[Event] Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Boosting 5 Minute Facial & Untold Légère

This review comes a little late as the product which I’m going to talk about, was launched in May this year. Been busy with the little one, and trying to catch some sleep these days.

Red door reminds me of Elizabeth Arden. But this blogpost has got nothing to do with the perfume Red Door. LOL!

And so I was talking about one event I’ve attended with Elizabeth Arden at M Hotel suite. Super cosy room!

We had great food from room sevice.

The desserts were too pretty to be eaten!

So what’s new from Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden launched the new Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial pack in May this year. This facial pack suits anyone with a busy lifestyle like me. =D

No time to visit the salon? No time to do multiple steps for DIY facial? Well, no more no-time!

Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial is basically a 2-step skincare to purify and hydrate the skin before moisturizer, to be used 1-2 times a week.

Step 1 : Self-Foaming Mask
A light-weight foaming mask that can be applied thinly in dry or damp skin, uncleansed or cleansed face.

Took this photo under a different lighting to show the foams.

Starting on my 5-minute facial (DIY).

The foam has a special formula which activates chemical and enzymatic exfoliators to cleanse the face, removes surface impurities

More foams starting to be formed!

There’s a tingling sensation at this point of time. It’s normal. It means the mask is being activated to perform its job which will take about 2 minutes, and it can be rinsed with luke warm water.

Pat dry the skin to prep it for step 2.

Step 2 : Replenishing Serum
The keyword here is ‘immediately’. Immediately after step 1, apply Replenishing serum to face and neck with fingertips and massage evenly into the skin in a circular motion. The serum will be absorbed into the skin to replenish and hydrate the skin.

The serum leaves a silky finish on the skin. With the blend of ceramide 1, 3 and 6, skin is more moisturized, soothed and calmed, good for sensitive skin.

Opitcal diffusers like Mica, silicone, silica and pearlescent pigments are added into the serum to produce instant results like, less visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, and a more brightened up skin.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Booster 5-Minute Facial is a must-have on my dresser table. I can have my own facial within 5 minutes at my comfort zone.

Use it the night before a special occasion, a last minute perk for the face!

Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial suits all skin types, but ideal for those who are concerned with visible signs of aging.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial is retailing at SGD149 in Departmental stores island-wide.


Another product I want to review here is a new fragrance,
UNTOLD Eau Legare.

UNTOLD Eau Legare has almost the same packaging as UNTOLD. The only difference is, UNTOLD Eau Legare has a light golden hue to reflect the character of the new fragrance.

It has a lighter scent, more for the light-hearted side of today’s modern woman as she thrives in her life’s journey.

While UNTOLD emphasizes on sophistication and grace of the modern woman, UNTOLD Eau Legare is about vibrancy, spontaneity, femininity, mysteriousity, sensuality.

I prefer UNTOLD Eau Legare to UNTOLD Eau de Parfum because of the playful fruity scent from grapferuit and blackcurrent.

So many of us, ladies, have an UNTOLD stories, and we definitely need one fragrance to suit our UNTOLD secrets!

Here’s one picked from the event!

Sweet hor?

UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (100ml) $117
UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (50ml) $92
UNTOLD Eau Legare EDT (30ml) $65

Launched since May 2014, available in departmental stores islandwide.


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