A Brief Blogpost On my Babymoon at Bangkok!

Still didn’t manage to see the gender during April’s check up! Why oh why! We would have bought alot of baby clothes if the little one had not tried to hide the gender from us.

Hubby was saying, ” Must be you lor, keep saying want to buy many things from BKK if the gender is a girl. The baby must have been jealous and scared you won’t buy if the gender is a boy, so the baby tries to hide before the BKK trip!”


Nevertheless, during our babymoon at BKK Platinum Mall, which was out first stop, mum already picked tonnes of clothes and accessories for the little one, but mostly in neutral colours. We didn’t mind about the neutral colours. Come to think of it, the clothes can be passed on for my no.2 (already included in our family planning) and also for my future sister-in-law whom I think if everything is to go smoothly, she may have her first kid around the time when my no.1 is 1 year old.

So it’s like our baby stuff can used for 3-4 babies, why not stock up new ones? Then again, I don’t mind 2nd-hand clothes along the way, I believe that kids will grow up obediently if they wear used clothes since young.

Shopping at BKK is like our yearly affair, except last year which we were planning for the wedding. I will buy alot of of my stuff, sweeps away lotsa clothes and many shopaholics’ must-have! But this year, my little one shopping buys were so much more than mine! I was so sad and jealous!

Guess what I had for myself, 3 sets of long-sleeved pyjamas for confinement, 3 maternity dresses, and a set of family t-shirts (printed Papa, Mama, Daughter, Son) for hubs, myself and our little one. So towards the end of the babymoon, I die die went to buy 2 necklaces from Platinum Mall, a pair of pump shoes from Terminal 21, body scrub from Boots, for myself! These were prolly one of my pathetic shopping buys from an overseas trip.

As for my hubs, he managed to get himself a decent shirt and 3/4 pants, a few pieces of t-shirts.

And of course both of us each bought a pair of imitated Havanias slippers. Heh! We ever bought from our previous trip, quite long-lasting for us and we decided to buy another pair from the same shop. Darling still remembered which shop! Reason because, he would never forget how his legs were going to break during our previous shopping exercise. He didn’t plan to buy back then, but his feet were so tired that he could not take it anymore! It was one of his unforgettable moments in BKK! LOL

This time the shopping excercise wasn’t as fierce as the last trip’s, partly because we were travelling with my family and aunts, quite a big group like about 10 pax, quite restricted to walk too much as the elders would need some rest, somemore I am having a baby bump, walking like a duck these day!

While waiting for my family to finish shopping, I went to have a classic pedi at Take Care located at Terminal 21. I didn’t plan to go for a pedi because of worrying the place hygiene is not good, tools are not clean etc. But when I saw Take Care beauty salon, the place looks white and clean and seemed to have good business from the Caucasians. Other than the classic pedi services, foot mask/wrap are also included and prices are definitely cheaper than SG. But because it’s inside Terminal 21, prices are a tad pricier if compared with other normal beauty salons. Take Care is just like our Jean Yip where haircare services are also available. Service was good and I recommend Take Care for anyone who wants to go for a good pedi in Bangkok.

In this babymoon, I suggested to go to the sky bar at Lebuar’s hotel, Bangkok State Tower. Woah! It’s a very atas place for chillax. I will want to go back there again for SURE! Anyway, when my baby is born, high chances are we will go back to the Land of Smiles to buy toddler clothes. Toddler clothes at BKK are wayyyyyy cheaper than in SG. The designs and quality are not bad too! Worth a trip for stocking up, provided we buy the airtix at great deals.

In this trip, it’s my first time to fly on SQ. Though economy class, I am still a happy girl! I don’t feel bored during the flight as each of us get to enjoy the entertainment facilities. I am impressed that the movies shown on SQ are quite up-to-date, new movies like Ah Boys To Men II is also available! And of course we get to have our meals and drinks on plane, with cushions and blankets for our own comfort. The best part is, our tix only cost about $250 nett/pax for the 2-way trip, inclusive of 7Kg handcarry and 20Kg check-in luggage, and we get to choose our seats during online booking! Cheap right?! After sitting on SQ and Emirates recently, I really don’t feel like taking Jetstar and Tigerairways anymore. I heard Scoots are not bad, maybe I will take it into my consideration.

After returning from BKK, I realised mum didn’t go for any massage during the trip, am thinking of bringing her to Batam for one. Hubby was saying, “Wah, now that you’ve felt much better than 1st trimester, you really want to make full use of this honeymoon period to travel even if it’s only a one-day trip to Batam!”

Arh-bo-den! My first trimester was an agony period for me, kept vomitting and feeling sleepy, too tired to go anyway! Now that I am feeling so much better, I can’t wait to enjoy before the 3rd trimester, where my bump gets bigger, and backaches become a daily agony. Better don’t think about it yet.

Oh ya, Hubby and I have signed up for our weekly antenatal class, learning more about pregnancy. He would be taught on how to give the baby and myself a good massage, and guide on the prenatal exercises for a smooth labour. Shiok leh!

I can’t remember how many weeks I am now, maybe 20-22? My detailed scan will be next week, hubs and I are hoping to know the gender! I have already decided,

  • To buy a mini cute bikini set if it’s a princess, and a pair of black sunglasses if it’s a prince-charming!

I think it’s so sexy and cutie for the little girl to wear bikini while smart-looking and suave for the little boy to wear specs, cool boy!

I’ll be back to post the gender of my baby soon! Till then, ciao!


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