My first blogpost on my pregnancy!

I am now officially in my 13-14 weeks pregnancy!

Didn’t want to announce my pregnancy in this blog until my anger nerves kena poked by this infamous blogger last week. Yet to receive any apology but it’s okay, I just wanted to rant and shame her because damage’s done.

She has been outcasted and hated by a number of bloggers in the blogging sphere for her unethical way of blogging by copying and extracting all over www without giving credits to the original source, trying to impress readers she is sooooo professional and knowledgeable. Needless to say, after her deeds were exposed, I am one of those who do not want to have anything to do with her, not even a hi-bye friend. I haven’t even spoke to her anything about my personal life and any common blogging topics. To me, she’s a stranger.

But guess what?

Just last week at a beauty event (damn, I should have went and slam her hard!), a PR was asking how I was doing. Few bloggers would have already knew I am now pregnant and told the PR. But this pest tried to be a smart alec, making guesses and replied everyone “you mean she was already pregnant during her wedding?”! Nobody likes to be maligned. Shotgun may be common theses days, but sorry hor, my mind is not so open yet to have this happen in my family. This just shows how dumb she can answer a question which is not even about her with no truth. I have yet to offend her before this and I have really no idea why will she want to say this about me. Trying to cook up a story? To add juicy gossips to my pregnancy? Or trying to gain attention to herself by stirring people’s curiosity to talk to her to find out more about my pregnancy?

Darn! Is she stupid or what? She’s not even 983567256474885 miles close to me, how the hell she knows my pregnancy happens because of shotgun? It’s not true okay you pest! Even if it’s true, it’s none of your shitty business and there’s no need to spread this kind of news. Shotgun maybe OKAY to you but please be sensitive to others’ feelings before you talk!

I have only announced my pregnancy in twitter and I swear as of now, she is not in my followers list. So the three guesses from me on how she knows about my pregnancy:

1. Stalk my tweets. Nothing new. She has been famous for stalking blogs and articles to extract the photos and paragraphs for her blog. So it’s nothing new that she loves being a stalker.

2. She heard from another ignorant idiot. Then again, if it’s only a hearsay, why is she so dumb to spread it? This is how untrue rumours and gossips are spread, by this kind of low-class people.

3. She knew I am pregnant but trying to make a guess saying I have shotgun.

Those who know me well enough know my wedding happened in Sept last year and I only twittered (not even on FB) my pregnancy in March after the do-not-announce-your-pregnancy until-after-3-months old wives’ tales. Which means my conception happened in December last year. Oh yah, my little one is a christmas baby, gynae has verified my conception happened around Christmas! No Euro baby, but Christmas baby also not bad la! (Pest, you may want to do a google on what does conception mean and learn some simple calculation why my pregnancy is not because of shotgun, I can understand your small brain there.)

If you are reading this Gin Wong, you are such a pest, a dumbo bimbo who has zero knowledge but only knows how to upload poor resolution (maybe you are that poor to buy yourself a decent camera) photos of yourself showing cleavage, a copycat, an unethical blogger. Words from your mouth stink. You can be sued for slandering my reputation because it matters to me even if shotgun nowadays is nothing new. Before you want others to respect you, kindly show some basic respect to others first. You can say I am lying, But I’ll prove to you when the baby comes out in Sept! But first, please go do some research on how many weeks a pregnancy is because you are just so dumb and ignorant!

Back to my do-not-announce-your-pregnancy until-after-3-months old wives’ tales period.

Initially only my closest loved ones knew. There has always been a tradition that pregnancy should not be announced until after 3 months else the little one will be angry. You may think it’s myth but I always choose to believe if it’s something that can affect live and death or something that happens once in a lifetime.

But my experienced mummy friend told me, “If people don’t ask, we don’t need to say out our pregnancy. But when ask, we should admit. Acknowledge the baby.” I find this so true, yes, I should acknowledge my baby! So I only told a few close friends.

To be frank, I have to tell a few close friends about my pregnancy because there are times I need encouragement words, advices and listening ears before the 3 months end. It will be a horrible period to keep everything to myself when I am already suffering from the pregnancy.

My life has been badly affected because of the pregnancy. I had miss all the outings with my friends and blogging events. (Which explains the slow update in my blog) First symptom was extreme tiredness. I hardly wanted to switch on the laptop be it on weekdays or weekends. Briefly checked my email once every few days via mobile. Been rejecting events and had become selective in accepting sponsorships, especially those with deadlines or require self-collection at events. There was a weekend when I slept throughout the day, so deep in my sleep that Hubby described me in coma. Then of course when I missed my menstruation date for 1-2 weeks, I decided to test if I was pregnant via a test kit. (Yes, at that point of time, Hubby and I were already planning for a baby) I didn’t feel there’s a need to buy a high-end one, I just picked the Watsons house brand kit. I was tested positive! And the first person I called to inform was my husband, followed by my mum. Mum told me to go to a normal GP for a confirmation test which also tested positive. By then we were told I was already 6 weeks pregnant!

