Bon Appetit! Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

It’s Hazel’s 3 months old birthday yesterday, and we decided to bring her out to town (finally away from Causeway Point) to let her experience her first Christmas feel.

Her outfit of the day was a Ralph Lauren romper given by a colleague. That’s her first branded clothing before she was born!

To avoid the crowd, we stayed in Orchard before sunset.

Had lunch at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, well-known for its Shiok Maki which I have missed during confinement.

I had thought it’s a restaurant by itself, but turned out it’s located inside a food court. Venue was very small and full house with a long queue waiting. Am glad I made a reservation.

I was only interested in the Shiok Maki so I let bro’s gf to decide on the rest of menu. As usual, we had sashimi, never get sick of it! The sashimi were fresh and in thick slices.

Notice there’s a sushi which seemed to be out of place?That piece cost S$12! It’s like the best part (belly I suppose) cut from a kind of fish!

Edamame bean which was boiled and served hot.

There were two different cooking method for Salmon Skin.

The grilled.

The deep fried.

Cha Soba.

Soft Shell Crab, came in a very small portion (3 pieces), we ordered two plates.

Gyoza, 5 pieces.


And of course the main lead,

Shiok Maki!

Shiok Maki, the 2nd generation!

Difference between the two is, the former has more of a salmon taste while the latter has prawn taste. Shiok Maki 2nd generation has lesser mayo filled.

I saw from the menu there’s another shiok maki which comes in one piece, about $6.90 each. Sounds so ex, but I’m gonna try it on my next visit!

Mum paid for the meal, I didn’t have the prices of the individual dishes. Only know total bill added up to about S$180, 5 pax.

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 22:30

Mum,  bro and his gf went for their Christmas present shopping while Hazel looking around, overwhelmed by the crowd and noise, fascinated by a Christmas tree display.

When 5pm came, it was time for hubby and myself to say bye bye to Hazel because the two of us were going were going for a Christmas feast at Hubby’s boss’s house! Finally a time (without Hazel) for the two of us!
Thanks to Mum who was available to look after Hazel while we left.

This weekend had been a great one!


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