[Event] Watsons Girls Day Out Beauty Bash

Are you a fan of Watsons? Be thrilled by their eStore that has been launched recently! With Watsons eStore, it simply means you can now shop at Watsons locally at your own convenience!

What’s even better is, you get to choose to have your shopping buys to be sent to your home or to be collected at any Watsons stores near you! Awesome right?

Anyway I attended Watsons Girls Day Out event held at Nex Atrium on their event first day. It was a blast!

I got the chance to check out the new beauty brands at the bash, had fun-filled activities like free make-up session, photobooths and hands-on of the products!

Let me tell you the event was not just on beauty, it’s also about healthcare! Here’s what I gota share:

Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest

 I have tried it before, and I must say the taste is bland. But that’s what 100% pure Bird’s Nest is all about: Rich, Nourish, Bland.

At Watsons Girls Day Out event, there was a small experiment to prove the purity level of bird’s nest from Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest and another Brand, X.

Before the test, both brands of bird’s nest were colourless before the experiment. A drop of an unknown solution was added to the bird’s nest to test the purity of bird’s nest. After the mix, both bird’s nest changed colours. See the aqua and purple solution. The purple showed that the bird’s nest was not100% pure bird’s nest while aqua solution implied the bird’s nest had very high purity of bird’s nest and that’s Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest!

No rock sugar (or any sugar) is added into Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest. One spoon of it gives me the nourishment I need from a few bottles of other brands bird’s nest.

Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan Bird’s Nest is available in 2 packaging sizes.
6 bottles x 30ml – $95
2 bottles x 250ml – $152

If bird’s nest is too expensive to be drank often, here’s one more yummy (and more affordable) supplement drink for beauty!

Kinohimitsu BB Drink
Bird’s Nest with acerola cherry

Kinohimitsu BB Drink is beauty drink that helps restore your skin’s natural glow and clarity – not only on the face but the entire body, including the back, hands and legs.

But my current favourite from Kinohimitsu is their Collagen Diamond which gave me a soothing sensation. It contains Collagen Peptide which helps in anti-aging, more for starting-to-age skin like mine. love58

Collagen Diamond is the bottled drink on the right my photo above. I’m going to start drinking it regularly!

Kinohimitsu BB Drink Value Pack retails at $39.90 for a pack of 6, with 4 complimentary bottles.

Smile Makers

Read the captions, do you have an idea of what these are?

For a moment, I thought I was wrong, it’s not that vibrator, but perhaps a toothbrush encapsulated inside. LOL

It’s one of the new products that will be coming to out local Watsons real soon.Be thrilled. Be excited. Be shy. I got The Frenchman in my bloggers goodie bag!

I still have not figured out on how to use it. The shape is just so weird. Haha!

Purposely added one of my wedding photos into the photo above, does it look like some intimate products meant for couple use? blahahaMore information on Smile Makers in their website.

Another healthcare product which I loved from Watsons Girls Day Out is,

Energeyes Digital Lenses

Prolong exposure to the glare light emitted from computer screen, mobile screen can strain our eyes, causing redness, discomfort or even headache.

Energeyes Digital Lenses are meant to reduce the emission from digital devices into our eyes by up to 50% and reduce the glare from the screens.

The ready-made ones are more for those who have eyesight perfect or wearing lenses. For those who are already wearing glasses, you can’t get the ready-made ones from Watsons. But from what I was told, some optical shops are able to incorporate this kind of lenses into the short-sighted lenses during manufacturing. My colleague custom-made hers, slightly more expensive than the average $200 pairs of glasses.

Energeyes Digital Lenses are available in a few colours with different frame-shapes.

Anyway, wearing zero-degree glasses is like a fashion these days, no harm getting one pair and use it when you’re on the computer. Time to learn to protect your eyes!

Retailing at $67.90 at local Watsons store.

Visit www.energeyes-eyewear.com for more information.

These are the 4 healthcare products which I love from Watsons Girls Day Out. I’ll blog about more loves on subsequent blogposts. You can also check out instagram #WatsonsGDO for more photos! I will also be spamming my instagram (username: sunkisstiffy) with my favourite picks from the goodie bag!

Watsons Girls Day Out is still on-going at Nex Shopping Mall Atrium from now till this Sunday, 15th March 2015. Free entry to enjoy the fun and pampering by Watsons!