Honey & Collagen drink – Bioflora Collabee

“Beauty”, this 6-letter word is forever revolving around women. I love beauty and am always on a lookout for new beauty products. But beauty products for facial application are not always enough; I will still need supplements like collagen to further enhance our complexion by deeply nourishing our skin from the inside.

You may probably not aware that collagen is able to speed up metabolism. With an increase in metabolism, it also means losing some weight, good news for those who are on diet!

Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink, is what I have been introduced to a month ago. It contains Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey that are famous for maintaining good beauty and health. It also contain other active ingredients like Fish Collagen Peptide, Elastic, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide & Vitamin C.

Just within a week of drinking Collabee Honey & Collagen drink, I can already see some prominent results happening to my body.

Constipation has improved and my once every 2 day visits to the washroom seems to have become quite regular. I can feel firmness on my chubby cheeks. Previously I was facing a little sagginess on my cheeks

I actually shared the drink with my mum in her 50s. She is more enthusiastic than me when comes to collagen and weight-loss. Other than skin-aging, she has also become easily tired when walking due to joint-pain. So when I realized Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink contains Royal Jelly, I was more than happy to let her have my share.

She keeps touching her face to feel the improved bounciness on her skin, she believes the collagen content is effective on her. However she has not noticed visible results on her joint-pain.

Unlike some collagen drinks which are too sweet for our liking, Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink comes in pineapple flavor; sweetness is just alright for us. It tastes the best when chilled.

Just like bird’s nest drink, Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink is best recommended to be consumed at night before sleep where our cells can absorbed at its optimum.

Age 25-40: Drink a bottle every night for first 3 months, thereafter alternate night for maintenance.

Age 40 and above: Drink a bottle every night.

*Ladies who are pregnant or nursing should always consult with a doctor before starting any new supplementation.

Other than Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink for night consumption, there are also Linden Honey which helps with insomnia, and Acacia Honey that helps to improve blood circulation and detoxification of liver.  For overall weekly detoxification, add one full lemon to either of the honey to 500ml of plain water once you wake up! Add more honey if you want it sweeter!

There are many ways on how we can take in these two honey!

The most traditional way is dissolve 1-2 spoonfuls of honey in lukewarm water and drink! Another way is, instead of adding sugar to the warm beverage; why not use the honey as a natural sweetener?

For a healthy breakfast, just spread the honey onto the toast or pancakes!

At times when you are snacking with yogurt, adding honey to your yogurt will make it taste even more delicious!

TIP:  For best taste, add Acacia Honey to your food or beverages.

The good news is, no worries about gaining weight with the honey. It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These all work together to help in fat and cholesterol metabolism, and that helps prevent obesity!

How nice is that! And now there is a promotion coming up!

Exclusive Promotion
Purchase a box of Bioflora Collabee at promotional price by quoting discount code “Tiphanie” at the below website,


Promotion Special: $70.40

Usual Online Price: $78.80

Discount Code: Tiphanie

Promotion ends on 30 April 2013. Don’t miss it!


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