[Product Review] NEW Hada Labo Hydrating Light Lotion

Hada Labo – “One drop locks up an ocean”.

I still remember this tagline ever since my first sponsorship from Hada Labo in 2010. Not to forget that Hada Labo hydrating lotion is the bestselling hydrating lotion in Japan, one sold in every 2 seconds!

My reviews on some of the Hada Labo products are blogged HERE.

Now, Hada Labo has launched a ‘light’ version to suit users with oily and combination skin types. Yay!

Being part of the beauty bloggers panelist @samplestore.com, I am sponsored with the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion.

My review:

*Pardon the poor focus in this photo.

It’s now my trusty hydrating lotion for my combination skin type. This comes in a good time for me as my cheeks have turned drier than before. No thanks to my hormones changes during pregnancy.

Just like all other Hada Labo hydrating lotion, Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion is of watery texture, pH balanced, and free from fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and colorant.

Because of its Nano Hyaluronic Acid content, the lotion is easily absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. I swear by this!

I don’t even have to wait for a month to see results. Just 2-3 drops of the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion, I can feel the bounciness on my cheeks instantly!

Skin feels moisturized and less tighter than before. Reason behind is the SHA which comprises of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid. SHA is well known for holding the moisture for the skin, keeping skin moisturized at its maximum capacity.

I enjoy the process of patting my the lotion all over my face, making myself feeling refreshing. Patting avoids skin tugging, and hence lower risk of having wrinkles early.

Because of the moisturized skin during skincare, applying makeup is easy. My foundation can be easily applied without primer and yet turned out to be long-lasting for up to 6 hours (without moisturizer but just the lotion alone).

In my own opinion, for those with dry skin and will like to have skincare which is not so rich that makes the skin sticky and oily, Hada Labo SHA Light Lotion can be an alternative choice. But do ensure your moisturizer is of your dry skin type, to ensure your skin has sufficient moisture.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion comes in 170ml bottle, retailing at S$22.90. Available at Watsons.

To redeem your FREE Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion sample, here’s the link: http://www.samplestore.com/product/details/800/0/name-hada-labo-sha-hydrating-lotion

Enjoy pampering your face!


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