In Search Of A Flawless Finish

 Movie stars have it on the red carpet, celebrities have it in TV appearances and on the paparazzi pictures . . . even newsreaders and TV presenters have it. So there might be a few “fashion faux pas” and even the odd “nipple slip” (the “side boob” is apparently a good thing) but one thing they all have in common when they hit the spotlight – a flawless complexion.


So how do they do it . . . or more to the point how do their make-up artists do it?
It’s not rocket science but it is rather clever – it’s all thanks to airbrush makeup. An airbrush kit is a jet wand which emits a fine spray / mist of foundation to sit evenly upon the skin creating a flawless complexion by minimizing imperfections leaving the skin looking radiant, poreless and natural. The effects are fabulous without that heavy “caked on makeup” problem – no lines, no smudges or smears . . . just perfection.

Professional makeup artists and beauticians have been applying this type of airbrush makeup for many years but these days you don’t have to pay a professional to do it for you – you can buy your airbrush makeup kit to use at home – they’ve got a great range at to give you the general idea.

Airbrush kits are surprisingly affordable – some costing less than $70 but the finish you get is worth a million dollars with just a little practice. Anybody can do it – just think if your boyfriend can airbrush his car and get a smooth, shiny, flawless finish then you can surely learn to airbrush your face using the same techniques. It does take a little practice but once you’ve got the knack you’ll wonder why you ever managed without it. Airbrushed foundation feels incredibly light, soft and is “barely there”.

When you purchase your airbrush kit you’ll have to buy the special make-up to go with it. You simply mix together the different colors of liquid pigments to make the perfect match, much thinner than the traditional crème foundation. Simply mix the different colors together until you match your skin tone then place the liquid into the vial which is connected to the fine tipped wand – hold this wand a few inches from your face (6 or 7 inches is about the best), close your eyes and spray the airbrush in small, circular motions which helps to avoid streaks and blotches.

You might want to get well covered (your hair, clothes and surrounding area) before you have your first go with a new airbrush kit but you’ll soon discover how to make the minimum amount of mess.

It may take a while before you get the hang of it but do hang in there, particularly if you’re the kind of girl of many talents who can pop a pair of false eyelashes into perfect position in just a few seconds – even if your first attempts took ages and looked more like a spider had fallen from your hairline.

Do remember to clean your airbrush applicator after use or the wand can get clogged up with the makeup creating problems for future use.

And that’s all there is to it . . . creating the perfect flawless foundation quickly and easily with the minimum amount of time, fuss and mess. Practice on yourself, practice on your friends (there’s no risk of infection from sharing this type of makeup because you don’t actually touch anything) practice on anything until you get it just right. You’ll be so glad you did.


This is a sponsored post provided by The Salon Outlet.


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