[Product Review] Clio Neon Nail Stylers and Lipnicure Collection

 Nail colours fanatics and neon lovers should love this range of products which I’m about to review in this blogpost!

Here are some exciting products launched by Clio to add some spice to your nail colours that look stylish during the day, and electric hot when dark comes at night!

Our nails can finally stand out without having to spend alot on gelish! Clio Neon Nail Stylers has launched 6 colour-popping hues that will make anyone give your nails a second look!

Clio Neon Nail Stylers are all formulated with an exceptionally glossy long-lasitng finish. When I tried to apply myself, I was very impressed at how the nail brush glided so smoothly on my nails! The drying part was very fast!

Super easy to apply even when I’m not an expert in doing my own express manicure.

The colours were super bright, not sure if I was able to accept the daring colours. But I know when I shone UV light on my nails, wow wow wow is how I felt!

Let me first show you the colours before under UV lightings.

I’m reviewing Bring It On (green), Lime Beam (yellow) and Rythm Red.

What I did on on my nails was, applying red on my fingers except the ring finger.

I applied yellow and green on my ring finger to see the difference under UV lighting. But seriously… maybe it’s my angle problem, I couldn’t see any difference!!

One of the swatches above is supposed to show yellow! I couldn’t see, can you?

Anyway, the neon colours are awesome for partying! Be sure to see pairs of eyes and a number of head turners checking out your nails!

So that’s for the nails.

In the same range, Clio also introduces Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, which is also about neon colours and making the lips stand out under UV lighting!

Only Wicked Peach and Toxic Pink are launched locally.

Frankly speaking, I was worried about having these loud colours on my lips although it’s a Korean trend to have super bright pink or red lips these days.

And true enough, after trying out, I still insist these colours are not suitable for me.

Maybe it’s the shape of lips, that’s why I feel they look unglam here?

From swatches, Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure looks pretty glossy. But after applying on my lips, it actually turns matte after drying up which takes about 30 seconds!

Lippie lovers will love how long-lasting this product is! Wiping off with tissue paper is not possible! I had to use a proper point makeup remover to clean it off.

For a smoother and longer wear of Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, it’s recommended to usethe Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Primer.

I think it’s good to have a primer of the lips. Most smudge-free lips colour tend to change the natural lips colour in the long run usage, hence a primer helps to protect the lips in a way since the lipstick/gloss colour is not directly applied on our natural lips colour.

I’ve mentioned after applying the Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, the colour turned matte. So for those with dry lips like me, flakiness on the lips will be seen and it’s not nice at all.

Perhaps it’s good to follow up with the Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Top Coat to keep the lips and lips colour glossy.

Nails fanatics, neon lovers, party-goers, this collection is perhaps going to be your necessity soon!

Clio Neon Nail Stylers- $8.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Primer, $14.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Top Coat, $15.90 each
Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure, $19.90 each

Available at selected Watsons stores in SG.


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