[Product Review] New Biore Facial Foam – Cleanses & Improves in 1 Minute!

There are many reasons to a bad skin condition. One of them will be inefficient cleansing. If you don’t cleanse the skin well enough, dirt piled up and skin issues like clogged pores, pimples start to inhibit skin renewal which happens every 28 days.

Here’s another new skin-loving cleansing range from Biore!

With its new Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) used in the facial cleanser products, skin renewal process can be can be improved.

New Biore Facial form has high cleansing ability with zero irritation to the skin. It is able to give the skin a thorough cleanse without stripping off skin’s natural moisture. There is a also good balance of oil and moisture on the skin. Because of SPT, no chemical is penetrated into the skin during cleansing. As a result, skin renewal becomes more efficient and skin looks rejuvenating after that.

SPT: Skin Purifying Technology

  • High Cleansing Efficacy
  •  No penetration to skin = No damage to skin
  • Non residue, Non irritating, Vitalize Skin!

Sharing my review after using the new Biore facial foam cleansers.

I have started to experience dryness in my skin since my Europe trip, so I decided to start off with Biore facial foam Extra Moist.

Texture of Extra Moist:
Soft with light creamy texture, lathering is easy and scent is soothing.

See the instant brightness on my hand after cleansing:
My skin feels smooth and the dry lines on my skin seems to have reduced visibly.

Cleansing the face is just so easy! Within 1-3 minutes, my face feels clean and refreshing!



Unlike most cleansers, my dry skin doesn’t feel tight at all after cleansing!

Other than Extra Moist, I am also sponsored the Biore scrub which is suitable for all skin types.

Texture of Scrub:
Tiny gentle exfoliating beads inside the soft creamy scrub, no worries about having painful scrubbing on the skin.

Skin feels soft and smooth instantly. Dry flakes, dead skin cells seem to have been scrubbed off as skin looks totally brightened up.



Skin feels soft and smooth. Biore facial scrub doesn’t just scrub off the dead skin cells like that, it also hydrates the skin, keeping it moist.

Loving the new Biore facial foams!

Get your first new cleanser for this new year!


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