[Event + Product Review] IOMA Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

IOMA, originates from Paris, has arrived at SG.

I was invited to IOMA exclusive launch party held at Isetan Scotts last week.

It was my first time to hear of this brand and I was pretty impressed with the fact that IOMA’s founder was an engineer. He invented the patented IOMA Sphere to diagnose the skin in the most sophisticated way based on light filtering.

I got the chance to do a skin analysis using IOMA Sphere.

I was exposed to 5 camera shots using the light filtering from IOMA Sphere.

Prior to the diagnosis, I was quite worried about my results. Being a breastfeeding mother, I really do not have alot of time for skincare. Imagine I have to wake up at 5am to pump milk before heading to work, why will I want to sacrifice my sleeping time for a 1o to 15 minutes skincare everyday? I’m getting lazy these days. I have thought my skin condition has deteriorated beyond my imagination and I will prolly feel depressed after the diagnosis.

I was wrong. The diagnosis result was not as bad as I thought. My hydration level, wrinkle  and fine lines, skin firmness were quite good.

I was recommended to scrub my face at least once a week to clean up my pores, clear my bacteria. Hmm, I used to scrub once a week, I guess I need to find back my determination to spend that few minutes to scrub my face.

My main issue was my eyes areas. I had serious eyebags, dark eye circles, lines on my eye bags too!

So I was recommended to use the eye care from skincare range number 2 in IOMA face products.

SA taught me to apply on the thin skin between my thumb and index finger. That’s also the area with many lines. I tried and was surprised to see less visibility on the lines! That skin area felt soft and moisturized. I am now contemplating to get it or not. Once again, I have to force myself to apply eyecare regularly. No point getting a good eyecare when I’m not using it diligently.

Go visit #IOMASg booth to take up their skin diagnosis using the IOMA Sphere machine. The machine recommend to you the products which you will need, according to your skin needs.

Another range of IOMA is the Bespoke products.

These products talk about 20% Active ingredients, and custom-made to individual needs in terms of,

  • H1 – Long-term moisturising
  • H2 – Self-regulating moisturising
  • H3 – Anti-aging moisturising
  • R1 – Elasticity & firmness
  • R2 – Redensification
  • R3 – Botox-like tightening effect
  • R4 – Global anti-ageing
  • R5 – Firmness & smoothing

IOMA’s star product of the day, Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++, newly launched, under skincare range number 7 in IOMA face products.

Very lightweight sunblock, skin felt quite naked even after application. It also gave a sheen on my skin, looking naturally radiant.

The twist and turn on the cap is to avoid the sunblock from being contaminated or oxidised.

This latest addition in IOMA is capable of reducing melanin production. UVA and UVB are being blocked, minimizing the growth of pigmentation.

Looking forward to less pigmentation on my skin!


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