[Event] Porcelain, The Face Spa

Porcelain, The Face Spa, provides premium skincare solutions to make porcelain complexion a reality for its customers. The team comprises of beauty veteran and therapists who are very knowledgeable in beauty products and regimen. I had a chat with one of their therapists, Nicole, on their Porcelain skincare and particularly their Cryotherapy Facial.

Nicole was an outspoken lady who shared with me few of her knowledge on beauty products from Porcelain and other brands off the shelves. I’m very impressed that a young lady like her is so passionate in her job and she really knows her job well.

Back to the Cryotherapy Facial, it’s basically using a machine and a serum. The treatment comprises of 3 therapies,

  • Needle-Less Mesatherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrophoresis

It’s a painless process, don’t be alarmed by the therapy names.

As this treatment involves some kind of electro stuff, I was told to remove my rings before trying it out on my hand.

Needle-Less Mesatherapy

In this Cool Stamp Technology machine, there is this micro needling tool which uses cooling technology to reduce redness and risk of inflammation.

Flawless, Pore + Spot Intensive Serum is applied on the skin, the micro needling tool is then pressed onto the skin. It’s a painless process, I tried it on my hand, there was not a single pain, and bear in mind I have low pain tolerance. So when I say no pain, I really mean no pain!

The needling tool increases the serum penetration and absorption, improve skin tone and texture. Also helps to lighten acne scars, reduce pore congestion and dead skin tissue, increase whitening and lifting effect.


This process is when cold temperature (-10 Deg C) from the Cool Stamp Technology machine is used. The cold temperature cools the skin immediately and promotes microcirculation, better oxygenation of dermal cells, increases collagen production.

It’s painless as well and all I felt was just the coldness on my skin.


This process is all about electroporation and electroosmosis to increase osmosis and absorption of products into cell membranes without any harsh or invasive methods.

It’s painless, harmless, doesn’t change skin structure, no side effects and yet able to increase products absorption rate up to 80-99%.

The whole facial is all about increasing products absorption and improving various skin issues like pigmentation, skin sagging, fine lines, acne scars, aging skin, eye puffiness, eye bags.

Cryotherapy Facial is a 60-minute facial and costs SGD250/session

Depends on skin condition, 6 sessions (once a week or once every fortnight) is recommended. After that it’s a monthly affair for maintenance.

Though it’s a painless treatment, avoid use of acidic skincare,
eg, AHA, Retinol.

Use hydrating and soothing products.

For the Flawless, Pore + Spot Intensive Serum, it comes in 8ml, SGD41. It’s a highly concentrated serum which helps to brighten skin tone, refine pores, firm and moisturize skin.

It can be used alone without the machine. Just apply 4 drops twice daily, massage and using tapping motion after cleansing and toning. That’s easy!

I am given more products from Porcelain to try out! Yay!

See the Balance Hydraclear gel above?

It combats on acne skin. Comes in light watery texture, cooling on the skin and easily absorbed with no irritation!

Can also be used on dry skin, but use it as a spot treatment only! Great, something pampering for my dry cheeks!

It has been a long time since I have a proper masking session, can’t wait!


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