[Product Review] Nail Rock Designer Wrap

Nail art has been a craze for the recent years and I’m sure many more years to come. Everyone’s going for 3D nail art, gelish, or nail art stickers. Now we can DIY our nails at home, without worrying smudging the nail polishes or digging time out for mani/pedi!

Introducing Nail Rock Designer Wrap brought in by Evenoor.

It’s basically a set of stickers which can fit onto the whole nail bed.

Here are some of the designs out of their collection of 16.

16 stylish designs such as Money, Disco,  or Gold Cheetah.

The latest Nail Rock 3D collection features a collection of four amazing wraps that give an effect that no polish can achieve.

Doodad is available in Black and Metallic Mix, and has raised bumps that add texture to your look.

Glister is available in Gold and Multi Glitter, and gives an effect of sparkly crackle on your nails.

I was sponsored a set of the Nail Rock 3D Designer Wrap in Doodad.

Super bling or not?

Actually from far, it looks quite nice but I overdo it.

Application is supposed to be easy, but I have a hard time trimming the sides of the stickers so as for them to fit onto my nailbed which are all slimmer than the stickers. Trimming has to be done by using scissors. Gota be super careful, overtrimming will just end up with uncovered nailbed. This means nailbed is fatter than the sticker and this is definitely ugly.

After trimming the sides, I still have to trim the length by filing the stickers. Filing isn’t easy for me. There are chances of me filing until the stickers edge end up not sticky.

Yes I’m a noob in this. I ended up using the set of Doodad on all my 10 fingernails, and my nails looked overdosed with gold and bling!

They reminded me of mama-san. explode

Instead of a 15-minute session, I spent 30 minutes trimming and filing it. And some of the stickers weren’t sticky on my nails. I guess my filing skill sucks.

When hubby saw my nails, he had goosebumps all over. The raised bumps on the stickers reminded me of barnacles. =/

Perhaps this design simply doesn’t suit me. I should have used on 1 or 2 fingernails instead of all 10!

Something like this looks better!

Or this!

Oh well, it’s really an experience. If I am to do it again, I will only go with a gentle design. This is too harsh for me.

Evenoor Nail Rock Designer Wrap is retailing at SGD9.90 at local Watsons stores.

Like their facebook fan page for more updates.


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