration of the test below!

Applying Neogence Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel on one portion of my hand, to show the difference between with and without applying.

Used oil blotting paper to see which area has oil to be absorbed.

The product is so cool right!

Concocting My Very Own Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence

The 6 tubes of key ingredients!

 The labels were in Chinese, I had problem in identifying which is which, or which is for anti aging, which is for whitening, which is for hydration etc.

But I roughly know in English terms, there were Esterified Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid, Arbutin.

Anyway, I was into whitening, hence my concoction was to add 40% Vitamin C Derivative, 40% hydration, and 20% anti-aging.

Above photo shows how my concocted essence looked like before stirring.

Pouring my self-concocted essence into a beaker, stir it before seal it up in a proper bottle.

And voila! I was done!

These are some tips to help us to have better understanding of hydrating essence during the dry and humid weather.

Anyway, if you are a skin whitening fanatic like me, Neogence has introduced a new product to the serum family.

Neogence C+ Revital Whitening Serum, is one of the newly researched product which used an innovative brightening energy brightening technology to inhibit melanin production and assisting in skin whitening.

The first key ingredient is Esterified Vitamin C. It is added into the serum with 3% maximum concentration, easily absorbed into the skin to eliminate melanin and whitens the skin.

The second key ingredient is Revitalin, a patented ingredient by Neogence, extracted from yeast, able to increases skin energy and vitality, giving the skin a natural radiance.

I personally feel this serum is a worth a try as I know Neogence laboratory research is very extensive and detailed.


Neogence C+ Revital Whitenign Serum is retailing at SGD55.00 available exclusively at Sasa stores.

[Event + Product Review] IOMA Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

IOMA, originates from Paris, has arrived at SG.

I was invited to IOMA exclusive launch party held at Isetan Scotts last week.

It was my first time to hear of this brand and I was pretty impressed with the fact that IOMA’s founder was an engineer. He invented the patented IOMA Sphere to diagnose the skin in the most sophisticated way based on light filtering.

I got the chance to do a skin analysis using IOMA Sphere.

I was exposed to 5 camera shots using the light filtering from IOMA Sphere.

Prior to the diagnosis, I was quite worried about my results. Being a breastfeeding mother, I really do not have alot of time for skincare. Imagine I have to wake up at 5am to pump milk before heading to work, why will I want to sacrifice my sleeping time for a 1o to 15 minutes skincare everyday? I’m getting lazy these days. I have thought my skin condition has deteriorated beyond my imagination and I will prolly feel depressed after the diagnosis.

I was wrong. The diagnosis result was not as bad as I thought. My hydration level, wrinkle  and fine lines, skin firmness were quite good.

I was recommended to scrub my face at least once a week to clean up my pores, clear my bacteria. Hmm, I used to scrub once a week, I guess I need to find back my determination to spend that few minutes to scrub my face.

My main issue was my eyes areas. I had serious eyebags, dark eye circles, lines on my eye bags too!

So I was recommended to use the eye care from skincare range number 2 in IOMA face products.

SA taught me to apply on the thin skin between my thumb and index finger. That’s also the area with many lines. I tried and was surprised to see less visibility on the lines! That skin area felt soft and moisturized. I am now contemplating to get it or not. Once again, I have to force myself to apply eyecare regularly. No point getting a good eyecare when I’m not using it diligently.

Go visit #IOMASg booth to take up their skin diagnosis using the IOMA Sphere machine. The machine recommend to you the products which you will need, according to your skin needs.

Another range of IOMA is the Bespoke products.

These products talk about 20% Active ingredients, and custom-made to individual needs in terms of,

  • H1 – Long-term moisturising
  • H2 – Self-regulating moisturising
  • H3 – Anti-aging moisturising
  • R1 – Elasticity & firmness
  • R2 – Redensification
  • R3 – Botox-like tightening effect
  • R4 – Global anti-ageing
  • R5 – Firmness & smoothing

IOMA’s star product of the day, Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++, newly launched, under skincare range number 7 in IOMA face products.

Very lightweight sunblock, skin felt quite naked even after application. It also gave a sheen on my skin, looking naturally radiant.

The twist and turn on the cap is to avoid the sunblock from being contaminated or oxidised.

This latest addition in IOMA is capable of reducing melanin production. UVA and UVB are being blocked, minimizing the growth of pigmentation.

Looking forward to less pigmentation on my skin!

[Event] Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Boosting 5 Minute Facial & Untold Légère

This review comes a little late as the product which I’m going to talk about, was launched in May this year. Been busy with the little one, and trying to catch some sleep these days.

Red door reminds me of Elizabeth Arden. But this blogpost has got nothing to do with the perfume Red Door. LOL!

And so I was talking about one event I’ve attended with Elizabeth Arden at M Hotel suite. Super cosy room!

We had great food from room sevice.

The desserts were too pretty to be eaten!

So what’s new from Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden launched the new Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial pack in May this year. This facial pack suits anyone with a busy lifestyle like me. =D

No time to visit the salon? No time to do multiple steps for DIY facial? Well, no more no-time!

Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial is basically a 2-step skincare to purify and hydrate the skin before moisturizer, to be used 1-2 times a week.

Step 1 : Self-Foaming Mask
A light-weight foaming mask that can be applied thinly in dry or damp skin, uncleansed or cleansed face.

Took this photo under a different lighting to show the foams.

Starting on my 5-minute facial (DIY).

The foam has a special formula which activates chemical and enzymatic exfoliators to cleanse the face, removes surface impurities

More foams starting to be formed!

There’s a tingling sensation at this point of time. It’s normal. It means the mask is being activated to perform its job which will take about 2 minutes, and it can be rinsed with luke warm water.

Pat dry the skin to prep it for step 2.

Step 2 : Replenishing Serum
The keyword here is ‘immediately’. Immediately after step 1, apply Replenishing serum to face and neck with fingertips and massage evenly into the skin in a circular motion. The serum will be absorbed into the skin to replenish and hydrate the skin.

The serum leaves a silky finish on the skin. With the blend of ceramide 1, 3 and 6, skin is more moisturized, soothed and calmed, good for sensitive skin.

Opitcal diffusers like Mica, silicone, silica and pearlescent pigments are added into the serum to produce instant results like, less visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, and a more brightened up skin.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Booster 5-Minute Facial is a must-have on my dresser table. I can have my own facial within 5 minutes at my comfort zone.

Use it the night before a special occasion, a last minute perk for the face!

Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial suits all skin types, but ideal for those who are concerned with visible signs of aging.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial is retailing at SGD149 in Departmental stores island-wide.


Another product I want to review here is a new fragrance,
UNTOLD Eau Legare.

UNTOLD Eau Legare has almost the same packaging as UNTOLD. The only difference is, UNTOLD Eau Legare has a light golden hue to reflect the character of the new fragrance.

It has a lighter scent, more for the light-hearted side of today’s modern woman as she thrives in her life’s journey.

While UNTOLD emphasizes on sophistication and grace of the modern woman, UNTOLD Eau Legare is about vibrancy, spontaneity, femininity, mysteriousity, sensuality.

I prefer UNTOLD Eau Legare to UNTOLD Eau de Parfum because of the playful fruity scent from grapferuit and blackcurrent.

So many of us, ladies, have an UNTOLD stories, and we definitely need one fragrance to suit our UNTOLD secrets!

Here’s one picked from the event!

Sweet hor?

UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (100ml) $117
UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (50ml) $92
UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (30ml) $65

Launched since May 2014, available in departmental stores islandwide.