[Product Review] Kick It Side 3-piece point make up! Photo overloads!

I have received a 3-piece point makeup kit from Skin79 recently. The kit looks so chic that I decided to try it out immediately last weekend!

Skin79, the renounced Korean BB cream brand has now developed a whole series of makeup range. Kick It Side is the new brand name for the make up range that is all about the new K-POP look in trendy colours. Kick It Side cosmetics carry pretty bright colours and long-lasting texture to complete the creative and fantastic makeup simply and easily.

Let’s Go Glam! Kick It Side Eyeshadow Base

To start it off, I laid my hands on this pot of creamy texture eyeshadow base! Available in Metallic Pearl and Silvery Grey with chic names, “Come On” and “Go Out” respectively!

For a natural yet brighten up eyes, “Come On” is THE ONE!

It isn’t as soft as what I have expected, then again, using the appropriate tool to scoop up the appropriate amount is easy. Try to avoid using fingers  which may contaminate the product/colour to pick up the eye shadow.

A few ways to pick up the eyeshadow:

  • Using cotton bud/spatula, followed by using fingers to pat and blend.
  • Using makeup sponge/brush and blend

Shimmer and colour wise are not very intense for Come On, the metallic pearl shade is almost sheer and natural. But it sure help to brighten up and brings a deeper crease line from my double eyelids when I open up my eyes.

One plus point that I must bring out, it is the promised and guarantee non-smudging and non-creasing properties! Despite after wearing it for the whole day, there was not a single bit of embarrassing crease line on my eyelids (when eyes are closed/blinked)! Not only that, the velvety silky finish remains long lasting till the end of the day!

Oh yes, it can also be used as a highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes and even bottom eyelines!

The silvery grey Go Out will be a good choice when comes to smokey eyes look.

Hey! Excolor me? Kick It Side Fantastic Eyeliner

After applying Come On, I actually skipped eyeshadow and followed up with the Kick It Side Fantastic Eyeliner with its interesting tagline “Hey! Excolor me?” Oh yes yes yes, I wana color you!


Drew my eyeline with Wanderers Brown. I am wondering if it is because it is in crayon texture, gliding isn’t as smooth as what I have hoped for. I am too used to drawing eyeline using liquid eyeliner.

It is retractable and comes with build-in sharpener at the back of the eyeliner.Use the sharpener to control the thickness of the lines.

Wanderers Brown becomes intense with slight glittering after a few strokes.

Kick It Side Fantastic Eyeliner is also waterproof and smudge proof! It didn’t stain my eyelids! Tested and proven by me!

Kick It Side Mascara

Only available in two types, one for lengthening and another for voluminous eyelashes.

I got the Hedwig Lash to try. Gosh, I love it LOR!

The deep black and fast-drying formula gives high definition to my eyelashes, no worries about lash clumps and smudging!

Hegwig Lash comes with a curved brush with bristles in rich coats. The curve is so well-designed that even short/drooped lashes can be well-coated.

I don’t really believe in zig-zag application for mascara. Bear in mind, there’s no rules on how you want to do your makeup. As long as my lashes can be well coated and separated, zig-zag or vertical directions can work well together.

Super easy to apply even on my short bottom eyelashes!

From side view, my eyelashes look really naturally long and thick, a good substitution for falsies! No eyelash curler is used in this review.

To create an even more dramatic look, try using both Hegwig Lash and Poseidon Lash together!

Finally, I want to emphasize that Kick It Side mascara contains ingredients that care for the eyelashes, keeping them strong and healthy.

I have to admit that Kick It Side makeup is indeed smudge-free and long lasting (as long as 8  hours when I last used it) despite having an oily face after 5 hours.

My FOTD for the last weekend using the following makeup products including Kick It Side 3-piece point makeup kit,

Despite the colours are seem to look loud and bright, with some light dabs and strokes, a simple and natural looking FOTD can still be achieved.


Hey! Excolor me? Kick It Side Fantastic Eyeliner – $14.90
Let’s Go Glam! Kick It Side Eyeshadow Base – $19.90
Kick It Side Mascara – $19.90

Shall this be your point makeup set for this coming Chinese New Year?

Kick It Side is exclusively available in SG Watsons.


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