[Event | Product Review] BeautyBiotics

Applying and removing makeup can be worry-free and hassle-free with BeautyBiotics, a new range of skin-caring and dermatologically tested cosmetics that is now available at SG Watsons stores.

Women these days are living in a hectic lifestyle. We have to wake up early to prepare the kids for breakfast and school, (for me it’s pumping of breastmilk), then we gota prepare ourselves for work, put on makeup, rush to work, fetch kids after work, come home still have to prepare dinner, and clear some daily household chores. Not easy to be a woman eh?

There are times I dread waking up early to do my makeup which usually takes me 45 minutes to do a full makeup on top of proper skincare regime.

Thanks to BeautyBiotics, my preparation time has reduced to 15 minutes and there’s no need for me to do a full makeup because I can look good and natural with just 3 intelligent makeup products from BeautyBiotics.

BB / CC Cream

Maybe I’m out of trend from the beauty market, it’s my first time to see a BB cream being formulated with CC cream. So does it provide coverage and also has the colour correction property?

Before applying BB / CC Cream in Fair:

After applying BB / CC Cream in Fair:
I’ve got dry cheeks hence my skin looks flaky here when zoomed in. But the flakiness disappears when I follow up with BeautyBiotics powder.
For coverage-wise, I’m satisfied. BB / CC Cream also has skin whitening properties, provides long lasting hydration for up to 12 hours! Not to forget it has SPF 40 PA +++.
 Available in 2 shades (Fair and Natural), and a shimmer close to Fair shade.

Left to right: Fair, Natural, Shimmer

The shimmers in the Shimmer shade are very minimum. Unlike those shimmering products we use at parties, the shimmer in this BB / CC cream mainly helps to illuminate the skin, giving it abit of the natural radiance.

Fair and Shimmer fit my skintone perfectly and I like the light texture during application. It’s easily spread over and not feeling too heavy on me.

“I’m giving away the Natural shade, let me know if you’re keen.”

 My quick makeup doesn’t end here.
BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder

A perfecting powder formulated with Nano technology so that nutrients are able to penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers. Nano collagen, pearl powder, ceramide and hyaluronic acid are found in this powder to assist in the repairing, regenerating and hydrating the skin.

Available in Shimmer and Matte.
My flakiness disappears right after I apply this mineral pearl powder. I am guessing it’s the nano technology that helps the pearl powder to sit perfectly on the uneven complexion, and result in the “flakiness disappearance” visually.
It really enhances the coverage, minimize visibility of my skin imperfections.
The last item I will apply on my face during the 15 minutes makeup is a sunblock powder.
UV White Nano Mineral Powder
We know sun protection from sunblock can only last that couple of hours and reapplying it means we will have to remove and do our makeup all over again!
What if we have a sunblock that is easily available for touching up without removing the makeup?
BeautyBiotics UV White Nano Mineral Powder comes in a nifty compact container and sponge applicator, available for touching up of UV protection anytime anywhere!
Other than sun protection, it has whitening properties and like the BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder, it helps to repair, regenerate the skin.

Application is easy with the use of the sponge applicator.

Exfoliating Jelly

This isn’t a scrub. There’s no scrub beads. Like mentioned in the name, it’s on jelly texture, yet able to exfoliate the skin and prep the skin for nutrients absorption in the rest of the skincare regimen.

I’m amazed at the dead skin cells and dirt which were exfoliated!
My skin feels uber soft and smooth after the gentle exfoliation! It’s my pick from BeautyBiotics, a must-have, must-buy!
Collagen Cleanse
Last product in this blogspost review is the Collagen Cleanse.
Comes in powdered form, suppose to mix with water to turn into a foaming cleanser. The foam particles created will cleanse the skin, remove impurities from the pores and moisturizes the skin.
It has a strong sweet scent and I find it very mild to my skin despite it’s a foam cleanser.
My skin feels well-pampered and squeaky clean!

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