Melbourne Day 1 – Getting Around

Flew to Melbourne lately. It was an impromptu trip. Hubby was assigned to work in Melbourne for a week, I just tagged along to save on accommodation and a few meals which were claimed to his company (sssh~)! While he’s at work, I toured around myself, and I had fun traveling alone!

Before flying off, I had a few concerns,

Checking in my breastmilk
Pumping on plane and in public
Freezing my breastmilk
Phototaking (Selfie)

I must be lucky that everything turned on pretty smooth! Shall blog about me pumping in Melbourne in a separate blogpost. I’m just going to emphasize on taking selfie!

Thanks to sponsorship from My selfie stick came just in time for me to explore its convenience in Melbourne!

Okay so I book the same flight as hubby to Melbourne.

While crossing the airport custom, my handcarry bag was scanned to contain suspicious item, which turned out to be my selfie stick! Oopsie! But no issue, I was still allowed to pass with my selfie stick, just that it caused a delay in the queue.

Just before landing at Tullamarine airport, my camera was spoilt! Ho sey la! I could only survive my trip using my phone (Samsaung S4) camera. Luckily I brought along a spare battery! You’ll be surprised how terrific the phone camera is! Of course, the surrounding lighting play apart in the photography.

Sunrise shot taken before landing. The fluffy clouds below me looked like a pot of steam with volcano lava boiling inside.

There’s nothing much at Tullamarine airport. The most important counter was the mobile service provider counter. LOL! Being a social media platform user, I would want to have access to the internet all the time, especially when travelling overseas! And of course to stay in touch with hubby since we would be apart most of the times, just to make sure I would not be lost elsewhere~

And so we bought the AUD$2/day SIM card. The minimum number of days to buy was 5 days, which we bought, but surprisingly, the usage was extended to the 8-9th day! *Happy max*

Anyway, there was free wifi at the airport and was very easy to login, unlike SG, still need to register. Tsk!

There were free phone booths to call for shuttle service from a few hotels. Ours was complimentary.

There’s also an information counter at the airport, just outside the arrival hall. That’s where I booked my day tours to Philip Island, Great Ocean Road, and Puffing Billy train ride. The staff was very helpful and assisted to plan my itinerary for the day tours.

To get to the city (Southern Cross Railway Station) will need to take the Sky Bus, which cost AUD$30/pax for a round trip. Tickets can be bought from the airport information counter, the departure terminal at the airport, or Southern Cross Railway Station. The ride takes 30 mins, with no stops during the journey.

Once alighting at Southern Cross, follow this Hungry Jacks signage to exit the station, before getting into the main street.

Staircase at Southern Cross Railway Station. I’m quite impressed with the staircase, it’s like one of the perfect shot for Instagram.

From Southern Cross, it’s pretty easy to walk into the bustling street like Bourke Street where the malls are.

We didn’t bought their Myki-card (instead of MRT, their is Yarra Tram on the road). Haha, we (even when I was alone) walked throughout the whole trip!

The good thing is, there’s a City Circle tram, free for everyone including tourists! Interval for the City Circle tram was very short, maybe like 5 minutes only! Each station is very near another station, so no worries if you overshot, it’s a short distance to walk back ya. But this free tram can be very crowded on a working day evening where everyone knocks off from work.

The free tram covers most of the tourist attraction places in Melbourne City. For places outside city, good to rent a car and self-drive, or join a day tour where pick-up locations are in the city.

As I stayed outside the city and had to get to Southern Cross whenever I headed to the city, I chose a pick-up location at Vibe Savoy Hotel which is less than a 5-minute walk from Southern Cross.

It was almost end of Winter in Melbourne. I thought deciduous trees looked very pretty.

And so Hubby and I just navigate using the maps gotten at the airport. We thought of checking out the GPO where the H&M hype was. It’s at Bourke Street and we found it very easily.

And then we realized Bourke Street was the most happening street, where most shopping could be done here.

The public purse.

I was carrying my trusty backpack bought from Taobao. You’ll be surprised what I put inside. Will share it in a separate blogpost.

I didn’t know what’s special about it, hubby just told me take a photo with it. It’s prolly some art piece at Bourke Street. Anyway, there were lotsa graffiti (arts?) in Melbourne streets.

And here we were, taking photo using my sponsored selfie stick! Thanks to! If not for the selfie stick, there’s no way I could take a photo with hubby together with the graffiti as backdrop!

This photo isn’t about arts. I was just trying to take an artistic photo of this alley. LOL!

We were late for lunch and decided to head for my first cafe-to-try, Brunetti.

