[Review] Lovemore Water Beauty Series

It’s been a long time since I review about Lovemore face masks! Feels good to be reviewing it again.

Introducing to you the Lovemore Water Beauty Series facial masks. From the name itself, we all know these masks are all about hydrating, clarifying and maintaining skin moisture level.

I am sponsored the Deep Sea Water hydrating mask because my cheeks have turned dry (skin surface layer) for quite sometime. The skin sure needs intensive hydration during masking.

Let’s talk about the hydration level.

Yep, extremely hydrating on my skin, the essence is alot and there’s some essence dripping during masking!

If you don’t want to waste the essence, you will just have dab on the dripping essence and massage or pat on the neckline.

Main essence ingredient is the Deep Sea Water. Deep sea water is rich in magnesium and calcium, good for skin. Been hearing lots of raves from Deep-Sea-Water-content products.

So what’s so special about this mask?

I made a silly mistake when trying to put on the mask sheet. The mask sheet is so thin and being sealed by two protective sheets that I actually mistaken one of the protective sheets to be the mask!!

I have though this blue sheet is the mask itself! And I was wondering,

“Huh, why the material feels so weird?”

How to use:

And so I removed the blue sheet from my face and looked at it again, only to realize there was another super thin layer sealed by the blue sheet!! This super thin layer is the mask!

How to use:

Remove white plastic sheet
Fit mask over face
Remove blue non-woven plastic sheet
Remove mask sheet after 10-15 minutes
Gently pat remaining formula into the skin

How to use:
How to use:
Step 1: Remove white plastic sheet.
Step 2: Fit mask over face.
Step 3: Remove blue non-woven sheet.
Step 4: Remove mask sheet after 10-15 mins.
Step 5: Gently pat any remaining formula into skin. – See more at: http://www.secretive.sg/lovemore/156-lovemore-deep-sea-water-hydrating-mask-box-5pcs.html#sthash.VinwkGp7.dpuf

This is how thin the mask sheet is! It’s meant to be like a 2nd skin during masking, to feel light and comfy!

I personally find the placing of the mask sheet on my face a little inconvenient. The thin mask sheet is so thin that a little bit of strength can tear it easily.

Inorder to fit the mask sheet nicely onto my face, I have to stretch the mask sheet.

Masking is recommended not to be more than 15 minutes and I follow this guideline very strictly. I won’t want my skin to dry up even more!

After removing the mask sheet, I can really feel the thick essence on my face. I will just massage the essence all around my face and neck. Deep sea water is easily absorbed into the skin and my skin definitely feels moisturized and well hydrated. I hit the bed for night sleep without applying any night cream, for a night after masking.

Under the same mask series, there are:

Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask
Lovemore Glacier Water Soothing Mask.

Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask (BOX 5pcs)
Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask (BOX 5pcs)

Lovemore Water Beauty Series, comes in box of 5 pcs, SGD13.90.

More reviews on Lovemore face masks here.


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