[Food Review] Batter Fluffy Flaps

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! *throws confetti*

Had spent my new year countdown at Boiler’s Room at St. James!

Incase you aren’t aware, it was the last business night for Boiler’s Room on the last day in 2012. The club was the only club which I frequented the most in 2012, my Hen’s night and wedding night party were at Boiler’s Room as well, left some nice memories at that place.

But I guess I didn’t get myself high enough to really enjoy the party last night. Nevertheless, I only managed to sleep at 5am this morning. *panda eyes*

I love uploading photos of yummy food to facebook, twitter and instagram. Too bad I don’t have much time to review the food in my blog. But to make my first day in 2013 a memorable one, I have decided to do a food review on this day!

Woke up at noon today and had a sudden craving for brunch. Dragged hubby out to Katong to check out this cafe which we have passby some weeks ago.

Batter Fluffy Flaps, BFF in short, serves both savoury and sweet pancakes! I had almost mistaken the place to be selling brunch like Hatched, Eggs & Berries, Wild Honey, Antoinette. (My favourite is still Eggs & Berries!)

Then again, I didn’t mind pancakes since the only one which I’ve tried was Strictly Pancakes.

Melted at this cutie fluffy sheep outside the cafe!

The cafe is designed in a simple and clean concept, no fascinating and colourful decor, but white plain walls and furniture, with a few pictures of the fluffy sheep on the walls.

Can you read out the tongue twister on the wall ??

There is also a small shelf with magazines to keep you occupied while waiting for the food to be served, or to spend an afternoon sitting down reading with a cup of cuppa.

Ordered myself a glass of Iced Hazelnut Latte! Naise! Love the nutty taste!

Pancakes are available in sweet and savoury flavours, customized pancakes are available too! All comes in 2 pancakes, good for 2 persons sharing. The more the merrier, so that everyone gets to try more flavours!

Mushroom and Tiger Prawns pancakes!

The portobello mushrooms are grilled and so soft to chew! Butter is melted on the portobello mushrooms, making the mushrooms taste even more juicier!

And of course, fresh prawns! *i love prawns*

Butter and maple syrup comes with the pancakes.

Batter Fluffy Flaps, the cafe name sounds so cute to me!, especially it’s also known as BFF, like a good cosy place to hang out with my BFFs!

89 East Coast Road
Singapore 428790

(T) 6440 7071

Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs: 11am to 10pm
Fri: 11am to 11pm
Sat: 9am to 11pm
Sun: 9am to 10pm

Can’t wait to go back again to try more pancake flavours!


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