[New Product] Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence | Senka Mineral Essence UV | Tsubaki Head Spa Sparkling Serum

It has been a hot weather recently isn’t it? Do you feel like the dry and humid weather is like killing you, your face and your hair! And do you feel you are like drying up anytime now?

Fret not! Let me share with you 3 products to get yourself pampered and protected under the hot weather!

Stay rejuvenated with 3 summer essentials!

Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence ($29.90)
Senka Mineral Essence UV ($17.90)
Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum ($18.90)

Here’s my thoughts and says on the products.

Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence is basically a 4-in-1 skincare.

When Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence is applied onto the skin, it turns dewy, light-texture like a lotion, and gets absorbed into skin. I quite like how the soft liquid-jelly-like texture turns dewy on skin, it feels really light and comfortable. But there’s still abit of stickiness left on skin when it’s absorbed. Or maybe I’ve applied too much.

It acts as an astringent which helps in pores minimizing.

It is like a serum that contains the whitening ingredient m-tranexamic acid which inhibits spot and pigmentation productions. Please do not expect good result immediately, just like the other products from Aqua Label, results are visible after a certain period of time from using the products regularly. For Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence, I have yet to see improvements on pigmentation after 2 weeks of use. But in terms of hydration, I do feel my cheeks are not as dry as before.

Another key ingredient inside Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence is Double Hyaluronic Acid. It is well-known for providing intense moisture to the skin, keeps skin hydrated.

So that’s about hydrating the face during summer.

How about suncare??

We have Senka Mineral Essence UV!

Senka Mineral Essence UV is made with 100% Mineral Water! That makes it non-greasy, light on skin.

But what I didn’t like is the silky finish which is unavoidable. Most light-weight sunblock give a silky finish.

I’m quite scared of the sun, and will apply generously on my face. Surprisingly there’s no white cast from the application. Thumbs up!

One of the key benefits of Senka Mineral Essence UV is it has anti-aging care! Thanks to the ingredient Coenzymen Q10 being formulated inside. Hyaluronic Acid is also included to hydrate the skin, keeping skin firm, less early introduction to saggy skin and fine lines.

Contains high SPF50+ PA++++.

As it is pretty lightweight, it can be used as a makeup case and is easily removed with facial cleanser.

Another essential product for this summer is the Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum!

Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum is a very interesting product. You will be surprised to hear the sparkling/popping sound before applying onto your scalp! Yes I mean real sparkling/popping sound!

These sparkling sound/popping sound comes from the sparkling bubbles when in contact with your scalp. They help to give a cooling sensation and stimulate blood circulation at the same time. Super refreshing when used in this summer.

Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum is a leave-in scalp care product and we all know to scalp is usually the first to target when comes to hair issues.

What’s needed at the scalp is sufficient moisture. Without moisture, inflammation may occurs, hair has lack of firmness and elasticity, split ends are resulted.

Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum has this relaxing aroma which eases both mentally and physically stress.

Just like any other spraying bottles, good to give the bottle a shake, spray on the scalp from a short distance (2cm) away. Start giving a simple massage to the scalp, the sparkling sounds will gradually disappear and relaxation comes.

I quite enjoy my scalp spa-ing session, it’s very cooling and my scalp feels clean. It doesn’t make my scalp oily or sticky. Once the sparking sounds are gone, I don’t feel anything on my scalp.

Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence ($29.90)
Senka Mineral Essence UV ($17.90)
Tsubaki Head Spa Sparking Serum ($18.90)

All 3 products are available at local Watsons.

Begin your summer indulgence with the products!


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