It was about 3pm on a Sunday, and the cafe was fully packed. Needed awhile to grab two seats, and another short while to queue for the food.

Brunetti served alot of cakes! I had a hard time deciding what to order!

We had pizza, cakes and macarons.

We didn’t feel very full, but it’s late lunch and we still had to go for dinner later on. So we (or rather it’s me, hubby would usually follow what I wanted to eat) just made do with these.

We went to the Royal Arcade.

The Royal Arcade is a significant Victorian era building and is a part of the Victorian Heritage Register.

Look what we found!

The Little Royal Macarons!

Hubby told me these macarons had been tried by the Running Man! So it must be good!

Before we left, another selfie!

Sky turned dark at 6pm and it’s our first day at Melbourne. Hubby didn’t want to stay out too late, especially he had to get up for work the next day. So we left the city.

Back at the hotel room,

I applied body lotion vigorously. The weather’s cold and dry in Melbourne.  I could feel my skin was getting dry and might crack anytime.

Dirty Works body lotion helped!


[New Product] Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD ABSOLU

Received a pleasant surprise from my sponsor, Elizabeth Arden couple of weeks ago.

Introducing a new addition to the Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD family of fragrances,


UNTOLD ABSOLU continues the UNTOLD sensory journey, celebrating the intrigue of the modern woman in a new light.

The new fragrance is all about

Glamorous (new facet)
Captivating (new facet)

Just like the earlier UNTOLD, UNTOLD ABOLU bottle is made up many facets, to show the versatile nature of a woman.

A remarkable appearance on the bottle is the golden band around the curvature of the bottle. The deep golden hue together with the golden band makes itself glamorous and captivating.

I prefer the golden band to the silver. The gold just makes the bottle looks very classy, and mesmerizing! Makes my vanity table looks good!

The scent from the first spray was a little turn off to me. However, the scent slowly evolved into a long-lasting fruity one! This has to be one of the perfect scent in my collection as the fruity essence is just nice (I’m not a fan of overwhelming fruity scent) and complements very well with the lighter floral scent.

UNTOLD ABOLU was love at first sniff for me (and my mum)!

UNTOLD ABSOLU Eau de Parfum, 100ml, SGD131
UNTOLD ABSOLU Eau de Parfum, 50ml, SGD105
UNTOLD ABSOLU Eau de Parfum, 30ml, SGD76

Already launched islandwide since 28 August 2014.

Available at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters.

*Psst! This makes a good Christmas present for mums.

More blogposts on UNTOLD here and UNTOLD Legere here.

[Event] Creer Beaute Officially Launches In Singapore

The long-awaited Japanese Anime make up line, Creer Beaute, has made its way to SG!


Creer Beaute brought along Versailles (Based on a mango called The Rose of Versailles) and Sailor Moon series of makeup products to the selected local Watsons stores!


A little background on Creer Beaute

Creer Beaute is actually a cosmetics subsidiary of Bandai. They have launched make up products based on a few popular series La Rose de Versailles, Urusei Yatsura, and Sailor Moon. Creer Beaute has also alunched men’s products like Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax series.


Awarded products for Versailles series

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, SGD20.50
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX, SGD20.50
The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask, SGD7.80

Versailles is the most popular line under Creer Beaute. It’s based on the mango The Rose Of Versailles, also know as Lady Oscar or La Rose de Versailles.

Difference between Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner and Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Ex

Both liquid eyeliners have tip as fine as 0.1mm, long lasting and smudge proof. Both have very fast-drying properties too. The only difference is, Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX is coupled with wild rose oil and rose water, a natural caring property for the delicate skin on the eyeline.

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black

In the same Versailles series,  there are also very good mascara worth checking out.

The Rose of Versailles Volume Mascara, SGD24.70
The Rose of Versailles Shining Long Mascara, SGD 24.70

The Rose of Versailles Volume Mascara

Difference between The Rose of Versailles Volume and The Rose of Versailles Shining Long Mascara

Needless to say much, one focuses on volumising the eyelashes, the other focuses on lengthening.

Both mascara are good at minimizing the clumps and easy to apply on my bottom eyelashes as well.

For those who prefer pencil eyeliner, Versailles series have it in brown and black, SGD22.60 each. Smudge-proof and easy to draw with its creamy texture.

If you’re looking at eyebrow pencils, yes, Versailles have it too, in dark brown and light brown.

Creer Beaute is has also brought in facial masks under Versailles series, too good to be missed!

So that’s for the Versailles series.

Come to Sailor Moon series!

