Award Winning Items From Aqua Label, Ma Cherie, Majolica Majorca, Senka, Tsubaki, Za

It’s the end of the 1st quarter of 2014, and I’m here to share the award winning products from the sister brands of Shiseido this year.

Sister brands of Shiseido:

Aqua Label, Ma Cherie, Majolica Majorca, Senka, Tsubaki, Za

These brands are easily available at my favourite Watsons stores, how easy is that for me to grab the award winning products!

That’s alot of products here, isn’t it?

Starting with Aqua Label, we have Aqua Label Special Gel Cream which has this intense moisturizing effect due to the double Hyaluronic Acid content. Its jelly-like texture makes absorption easy. The most important point here is its high collegen concentration which ensures skin is supple and skin elasticity improves and maintains.


Ma Cherie, where its princessy packaging and fruity fragrance melt alot of the ladies’ hearts.

From left to right on my photo above,

Ma Cherie End Cure Milk, provides intensive repair for hair ends. It’s a leave-in treatment essence for split ends, dry ends, and the not-easy-to-manage hair ends.

Ma Cherie Hair Gelee, is more for those with hair curls. It helps to enhances the curls and to give it a bouncy hair look.

Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo, is for those with thin flat hair. It helps to give the hair a volumized look.


Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover has always been a hot favourite since the day it was launched. It’s the Best Beauty Buys in Women’s Weekly 2014.

For Majolica Majorca, needless to say, their mascara is a bit hit ever since they are first launch years ago before I started this blog. Back then, I shared my reviews at forums and receives many raves on the various mascara.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister, is a 4mm jet black long fibers that not only gives a volumized eyelash look, but also the lengthening effect.

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In is formulated with Jet-Black fiber formula and blend polymer to make eyelashes thicker, longer and deeper.

Majolica Majorca Lash King, contains 5 mm super long fibers, impact wax to achieve volumized eyelashes with power-up volume.


Senka has 2 winning products, the Senka Mineral Perfect UV has SPF50 PA +++ and Senka Whitening Lotion.

Senka Mineral Perfect UV has SPF50 PA +++ has no issue of blocking both UVA and UVB rays. It can be easily washed with facial cleanser instead of makeup remover despite its high SPF.

Senka Whitening Lotion helps to hydrate the skin and keep the melanin at bay, to ensure a fair complexion. It’s like a serum, easily abosorbed into the skin due to the “micro-manufacturing” process.


Tsubaki Damage Hair Care has won a few awards this year.

The Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo strengthens the damaged hair, repairs hair cuticles and restores hair shine.

Both Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner work together to repair and protects hair from further damage from the UV rays and chemical treatments.

Tsubaki Spa Massage Spa Mask won the Best Scalp Treatment from Women’s Weekly 2014 and Nylon Beauty Hitlist 2014. It’s Nylon’s editors choice. This is the only hairmask which I’ve known to be safe for hair scalp. No irritation and infact it promotes blood circulation! It’s really like giving a spa to my scalp!


Za, my trusty brand for skincare and makeup. I’ve known this brand since my teenage years! Za has sure comes along way till today.

There’s alot of award winning products from Za, I shan’t bore you with too much description. I’m sure by the products names, you will know their benefits. Do a search in my blog and you may find reviews on some products mentioned here. These products are really good for the price you pay!

Za Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation
(A two way cake foundation, my number one foundation to buy at Watsons)

Za Ever Brow
(An eyebrow pencil which requires no sharpening, easy gliding and smudge-free)

Za Killer Volume Mascara
(SUPER VOLUME. ZERO CLUMPS. NO SMUDGES is the tagline for it)

Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White
(Non-sticky BB cream cum sunblock)


How wonderful to have all these award winning products on your dressing table?

Or in the bathroom?

Or bathtub??

I will be on cloud nine!!

Event was held at Oasia Hotel, one of my shortisted hotels when comes to staycation. I actually did a blgopost on the hotel facilities here.

I didn’t win any prizes from the Bingo and the What’s-Inside-The-Box but I had fun playing the games.

This black box was DIY-ed by the creative folks (from Majolica Majorca I think?). Super pretty can!

It’s a good recap of all the award winning products launched by these brands over the past few years in this Bloggers Appreciation event.

It’s my honour to be part of this event and many thanks to the lovely folks (from the brands) who have spent time planning this. *applaud*

I’m going to start trying out these award winning products soon!


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