[New Product] House of Holland – Geek Chic Nails

Okay, this post may come abit too late. I actually received this product during last year somewhere near Halloween. If I was celebrating Halloween, this set of nails sure came at the right time for review. But so sad, I was on maternity leave I think (or maybe pregnant if it’s before Halloween), so I didn’t have the chance to try out and review.

Finally I have the time to blog about it, though no review, just to share this set of interesting nails.

Under House of Holland, the range of nails which reflect the London’s hottest fashion designer Henry Holland are:

Polka Dot
Face Ache
Geek Chic
Zig Zag Stardust

If you do a google on “House of Holland nails”, you will find more crazy interesting designs.

What I was sponsored was……

Trendy and Hype right??

Though these nails are more fashionable for ladies between 15 and 25 years old, I don’t mind putting them, consider I’m 33 this year!


I didn’t glue the nails on mine, but just placed them on top of my nails to have a rought image on how my nails would look like.

More nails under Geek Chic,

Have a liking on these nail sets?

Well well well, we have 6 designs available in SG…

(Pardon the blur images)

House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch are available at local Watsons stores, retailing at S$13.90.


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