[Food Review] Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo

Along Siglap Road, there are two Ampang Yong Tau Foo stalls. One is named Fu Lin (福林), another called Yuan Wei (原味).

Tried Fu Lin and right now, I proclaim it as my NUMBER ONE Ampang Yong Tau Foo! It is definitely better than the ones along Sembawang/Upper Thomson Road.

Initially I wanted to try Yuan Wei but the food was more or less sold out. Oh well, next time~

I went to Fu Lin on a Friday night, at about 8pm, it wasn’t crowded. One will not even notice this coffeeshop because it looks really old and simple, the photos inside the coffeeshop are not even attractive to the eyes.

When comes to yong tau foo, it is not the variety but the gravy that matters.

Fu Lin has created their unique gravy receipe without using lard and pork! Infact, they added minced chicken meat into the gravy, and with their own recipe, the gravy cannot taste anymore better already!

Darling had picked almost 2 pcs of everything we choose! I was thinking, “die, gonna overeat again… fat die me!”.

But after all the cutting and frying, The plate of yong tau foo surprisingly didn’t look too much for my stomach. What a sense of relief!

We had rice (that comes with a separate bowl yummy gravy) and noodles for sharing. Just nice for the two of us.

And oh! Don’t forget to dip the yong tau foo into the chilli sauce! Those awesome homemade (I believe!) chilli sauce for yong tau foo!

I had thought my bill would add up to $20 over but guess what, it was only $15.50 after including a can of root beer! Very reasonable price of  a meal for two!

Fu Lin has been in business since 1994 and is still in operation, after winning awards and recommendations from the media. *impressive*

Fu Lin
721 East Coast Road, (Siglap)
Singapore 459070


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