Bon Appetit! Penny University

Here’s another popular cafe, Penny University, where all-day brunch is served.

Despite the small variety of food here, Penny University tends to be very crowded from noon onwards. Long queue is expected on weekends, no reservation is allowed. So we have to go really early inorder to chop a table.

There’s no table number, food is served based on order queue number.

I’m on breastfeeding, so I could only have Hot Chocolate. I wish there are more caffeine-free drinks, or even decaf coffee!

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon $14. I’m impressed by the sourdough toasts. They were crispy and not too thick or hard. Poached eggs were not the best which I’ve tried, but for a $14 Eggs Benedict, this was reasonable.

For the non-preferred smoked salmon food goers, Eggs Benedict with Turkey Ham is perhaps a good alternative.

If only the fresh veg salad comes in a bigger portion. For the first time, I quite like the greens.

Turkish Eggs $8. Adventurers food goers may want to try poached eggs on lightly whipped yogurt Turkish Eggs look kind of plain, but additional toppings like smoked chicken, turkey ham and smoked salmon options are available.

Surprisingly the brunch was so full that 3 of us could only take in 1 piece of Red Velvet cake. We wanted to try at least 3 cakes!

This Red Velvet cake definitely tasted much more better than TheTiramisuHero’s! Gosh, I still cannot forget that rubbery taste. =/

My girlfriends commented it’s too moist, but to me, I like it. So it’s really up to individual’s preference.

If only our main courses weren’t so full, we would get to try more cakes! I shall revisit Penny University one day!

Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997
Phone: 90089314
Opening Hours: (Tue – Thu) 08:30 – 18:00 | (Fri – Sat) 08:30 – 00:00 | (Sun) 08:30 – 21:00 | Closed on Mon
Only cash payment.


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