[Food Review] Flair (Cafe.Lounge.Darts Bar)

My ex-colleagues introduced me a new place in the Central Business District (CBD) area yesterday and I find it a great chill out venue for friends and colleagues after work.

Most people will thought that’s a pub for some serious drinking sessions and at the most, serve with a variety of finger food. At least that’s what I have thought when I passby it the last time.

So when my ex-colleagues told me western food was also available, that adds another luncheon place for me. However, price isn’t cheap enough to lunch there everyday. Just a seafood Aglio Olio, it costs me about $16, alittle expensive taking into consideration that the food portion isn’t alot. I could barely feel satisfying full after the lunch. If only I have added on with a soup and desserts!

Chicken Curry seems to be the hot favourite among my ex-colleagues, but it was ran out that day. Don’t be surprise if you find Laski Lemak in the menu.

Flair is not just about dining and pubbing. It has a liveband in the evening, dart boards (not just 1 or 2, but about 5-6!), and a pool table to keep the customers entertain. It’s my first time to see dart boards in a SG pub!

Check this interesting washroom pictorial! Does it mean peeping is allowed here? Heh!

Service at Flair is good! The folks are pretty friendly and playful! While taking photographs around the bar, one of them actually spoke to me out of a sudden from my back, “So are you the photographer of the day?”! I got so embarrassed! Keke!

Asking for the any of their service is easy and convenient. I don’t have to wait for an eye contact to get their attention. Every table has this service bell. Once pressed, there will be a “ding dong” from somewhere and someone will come to attend to my needs.

I heard Shenton House will be closed down soon, maybe a year or so. Not sure where Flair will be by then, but I think it’s worth to go back for some chillax one more time for me.

No. 3 Shenton Way
Shenton House #01-06
Singapore 068805


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