Miracle Romance is the signature range of Creer Beaute. Star product in this range is, Star Power Prism Eyeliner.

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black and Brown, SGD24.70
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White, SGD18.50
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Red and Blue, SGD24.70
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Set Orange Gold and Green, SGD36.90

Focus here will be on the coloured eyeliners,

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in red, blue, orange gold and green.

The opacity here is very light, infact the coloured eyeline becomes very uneven. It’s recommended to draw this on top of black eyeliner.

I tried to overlay the blue on my Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black drawn earlier. As you can see, towards the last letter ‘r’, the blue is not visible at all. Not easy to draw if you’re a newbie in liquid eyeliner.

It’s smudge proof, and yet easily removed with makeup removal wipes, which is a plus point.

Do note that the Orange Gold and Green are available in sets with a liquid eyeliner.

Orange Gold + Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
Green + Liquid Eyeliner in Black

For the ladies who want to create the teary eyes look like Sailor Moon, Miracle Romance range has this pencilliner in white to create it!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White, SGD18.50

This pencilliner white comes in creamy texture, has got shimmery powder to create this watery, bright and fresh eyelook.

Most of the white pencil eyeliner which I have tried, are not long lasting and tends to fade away after 4 hours due to oil sebum and sweat.

But Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White proves itself to be smudge-proof, anti-oil, anti-sweat and long-lasting! I like to use it on my bottom waterline, to give the eyes a brightening look.

Be sure to notice the variety of these pretty packaged products at selected Watsons stores: Jurong Point, Vivo City, Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Compass Point, Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Causeway Point, Yew Tee Point West Mall and all 49 Watsons stores with Japanese Corner like Takashimaya and Marina Square.

[Product Review] Clio Neon Nail Stylers and Lipnicure Collection

 Nail colours fanatics and neon lovers should love this range of products which I’m about to review in this blogpost!

Here are some exciting products launched by Clio to add some spice to your nail colours that look stylish during the day, and electric hot when dark comes at night!

Our nails can finally stand out without having to spend alot on gelish! Clio Neon Nail Stylers has launched 6 colour-popping hues that will make anyone give your nails a second look!

Clio Neon Nail Stylers are all formulated with an exceptionally glossy long-lasitng finish. When I tried to apply myself, I was very impressed at how the nail brush glided so smoothly on my nails! The drying part was very fast!

Super easy to apply even when I’m not an expert in doing my own express manicure.

The colours were super bright, not sure if I was able to accept the daring colours. But I know when I shone UV light on my nails, wow wow wow is how I felt!

Let me first show you the colours before under UV lightings.

I’m reviewing Bring It On (green), Lime Beam (yellow) and Rythm Red.

What I did on on my nails was, applying red on my fingers except the ring finger.

I applied yellow and green on my ring finger to see the difference under UV lighting. But seriously… maybe it’s my angle problem, I couldn’t see any difference!!

One of the swatches above is supposed to show yellow! I couldn’t see, can you?

Anyway, the neon colours are awesome for partying! Be sure to see pairs of eyes and a number of head turners checking out your nails!

So that’s for the nails.

In the same range, Clio also introduces Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, which is also about neon colours and making the lips stand out under UV lighting!

Only Wicked Peach and Toxic Pink are launched locally.

Frankly speaking, I was worried about having these loud colours on my lips although it’s a Korean trend to have super bright pink or red lips these days.

And true enough, after trying out, I still insist these colours are not suitable for me.

Maybe it’s the shape of lips, that’s why I feel they look unglam here?

From swatches, Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure looks pretty glossy. But after applying on my lips, it actually turns matte after drying up which takes about 30 seconds!

Lippie lovers will love how long-lasting this product is! Wiping off with tissue paper is not possible! I had to use a proper point makeup remover to clean it off.

For a smoother and longer wear of Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, it’s recommended to usethe Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Primer.

I think it’s good to have a primer of the lips. Most smudge-free lips colour tend to change the natural lips colour in the long run usage, hence a primer helps to protect the lips in a way since the lipstick/gloss colour is not directly applied on our natural lips colour.

I’ve mentioned after applying the Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, the colour turned matte. So for those with dry lips like me, flakiness on the lips will be seen and it’s not nice at all.

Perhaps it’s good to follow up with the Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Top Coat to keep the lips and lips colour glossy.

Nails fanatics, neon lovers, party-goers, this collection is perhaps going to be your necessity soon!

Clio Neon Nail Stylers- $8.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Primer, $14.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Top Coat, $15.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, $19.90 each

Available at selected Watsons stores in SG.

[Product Review] L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment

I am facing serious hair fall issue, especially after my delivery.

