Goodbye 2013

It’s the last day in 2013 and I’m so looking forward to see what’s happening in 2014!

I am looking after Hazel currently before maternity leave ends, and so I am still too busy to blog regularly. No time to even prepare the pictures for upload. But I do blog everyday at Dayre, overthere, it’s all about Hazel. I took at least one photo of my little one everyday. I want to keep lotsa memories of Hazel before I return to work. By then, I won’t get to see her everyday like now, so having Dayre sure helps to fix my love-sick of Hazel.

My life in 2013 had been very boring ever since I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant before CNY. During my 10 months pregnancy, I had nowhere to go due to morning sickness and tiredness. I was also too lazy to blog, rejected quite a number of blogger events invites. I was also deprived from many kind of food and drinks during this period.

I missed travelling and staycations. The only trip I had was a shopping trip (for baby items) to BKK in April. The only beauty event I attended was with Elizabeth Arden on their launch fragrance, UNTOLD.

After which I delivered my baby girl (named Hazel) in September, had confinement and spent quality time with her everyday.

Still, I had little time for myself, my blog, my husband, and my friends. Everyday it’s all about Hazel.

I feel thankful to have Hazel coming into my life, she has brought tonnes of laughter (and nonsense) to my family. I am always so eager to witness her milestones everyday, from making her first baby language to licking everything that’s near her lips.

I had breastfeeding and I never thought I was so hardworking to wake up twice in the middle of the night to pump milk for her. I still remembered the first time I held her on my chest, giving her direct latch to my nipples. Those few sessions when she sucked so hard that I went OUCH!

Despite my absence to meet up with friends, I’m glad they still remember me. The only event when I saw so many friends was on Haze’s full month. I didn’t know Hazel was so POPULAR to have so many guests came. Hubby and I were too busy to even snap pictures. *regrets*

Though on this countdown I can’t go anywhere because I need to look after Hazel, I’m happy Hubby is keeping me accompany, and together with Hazel. Bro is with GF of course, Mum is working on night shift but Dad is back from work. So it’s still cozy to countdown at home tonight.

Ending this blogpost with a short clip of my baby girl’s photos since her childbirth.

Hazel Video Cover


She just turned 100-day-old two days ago! It’s also my wedding monthniversary but no celebration la, where got time.



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