[Food Review] The CheeseCake Cafe – I fell in love with it since 2009 !

The first time when I visited the Cheesecake Cafe was all the way back in 2009! IMO, the Cheesecake Cafe is one of the perfect place to hang out if I am looking at somewhere away from the noisy pubs with livebands. Cheesecake cafe does open till midnights, but beware of full house if you come late, especially on weekends.

The cafe is designed in my favourite Old English-European-mix decor, used to make me dream of visiting Paris, and finally my dream came true!

Most sofa seats are catered for customers in big groups. Then again, if there are empty seats available, we are free to sit anywhere. The only non-sofa seats are located along the side wall, suitable for 2-4 pax. Even though the seats are non-sofa, the mirrors and frames hanging on the wall are already good enough to create the romantic ambiance for you and your partner.

Upon entering the Cheesecake cafe, I am forever amazed by the uncountable number of ornaments, paintings, frames and mirrors that are hung on the wall! Pretty similar to Tea Cozy Cafe (Will blog about it one day!) but Cheesecake Cafe is still the most beautiful cafe in my eyes and mind.

Even the washroom is included in the design!

There is only one washroom in the cafe and it is meant for sharing between both sexes. So please, ahem, obey your toilet etiquette!

Do not expect to find dinner with main course in Cheesecake Cafe. They mainly serve cakes and drinks.

The cakes are a must-order if you visit.

In my recent visit, Hubby ordered the Premium Cheesecake with peach and jelly, soft and slight cheesy taste, good for those who are worried of the cheesecake being too “jerlat”.

During my past visits, I have tried the Classic Cheesecakes – Blueberry, Walnut, and Orea. My favourite is blueberry!

For the non-cheesecake, I had Chocolate Truffle, my all-time favourite. Who not loves anything that has almost 100% chocolate?

But if you will like to try something different, Chocolate Banana is my pick!

Pairing the cakes with Iced Chocolate drink. Nothing fantastic about Iced Chocolate except for its thick choc (or milo powder) taste.

Anyway iced water is free-flow here. But it is a pity if you don’t order a nice drink to pair with cakes, that’s not what “Happy Food” is all about IMO. =)

I am just so glad I stay in the east, there are so many yummy food in this area!

Dear Cheesecake Cafe, cya in my next visit!

The Cheesecake Cafe
685 East Coast Road
Singapore 459054

Tel: (65) 6448 7725

Business operating hours
Mon-Tue : Closed
Wed-Thu : 4.30pm to 12am
Fri : 4.30pm to 12.30am
Sat : 3.30pm to 12.30am
Sun : 3.30pm to 12am


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