[Product Review] Eylure Miss Flicklash

Here’s the latest innovation in cosmetics:

A pair of fake eyelashes which includes a fixed eyeliner flick!

Figuring out what the flick is? Or where is it?

It’s the “tail” of the eyeline when we draw using eyeliner! blahaha

It also means, with this pair of Miss Flicklash, there’s no need to apply eyeliner! No more worries about smudges and curvy black eyelines!

This revolutionary new lash design is developed by the Makeup Artist and Product Designer duo, Lynne Mills and Lucy Ross.

Some ladies are just not getting good with eyeliner, especially the liquid ones which are the intensive black ones.

Miss Flicklash has been created to offer a simple quick and easy solution. The patented technology, combined with a top selling Eylure lash, has made it an instant must-have product for all as it revolutionizes the future of makeup application” – Lynne Mills

The length of the fake eyelash is tad too long for me, I’ve to trim it including the flick. This flick is in a thin and flexible material in velvety black. Perfectly angled on the Eylure lash.

Getting the perfect eyeliner effect in a matter of minutes (that is if you know who to put on fakes eyelash)!

There’s really no need to follow up with an eyeliner. I regret doing it, should have just followed the instructions. Nevertheless, I still like the intensive eyeliner effect.

There are 4 styles fake eyelashes being designed but only 2 are available in Singapore. *Sad eh*

It’s very long-lasting on me, can be reused like 5-7 times! So if you must have it, dropby Watsons soon!

Retail price: SGD11.90/pair inclusive of adhesive glue.


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