My hairtop hair is thinning and the scalp is very obvious, I can go bald anytime if my hair fall continues at its current rate!

On average, a normal person loses about 100 strands of hair everyday. If the new hair growth is good, this 100 strands of hair fall is not a big issue. However, if the new hair growth is slow, balding will happen soon.

Going to the professional consultant for hairloss issue is going to cost a huge hole in my wallet, so I’m pretty helpless all this while until the kind folks at L’Oreal Paris sent me their new range of anti-hair fall treatment products to try.

Introducing the L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment,

It’s my new haircare product this month!

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment is an intensive haircare product to fight against hairloss issue.

Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment is clinically proven to save 1600 hair strands per month. It is designed for both men and women with hair loss concerns.

The reason why it’s a 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment is because of the 3 added main ingredients, Arginine, Protein, Aminexil.

Arginine to nourish the hair roots. It’s an amino acid that is essential to hair growth, it aids in nourishing the hair bulb from the roots and enhances micro-circulation in the scalp for stronger hair.

Protein to strengthen the hair fibers. Because hair is often subjected to various harmful elements from styling products, heat and weather conditions, Protein plays an essential role in rebuilding hair fiber for stronger, more resistant hair.

Aminexil to prevent hair loss. Commonly found in salon professional products, This is the first time that the salon professional ingredient, Aminexil has been introduced to the mass market. Aminexil works to strengthen hair anchorage at the roots to reduce hair loss.

One of the well-known clinical signs of hair loss is detected deep down – the thickening of the collagen sheath. Collagen bundles develop under the follicle and the connective sheath thickens, resulting in weaker, thinner hair that leads to hair fall. Aminexil aids in the binding of the hair bulb on the scalp.

Loving the small bottle size, I can bring a few bottles out during travel!

For a start, I will be applying a one monodose per day for 6 weeks. Yes one monodose! You see, my hair loss issue is very serious, so my routine has to be an intensive one.

If yours is a mild case, or you just want to use it as a prevention, 3 monodoses per week for 6 weeks is good enough. This is a usage advice from the product.

On my dry/slightly damped hair, I squeeze out a few drops on a few partitions like the hair top, fringe, sides of my head, concentrating more on the scalp on hair top.

For each partition, I follow up with giving a light massage on my scalp, and leave my hair as it is. There’s no need for rinsing.

My scalp doesn’t feel sticky or oily, infact it feels fresh and smells nice!

I have to be disciplined enough to do this diligently for 6 weeks, else the first few days of application is a waste of effort!

So, please do not take this as a 三分钟热度!

For a more intensive treatment, do include the other products from this L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment range.

Visit this website for more testimonials from the products!

The new Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment retails for $39.90 and is available from July 2014 onwards at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.

Hazel Goes To Alive Museum

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Here’s a blogpost about my family trip with my (currently) 10mo baby girl, Hazel. I haven’t been blogging much about her, because I want to set some privacy for her life. But for those who have followed me at my instagram and dayre, will have prolly seen her nonsense and cuteness since the day she’s born.

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

So who says baby isn’t suitable to go Alive Museum? Mummies and daddies should not just enjoy themselves at Alive Museum without us, the little ones!

Thanks to OMYSG sponsorship, I have got two tickets to Alive Museum with my spouse. Hazel enters at no charge because children below 3 years old get to enter FOC! Yay!

So what’s this Alive Museum about? It’s basically about visual illustration “coming alive”! One example will be having a 2D drawing which has a 3D effect.

This 3D art piece is a must for all mummies to take a photo with their little ones! It’s hard to visualize what the 3D effect will be until Hazel “enters the mother’s womb”.

Heh! I’m inside the womb with Hazel!

Alive Museum originates from South Korea and has 8 branches in South Korea, 3 branches in China, 1 each in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Singapore.

All artworks are hand-painted and hand crafted by Alive Museum’s own team of talented artists from South Korea to exacting standards, so as to ensure unparalleled quality. They even have a R&D team to study the techniques and paints for the best quality masterpieces.

My spouse and me, floating on a paper boat! Is this one of the nostalgic dreams when you were younger?

My butt got molested!

Wow, since when does Hubby know how martial arts?

Mummy! Help me!! I’m falling off with the dragon!

Drama much? Well, it’s meant to be drama ya!

Every branch has a different content and visitors get to enjoy a different experience in each branch. To encourage visitors to enjoy different experiences in the same branch, 30% of the exhibits are replaced once every 12~18 months.

