“Opening Ceremony” of my Philips Airfryer

Been extremely busy lately ever since Hazel goes to childcare. I have to spend quality time with her every evening. My personal time only comes after she’s asleep.

One evening when Hazel was asleep, I decided to try using this Philips Airfryer from the HumSupGroup girls who have bought for me as a housewarming gift, despite I didn’t hold any housewarming party for my new place. I guess this is what thoughtful friends are all about?

So I did a “opening ceremony” for this kitchen new toy.

The airfryer is kind of fat and occupies quite abit of space on my kitchen table top. I was pretty surprised using it is EASY!

Just two buttons to set, one for temperature and one for duration! It’s really all about trial error because I seriously had no idea what temperature to set for my frozen Japanese Crispy Gyoza nuggets from CP Foods Singapore.

I browsed through the little recipe book which came  with the airfryer and decided on,

180 degree C
10 minutes

Before airfrying…

I was thinking since the gyoza would have fillings which obviously had been marinated with some bit of oil, there was no need for me to add a single drop of oil. For some food, a tiny bit of oil is recommended even though it is an AIR-fryer.

After 10 mins of waiting….

I wasn’t sure if the gyoza nuggets were fully cooked, but the colour looked okay to me.

I must had been lucky, they were cooked! They were as crispy as the traditional-fried ones! Smell yummy too! Perhaps a little too dry on the inside. I airfried the 2nd batch for 8 minutes, oops, and the skin was only crispy on one side. Shall try 9 minutes next time!

Let the hubby tried the nuggets and he said not bad! Yay! Finally some decent food that I can cooked for my family, though it’s “machine-cooked”.

But too much of these fried food is not good for the face. I’ll need proper skincare to protect my face!

Ever since Hazel was born, I hardly have the chance to let my face go through the complete skincare regimen that I used to have.

One of my favourite skincare brand is SK-II SIngapore.

I used to be a die-hard fan for their whitening and anti-aging range! (Some of the items may not be in production already) But now due to time-constraint, I’m using lesser and lesser than before… sobs at my poor face.

My very basic items are essence, moisturizer, sunblock. My favourite will be the essence. I have been using the miracle essence (Facial Treatment Essence) from SK-II since mid 20s and have been loving it! Most people whined to me on the smell. But I’m neutral on that. I am more particular about the absorption and the bouncy cheeks effect. I am also enjoying the radiance I have from using it. My face reacts very well to the Facial Treatment Essence, unlike others who have breakouts from using it.

My second favourite essence is the Facial Treatment Repair C! The gel-like texture feels rich on my face, so I usually use less than a full pump. Anyway it’s a small bottle and not cheap, I can’t possible finish it within a month, I will be so broke.

If I have the extra time, I will want to add in the whitening range. I used to use their Whitening Souce Derm Definition for my freckles and noticed some visible results, but I think this is no longer in production. They have this Whitening Power Spots Specialist, I didn’t have the chance to try yet, anyway I doubt I have the time to include this step in my super basic skincare regimen. Oh well. Still, shall add this to my wish list.

Another important skincare item is the mask! The highly raved Facial Treatment Mask is said to hold loads of miracle essence! I used it a few times when I was younger. The feeling was more than “shiok”. My face got instant brightened up, with a glow! Maybe I should get this for myself on this Mother’s day?

Mother’s Day is a more than a PH to us, it is a day just for us and we truly deserve a break on this day, maybe shopping, or something simple (yet hard to have it) like taking a long shower with no one banging on the door rushing us to come out.

For me, I want to have a day indulging myself with skincare.

Ending this blogpost with a Mother’s day card from Hazel who did it (with help from teachers of course) in school.

Perhaps Hazel’s effort came from the leaves of the flower. The leaves look like her fingerprints!
The school also prepared a tub of jelly for her to present to me. Sweet ya! The photo of my carrying her (when she’s like 2-3mo) was customized into a fridge magnet by Pixaroll.

I’m going to put up this card together with the magnet on my fridge!

Happy Mother’s day to me!

Being pregnant is like serving the National Service. After having the baby bump for 10 months, the mother has to go for reservist. But this reservist is a lifetime kind. Mothers are forever worrying about their children, no matter how old the children are.



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