Bon Appetit! The Tiramisu Hero

My girlfriends and I love cafe-hopping and so we are always on a lookout for cafe everytime we meet! This time we hopped to The Tiramisu Hero.

Previously I’ve tried the tiramisu here, I quite like it. But 1 jar is too much for me.

I’m on breastfeeding hence no tiramisu for me. I am not sure if the tiramisu here contains caffeine, but they sure comes in many flavors other than the original.

I ordered Red Velvet cake which wasted my 7 bucks EXCLUDING SVC charge. This is the worst Red Velvet cake I’ve ever tasted. Dry, hard, tasted like rubber!

Healthy wraps in Ham & Cheese! Yes it’s delicious! I’m going to order this if I am to revisit The Tiramisu Hero.

Savoury creamy salmon! The cheesy layer on top of salmon was yummy! I love it! We ordered two plates and one of the salmon was not fully cooked, had this fishy taste. So to play safe, request this to be “well-done” please. Lol!

Bangers with macaroni and cheese (Mac & Cheese) ! The sausages were non-beef, tasted not too bad. But the Mac & Cheese were a tad too much to finish.

Truffle eggs bacon roll! I didn’t quite understand why the name ‘truffle’ since there’s no truffle. The black tiny pieces were mushrooms which had some bitterness, not truffles. Then I realised they named it truffle because truffle oil was added. (~_~メ)

A bowl of Mac and Cheese as starter. Good to eat while it’s hot! Share please! It’s too jerlat for one pax to finish this alone.

Agenda this evening was to have our yearly HumSupGroup Christmas Gifts Exchange.

Only 5 out of 7 of us were able to make it. Remaining presents shall be exchanged on another date.

Thanks to Jacelyn who shared her #TWG #Macarons with us! She also bought each of us a handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn!

The lovely packaging.. but I threw it away because it’s of no use to me. :c

My secret santarina was one of the girls who came tonight.

She’s none other than…. Jacelyn! And I’ve got a new bag! Ho ho ho!

I’m an extreme bag lover. I can’t even remember how many bags I own currently! My bags can be as cheap as a few bucks, and expensive like a few thousands. I’m willing to scrimp on desserts and clothes for the sake of buying more bags!

But some people just don’t understand me. Oh well. I don’t need them in my life anyway!

I was Avonne’s Secret Santarina and bought her a bronzer from TheBodyShop. Our agreed budget was about $30 for each present, hence she had to make do with this bronzer. Sorry Avonne!

During that evening, only Avonne, Jacelyn and myself received our presents from our secret Santarinas. The rest of the girls gota wait till they meet up with the absence babes.

Adorable decor at the toilet at Tiramisu Hero!

Mirror inside the toilet! I thought it’s nice to have some cursive words on a mirror! Thinking of doing one for my new house.

That’s me lah!

Opening Hours:
Thu – Tue: 11:00 – 22:00
Closed: Wed

Cute candies from Ruoxuan! She picked the shoes candies for me, reminds me of #LilAngelHazel because she bought socks for my baby before!

Photo bombing! I had one group photo but with July’s head cropped! ::>_<::

And so I grabbed the “complete” group photos from July.

It was another fun chillax evening with these girls. Looking forward to my next available meetup with them. ❤


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