Achieving Good Wellness System With iBeauty Medispa

Body slimming, we all know what it’s all about. To many of us, it’s a process of controlled dieting with less carb, less fried food, less oil, more exercise, more sleep, sufficient intake of fruits and water, and the list goes on. Sounds easy but it’s forever hard to achieve and/or maintain.

Looking for an easy way out to achieve some weight loss?

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iBeauty Medispa, having 30 years of experience in bringing beauty and wellness to their customers, has the easiest way to body slimming which I’ve known, and tried. And it’s not just targeting on body slimming, it improves blood circulation, body metabolism and digestive system

They guarantee a 5kg fat loss upon signing a full package of 15 sessions. It’s pretty obvious that there’s no way to lose significant result in just one session. Even if there is, it’s only a temporary one, be it on the face or body. So signing up a package to have a guaranteed 5kg fat loss is quite a good deal, isn’t it?

Metabolite Wellness Treatment is a natural and non-invasive treatment which redefine my body wellness.

I’m still on breastfeeding on my coming to 10-months-old little one, so I’m definitely not taking any external medication or invasive body treatment that may affect my breastmilk quality.

And when I was invited to try out Metabolite Wellness Treatment, I realized it’s suitable for those who are looking at post-natal massage too. Though I’m outside the post-natal treatment window frame, no harm doing it again after 6 months, perhaps it may just help to get rid of any water retention in my body, I thought.

So I made my way down to their Ang Mo Kio outlet for my 30-minute Metabolite Wellness Treatment.

I met Hazel, the daughter of the lady boss, Mary of iBeauty Medispa, for a quick consultation on my health condition like percentage of body fats, BMI etc. Based on measurement, I was in a healthy range and there’s no need for me to lose any fat, despite I’m still 5 Kg away from my prepregnancy weight, and have even upsized to size M, cannot fit into 80% of my clothes, and all of my jeans!

My main concern was my bulging tummy and thicker thighs, and so my therapist performed more pressing and kneading movements on my tummy and thighs during my treatment.

No machine was involved. Only their special cream was used during the pressing and kneading steps.

During the treatment

My whole body went through a series of massaging and kneading to unblock and stimulate the 106 meridian points on the body.

Image01Click for a bigger view

This 30-minute Metabolite Wellness Treatment helps to increase basal metabolism and blood circulation.

The massaging and kneading help to minimize fat cells size and improves mobility of fat cells being drained through the lymphatic system.

My therapy was very nice enough to ask me if I was able to withstand the strength she used on me. I think that’s good customer service, and sort of assured me that I was well-taken care of.

Metabolite Wellness Image

For my back, cupping was used on me. It’s my first time I was worried of the pain and heat. Surprisingly, it’s not as scary as I thought.

Cupping wasn’t very painful as my therapy was swift and accurate. It was only towards the end of the last few cupping that I felt the heat was too hot on me and also a little pain when the “cupping moves” along my back. But all’s bearable and it was done very fast.

After the treatment

I was told by Hazel that my body will be having cell activity for the next 24 hours after my treatment. Cell activity like a silent metabolic activity. I find this true and effective on me. My digestive system seems to be doing well for the next two days.

The treatment is also said to be reduce craving for starchy and high carb food. I didn’t notice any difference in myself, but I know after my treatment, for the rest of the day, I only had light dinner despite skipping my lunch.

I didn’t feel myself becoming less heavier, neither did I saw my tummy flattened. Bear in my mind, this was only my first and one session.

To really see good results, one has to go through a consecutive sessions like 3 times a week, and follow their simple customized diet menu which can be easily prepared.

Body wellness covers improvement in blood circulation, good sleeping habit, regular healthy meals. All these lead to reduction in unwanted fats and weight issue. Finally lesser risk of getting hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

So, being fat doesn’t mean eating less and exercising are the solutions. Getting the right method in improving blood circulation and treatment to our body can also help in a way.

Trial and Package

The Metabolism Wellness Treatment is available at iBeauty Medispa.

First Trial is available at S$100 (Usual Price S$250) for a 30-minute full treatment.

Guaranteed 5 Kg fat loss upon signing of full package of 15 sessions at S$2000.


Blk 713, Ang Mo Kio Central, #01-4040, Singapore 560713
Tel: 6455 9379, 6455 9124

Blk 302, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1850, Singapore 560302
Tel: 6459 8178, 6457 0054

55 Tras Street, #01-01 (Exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT exit A) Singapore 310184
Tel: 6220 2550, 6220 2554

Blk 184, Toa Payoh Central, #01-354, Singapore 310184
Tel: 6259 1523

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 1100 hrs to 2100 hrs.
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

Find out more about iBeauty Medispa on their website:


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