[Product Review] But Becky Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask

Woohoo! Another new mask has launched at Secretive.sg! But, Becky is the latest mask from Taiwan and has Aaron Yan being their endorser for this product.

But Becky, made for asian skin. Not only does it helps relief your skin concerns, this perk also give your skin a lift with its double woven mask sheet designed with ear hooks!

There are a total of 4 types of mask in But Becky range.

Moist-lock Firming HA Mask
HA stands for Hyaluronic Acid and it gives deep hydration to the skin while locking up skin’s moisture at the sametime. Also contains Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter to further moisturize the skin, keeping supple and bouncy.

Age-lock Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
An anti-aging mask that delays skin aging with the help of Wild Yam. Sebum regulation is improved and skin’s moisture is well-balanced.

Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask
With Pearl and Gingko essence, skin looks fairer, radiant, softer and younger! Whitening, who not loves?

Pure Whitening Job’s Tears Mask
Targeting on the dark spots on the skin. Able to lighten pigmentation too!

Different But Becky masks target on the different issues on the skin.

Here’s my review after trying out the Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask!

I enjoyed the masking session with But Becky. But the scent is abit too sweet for my liking. When I first torn open the packaging, the scent was still alright. But when I had the mask sheet on my face, I find the scent rather too sweet and a little choking for me.

But I like how the mask sheet fitted nicely on me with my chin, jaws lifted up by the ear hooks.



The wasn’t alot of difference by just a one-time masking session. But I did notice a slight improvement on my skin’s radiance, the cheek bone and jawline.

Because the skin had also been moisturized by the masking essence, it felt supple and soft after masking. 🙂

For a box of 8 pcs selling at only SGD14.90, it’s quite a reasonable price for the quality I can expect.

Gonna mask it again for the next few days, I am targeting to finish the whole box before February and see what the result is!

But Becky masks are available at Watsons stores and Secretive.sg.

Like But Becky Singapore today for goodies and news update!


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