Hazel Goes To Alive Museum

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Here’s a blogpost about my family trip with my (currently) 10mo baby girl, Hazel. I haven’t been blogging much about her, because I want to set some privacy for her life. But for those who have followed me at my instagram and dayre, will have prolly seen her nonsense and cuteness since the day she’s born.

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

So who says baby isn’t suitable to go Alive Museum? Mummies and daddies should not just enjoy themselves at Alive Museum without us, the little ones!

Thanks to OMYSG sponsorship, I have got two tickets to Alive Museum with my spouse. Hazel enters at no charge because children below 3 years old get to enter FOC! Yay!

So what’s this Alive Museum about? It’s basically about visual illustration “coming alive”! One example will be having a 2D drawing which has a 3D effect.

This 3D art piece is a must for all mummies to take a photo with their little ones! It’s hard to visualize what the 3D effect will be until Hazel “enters the mother’s womb”.

Heh! I’m inside the womb with Hazel!

Alive Museum originates from South Korea and has 8 branches in South Korea, 3 branches in China, 1 each in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Singapore.

All artworks are hand-painted and hand crafted by Alive Museum’s own team of talented artists from South Korea to exacting standards, so as to ensure unparalleled quality. They even have a R&D team to study the techniques and paints for the best quality masterpieces.

My spouse and me, floating on a paper boat! Is this one of the nostalgic dreams when you were younger?

My butt got molested!

Wow, since when does Hubby know how martial arts?

Mummy! Help me!! I’m falling off with the dragon!

Drama much? Well, it’s meant to be drama ya!

Every branch has a different content and visitors get to enjoy a different experience in each branch. To encourage visitors to enjoy different experiences in the same branch, 30% of the exhibits are replaced once every 12~18 months.

The Singapore branch is the biggest branch of such 3D museums in SG is occupies about 10 000sq ft and is the 15th museum under Alive Museum. The largest branch so far is in Jeju Island, takes up about 43 000 sq ft.

You will see this fridge at the Singapore branch entrance, available for everyone to take a photo without paying the entrance fee. Not bad eh!

This photo was taken before OMYSG sponsorship.

Back inside Alive Museum Singapore, let me share with you what are some of the comedian art pieces which are a must to take photo with your loved ones.

Don’t be a woman who needs the man! Be a woman a man needs!

Wahahaha! Hubby got chased by walking dead!

I’m shrunk and squeezed like a balloon??

Michael Jackson wannabe?

Help me! I’m hanging on a collapsing building!

I’m saved by Superman!

Poor hubby, t-shirt was pulled by the “baby” and he’s still looked so happy about it~

Not for sale okay! Meant for Hazel, maybe!


Peeing on me! Gross! No way I am going to open my mouth!

See my arms and hands? They are strong enough to support my weight!

I have flexible legs!

Don’t give me that smiley face when I’m lecturing you!

Evil hubby, scolding Hazel and me for playing foul! Not easy to play basketball while carrying Hazel you know!

Ice cream anyone? Hazel has queued for it!

Hazel loves water splashing!

I think Hazel is the little mermaid, hubby is her slave?

Leaving Hazel in Russell’s care!

Mummy, I don’t feel safe. Russell seems too scared to protect me from falling!

Leaning on this wooden pillar is safe, I think?

My little girl was pretty amazed by the colourful huge paintings and the many expressions from the visitors whom we walked past, though she fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the journey. Keke!

This place is definitely a fun place is definitely not just for friends but also family with kids! Don’t neglect the little ones at home okay!

Ending this blogpost with this photo taken at Alive Museum Singapore. Hazel wasn’t smiling despite so many visitors were trying to make her smile! She must be feeling sad we were leaving.

Remember to bring your camera and mobile phone when you visit Alive Museum ya! There’s free WIFI!

Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 (Between Tower 3 &4)

Ticket Prices:
S$25 for adults
S$20 for children 3-12 years old
Free for children below 3 years old

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm Daily
Last admission 9pm

Alive Museum will be having collaborations on promotions and deals for visitors.
Current Promotion:

Like Alive Museum facebook page and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full-priced ticket.
Click HERE for more details.


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