[New Product Launch & Preview] Pretty makeup from Majolica Majorca Chapter 36 & Za-cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection!

Check out the new and coming up products from Majolica Majorca and Za!

Starting out with Za! We are going to expect new colours from lipgloss, eyeshadows and a new mascara in this 2013 Spring!

3 new colours are added to Lip Drops family.

Lip Drops new colours, Sweet Sweet, The Pink and Crysta Queen, are formulated with Za’s signature ingredient, Vitamin E derivative, well-known for its moisturizing property.

I love how Lip Drops lippie give the plumping effect to my lips each time my lips facing dry situation. The glossy and dewy effect add a shine and moist to the lips, and make the lips looking so kissable!

3 new eye colour palettes are added to the Eyes Groovy range.

From left to right, we have Pinkish Brown, Clean Gray and Wine Red.

All 3 palettes suit a different occasion with their long lasting colours which are very pigmented on the skin. The powder is easily glided and blended. I notice that the eye shadow colours tend to change over light reflection. At one point when the light is shown from an angle, the pearly shade may look sheer, but when light is shone from another angle, it looks intense.

The last star product from Za will be the Killer Volume Mascara. This mascara has the biggest and thickest bristles that I’ve ever tried.

Because of the thick bristles, I have no problem volumising my eyelashes, even the shorter ones lower eyelashes.

That’s all from Za. For Majolica Majorca, we have 5 beautiful makeup items in Chapter 36 Secret Blink.

First to introduce is the two-way cake foundation case that can be used with Skin Remaker Pore Cover. It is specially launched in limited edition to suit the Secret Blink theme in this collection. To be launch on 28 Feb 2013.

There is also a new scent launched in Chapter 36 Secret Blink.

Mystic Garden Scent Majoromantica M, with just one drop, this magic portion creates an unique scent in individual.

Top note is of the flora citrus fragrance, middle note is full of fruity scent, and last note has both sweet & bitter. It all depends what reaction this magical portion has with your body scent, everyone’s different!

This limited edition Majoromantica M is to be launch on 28 Feb 2013.

Guess what’s this below?

I have thought it’s those tear drops with shimmer for highlights on the eyelids. I was wrong. This white tube is actually a lash care for the eyelashes! Lash Jelly Drops is a rich treatment gel for repair and protect the fragile eyelashes. It somehow makes my eyelashes look more define and makes mascara application smoother with less clumps.

Already launched since 24 Jan 2013.

A new mascara is also added to its mascara family, Lash Expander Edge Meister.

I like how the mascara coats darken my eyelashes, making them look much more define than before. Lengthening-wise, not too bad, but I tend to create uneven length because of the different amount of mascara fibre I pick up each time.

The duo comb makes eyelash separation very easy for both upper and lower eyelashes. But too many coats will cause some clumping, because of the fibre, and when this happens, eyelash separation using the duo comb is not effective anymore.

Already launched since 24 Jan 2013.

And finally… here’s my pick from Majolica Majorca Chapter 36! It’s my very own Little Humming Book 1 !!

Isn’t the packaging too pretty to resist?!

The Little Humming Book totally looks like a book that tells a story in music notes. It ends with a page of the 4 gorgeous colours.

Most eye palettes have light-colored base. In Little Humming Book 1, the base colour is the a dark one. The two eye shadow eye colours, Flower Dust is more to a light pink, while Green Shower is in mint. Both can be applied on their own as eyeshadow or as highlight on the lower lids, or mixed with the Moonless Night dark-colored base.

A different angle from the light reflection  gives a different shimmer eye makeup look. Very versatile colours for both day and night looks! I like how the colours look so pigmented on my skin with light dabs.

Tulip Bed is a gloss here. So, do not mistaken it as an eye shadow ya!

Because of the little book packaging, I am so going to keep my Little Humming Book 1 for a quite before throwing it away after hitting the pan!

The Little Humming Book 1 is to be launch on 28 Feb 2013. It may be gone fast as this will be launched in limited edition.

Everytime item in this blogspost is so pretty, skin-loving, well-formulated and value for money!

So… keep a look out for all these pretty makeup items in the stores ya!


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