[Review] Pleated Skirt From Blogshop Singapore

Most of us tend to have at least one little black dress in the wardrobe, because it never goes wrong for any occasion.

What about a little black skirt?

Okay, I’m talking about flirty skirt in black! girlpower

I’m sure there are some days we may want to reveal our long legs? Or like to have some flare from our skirt?

Check out my little black skirt from Blogshop Singapore.

Comes with elastic band, free size for all, stretchable material and is short enough to be a flirty skirt!

My pick is the black piece, the easiest colour to match with any other colours! The plain skirt makes it easy to match with different cuts for tops.

I wore mine with a black/white stripy top.

I like how the skirt is able to hide away my post-natal tummy and make my butt looking perky!

Other than black x white combination, I can also create an outfit like this,

Not so dull right?

That’s why I say a little black skirt is also a must-have other than a little black dress!

My pleated skirt is available at Blogshop Singapore and it’s now on sale at only SGD9! Available in red, blue and black.

Go grab it fast!


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