[Product Review] Sexylook Micro Inject Mask

Received a parcel from Secretive.sg.

Sexylook masks inside!

Micro Inject Mask Activation Energy, uses the latest technology from Japan, has the best essence absorption and penetration. The natural fibre-made mask sheet is soaked with natural ingredients to ensure maximum comfort on the skin, penetration of essence into the skin is at its maximum.

The mask sheet has this unique 360-degree hydro net structure that enhances deeper penetration of the essence into the skin.

The mask sheet is super thin, and that makes the mask almost invisible on the face, but got to becareful not to tear it by accident.

See the red scratch (no thanks to my LilAngelHazel) below my eye area? The mask is so thin that the scratch line can be seen through.

After masking for 20 minutes, I did notice some results. But my photos here don’t do justice to the mask!

Before masking,


I noticed an instant brightening (due to the brightening rice extract) result on my skin. My skin felt moisturized and supple.

A close up view on my cheeks after masking,

Visibility of my fine lines were pretty much the same as before masking. Perhaps it’s only through long term masking and hydration, then the fine lines will be less visible.

Masking session was messy-free and even though the essence inside the packaging was very concentrated, there’s no dripping of essence from my face.

Happy Masking!

Sexylook Micro Inject Mask is also available in,

High Concentration Hyaluronic Acid


Intensive Moisture Care

Sexylook Micro Inject Mask, SGD3.30 /piece

Available at secretive.sg.

More reviews on Sexylook face masks here.


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