The lucky part was I wasn’t facing any morning sickness yet, no sign of nauseous and vomiting, I could still eat as per normal, just that I was feeling tired and sleepy. GP referred me to Dr Fong Kah Leng at Parkway East hospital, the nearest hospital to us for delivery.

Went for my first check up during my 8th week. First visit to Dr Fong was memorable. Hubby and I got to see our little one who was only about 2cm! Looked like a bean! The head has already started to form. Then we heard the world’s most amazing sound, my baby’s heartbeat which was at 180! Dr Fong was saying baby was like nervous, so fast, but it’s very good! The heartbeat sounded like those construction vehicles pounding the ground for flat building! Very loud and fast! That marks the 1st photo-taking session of the little one at 8th week.

Just my 2-cents, there is actually no need to do scanning and spend $100 over at the gynae if pregnancy is less than 3 months. There isn’t nothing much to check except for a heartbeart and a tiny image of the foetus. But because it’s our first pregnancy and we were very gan chiong, that’s why we booked our first appoint at week 8. Now we know liao, for our 2nd pregnancy, we will prolly go for the first scan and checkup during week 12.

Though I was only 8th week pregnant, my tummy was very obvious and bloated. Mum was still joking maybe I was having a twin since my family has a twin history.

By then I already had my first vomit which was really awful. I lost my appetite and didn’t have mood for anything. My family is very supportive and caring towards me. Even my bro’s gf tried to stay away from me when she was having flu. She knew I was pregnant and must not get sick since I could not anyhow take medicine. That’s so thoughtful of her. Mum would try to cook me food that I had craving for. Mother-in-law would cook me healthy food to make me feel better. But actually until now, I don’t have any food cravings. The morning sickness is making me to lose my appetite.

From 8 to 10 weeks, my vomiting frequency was like 1-2 times a week, usually happen after lunch or dinner. But as I was stepping towards end of 1st trimester, I practically vomited everyday, anytime, can be morning even before I had my breakfast, or few hours after lunch/dinner. I still feel tired and sleeps at 10pm everynight. I have got no mood for blogging, tidying my room, or even a simple makeup. My underarm hair has grown to a length which I’ve never seen before. I can no longer go for underarm IPL but am too tired to pluck myself. Hubby offers to help me pluck but most of the times I just cannot wait to lie on bed and sleep.

To make things worse, since my 10 weeks pregnancy, my tongue has become bland, like a metallic taste which makes me puke. I had to take sweet/sour drinks, fruits and sweets to give some taste to my tongue. Drinking plain water is like asking me to puke more.

Had my OSCAR test and “bring my little for photo-taking” again. Photo-taking isn’t cheap and after some calculations, we decided to buy a package from Dr Fong. More worth it, with the vitamins, checkup, scanning and consultation. The little one measured about 6cm yesterday, heartbeat was about 160 and very active inside me. Not sure if the little one was having hiccups or doing stretching, but the action was really very cute! The hands were moving, like waving at us. Hands, fingers, legs were healthily formed. Keeps tossing and moving inside me! It was a magical moment for my husband and myself.

OSCAR test comprises of a blood test and a scan. The only pain was during blood test, with a needle poked into my vein on my arm, same area when during blood donation. Pain was bearable, like an ant bite. Scanning was interesting, I could see the little one from the top view and bottom view, like a 3D scan. We almost could see the gender of the little one but the private part was a little small, so still can’t confirm. Dr tried to make us a little happy that there is a chance it’s a boy. No preferences for my husband and myself though. It’s our first child afterall, and all we want is to have a healthy baby. Looking forward to know the results from OSCAR test.

But inside me, I know I am going to spend a lot on dressing up the baby if it’s a girl. Hubby says why I am so not fair~ Heh!

My next check up will be in April, hopefully by then we will know the gender.


14 thoughts on “My first blogpost on my pregnancy!

  1. Hi, are you still seeing dr. fong? i got to know that she’s no longer with parkway east, im supposed to see her this saturday but now, i dont know how to contact her. need your help urgently if you know. and btw, congrats on your pregnancy!

    • Hi! just last week i got to know Dr Fong has left the medical group and is no longer at parkway east. I am sorry I don’t have her contact. From what the assistant had told me, she is now clearing her leave.

      • Oops I made a mistake! My gynae is now Natalie Chua, same as yours. I haven’t heard of Dr Fong for a long time, even though I tried to google where she has joined. I found a review on Dr Natalie Chua, she seemed quite liked by the reviewer. Anyway my EDD is coming soon, so I’ll just stick to Dr Chua.

  2. Hi Sunkisstiffy

    Good news! I found Dr Fong Kah Leng at Novena Specialist Center. The clinic name is Sincere Medical Specialist Center For Women. Clinic number is 6507 0766.

    • Regarding the monthly consultation, I bought their package, about SGD600, inclusive of scan, standard supplements like calcium pills, multivitamins.

      I’m not sure about her C-sect charges, but my normal delivery which includes forceps cost about $2K before medisave deduction.

      Hope this helps.

    • I didn’t feel a thing during the stitching. I swear! Maybe because I was still numb from the epidural. But I had an infection during the first week check up and she did some cleaning for me, she’s fast and I felt minimal pain. I personally feel she’s quite experienced in this.

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