[Food Tasting Event] Kakis Bistro & Bar

Are you sick of always having to fight for a table for chillax in the crowded bustling town?

I’ve a new chill out place to share! And I’m super duper happy about it because it’s so near my home!

Kakis Bistro and Bar, located at the extreme East of Singapore, Changi Village, has reopened with a whole new concept for chillax.

Some of you may feel the location is too far. Well, come to Changi Village for a staycation, enjoy a hawker feast in the famous Changi Village, followed by a chillax with liveband at Kakis Bistro and Bar, all these activities are sure worth your trip down!

The place is all surrounded with greenery.

At one end of the place are seats which are a little far away from the speaker, I find these seats good for chit-chatting without voices being sunk by the liveband.

Many types of tables and chairs for chillax.

Nostalgic! Eh, I dare not sit! What if the chairs give way??

At the other end was a pool table, and more seats for those who just want to sit down, have a drink with fingerfood, and enjoy the liveband.

Further in, there’s this chamber-like area for mojito tasting. Kakis Bistro and Bar does hold small classes on making your very own Mojito. Too bad I was on breastfeeding, no chance to make one for myself.

Did you see what I saw?


Gosh, I really miss drinking wine!!

Here’s another one on the wall at the bar counter,


Flowers in a beer bottle, nice!

The menu,

So what’s good on the menu?

The first plate,

Prawn Aioli with Homegrown Lemongrass and Coriander, $9.80

This was awesome, perfect starter. The prawns were fresh and huge. Hardly see generous servings of prawns for a small starter. Bear in mind I seldom finish up whatever veg or leaf that’s used as “base” for some dishes. But the Homegrown lemongrass were so fresh that the plate was emptied.

Stir Fried Button Mushroom with Homegrown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots & White Wine, $8.50

The white wine inside this dish was mild so I made an exception to eat the button mushrooms which I always love. I like how the recipe worked with shallots and the homegrown Kaffir leaf. It gave a nice aroma to the dish.

Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa, $10

Yummy fingerfood to eat with mojito!

Fries Addiction (with in-house special seasoning), $7

Now these fries were really very addictive! The special seasoning made me wanting to keep on munching the fries. Crispy skin, with inside being soft. One of the perfect fries which I’ve tried so far.

Aglio Olio (with fusion taste of Homegrown Kaffir Leaf), $16

Most of the times, I have overpriced aglio olio with maybe 2-3 huge prawns, or 5-6 small prawns. It’s my first time to see Aglio Olio overdosed with relatively big-sized prawns. Prawns were fresh and juicy! But I wish for more garlic here. Other than prawns, can always top up with smoked sausage, chicken, bacon for an extra flavour!

Fish and Chips, $17

Fish ‘n’ Chips that were made from scratch! *I am impressed* I heart the crispiness from the flour. It wasn’t thick but the fish was bland. So remember to request for mayonnaise and tartar sauce. Good to share between 2-3 pax.

Red Velvet Cake, $9.50

Red Velvet Cake was moist enough with cream cheese. Thumbs up!

3 of us shared all these food, we left feeling satisfactory full. I’m going back here for sure.

More selections on the menu can be found here.

Go during evening, perhaps you’ll be able to catch the sunset view!

Kakis Bistro & Bar
289 Farnborough Road Singapore, Singapore 509747

Tel: 62142956


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