The Singapore branch is the biggest branch of such 3D museums in SG is occupies about 10 000sq ft and is the 15th museum under Alive Museum. The largest branch so far is in Jeju Island, takes up about 43 000 sq ft.

You will see this fridge at the Singapore branch entrance, available for everyone to take a photo without paying the entrance fee. Not bad eh!

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Back inside Alive Museum Singapore, let me share with you what are some of the comedian art pieces which are a must to take photo with your loved ones.

Don’t be a woman who needs the man! Be a woman a man needs!

Wahahaha! Hubby got chased by walking dead!

I’m shrunk and squeezed like a balloon??

Michael Jackson wannabe?

Help me! I’m hanging on a collapsing building!

I’m saved by Superman!

Poor hubby, t-shirt was pulled by the “baby” and he’s still looked so happy about it~

Not for sale okay! Meant for Hazel, maybe!


Peeing on me! Gross! No way I am going to open my mouth!

See my arms and hands? They are strong enough to support my weight!

I have flexible legs!

Don’t give me that smiley face when I’m lecturing you!

Evil hubby, scolding Hazel and me for playing foul! Not easy to play basketball while carrying Hazel you know!

Ice cream anyone? Hazel has queued for it!

Hazel loves water splashing!

I think Hazel is the little mermaid, hubby is her slave?

Leaving Hazel in Russell’s care!

Mummy, I don’t feel safe. Russell seems too scared to protect me from falling!

Leaning on this wooden pillar is safe, I think?

My little girl was pretty amazed by the colourful huge paintings and the many expressions from the visitors whom we walked past, though she fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the journey. Keke!

This place is definitely a fun place is definitely not just for friends but also family with kids! Don’t neglect the little ones at home okay!

Ending this blogpost with this photo taken at Alive Museum Singapore. Hazel wasn’t smiling despite so many visitors were trying to make her smile! She must be feeling sad we were leaving.

Remember to bring your camera and mobile phone when you visit Alive Museum ya! There’s free WIFI!

Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 (Between Tower 3 &4)

Ticket Prices:
S$25 for adults
S$20 for children 3-12 years old
Free for children below 3 years old

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm Daily
Last admission 9pm

Alive Museum will be having collaborations on promotions and deals for visitors.
Current Promotion:

Like Alive Museum facebook page and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full-priced ticket.
Click HERE for more details.

[Food Tasting Event] French Cakes From Le Gateau Maison At Pasta De Waraku

Was invited for a food tasting event at Paste de Waraku! Gosh, it’s been a long long time since I saw the restaurant! I didn’t realize there’s an outlet at Novena Square 2! icon_razz

The place was neat and cool, though a little small and might get overcrowded on weekends.

And so my food tasting session with two savory pizza!

Scallop and Prawn with Tartar sauce

It was love at first taste!Scallop and Prawns were fresh and sweet, overdosed with tartar sauce and cheese. Not to forget the crispy pizza crust!

Medium SGD14.80
Large SGD16.80

Takoyaki with Okonomi sauce

I wasn’t impressed with the Japanese ginger, never a fan of ginger. But the Okonomi sauce definitely went well with the meatballs.

Medium SGD14.80
Large SGD16.80

Cakes were the main star of this food tasting event. Never heard of Pasta de Waraku bringing in French cakes from Le Gateau Maison, France?

Well, they do, now.

Hot favourite of the day, Noisette

It’s all about chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut in mousse. The overall taste was up to my expectation even though I wasn’t a fan of mousse in cakes.

It’s a must to order this if you have sweet tooth like me.

Another piece of chocolate cake, Cerises

This was full of chocolate sponge and white chocolate mousse, but the mousse was a tad too much for my liking. But I was impressed how the cherries were added inside the layers.

Mango lovers like me, you’ll love this, Anushka!

Fresh mango slices on top layer, mango mousse, mango filling, almond dacquoise on the intermediate layers. Every layers in the slice are carefully made.

It’s another must-try on the menu!

There many other cakes which I wanted to try but they were “out of stock” and so I decided to order the only pink/red cake available that day,


I like the vanilla sponge, but not the whipped cream. blahahaStrawberries and blueberries were good, and did a good job in beautifying the cake.

Last piece which I tried,

Doux Reves

Chocolate and banana never goes wrong. This cake was made of chocolate sponge, almond dacquoise, dark chocolate caramel mousse, banana mousse and a gold silvery glaze on the top layer.

Paste De Waraku actually has more cakes from Gateau Maison!

Click HERE!

Gateau Maison cakes are also available in slices, at SGD8.50 per slice.


Photo credits to Carol Lim.