#Review# The Miracle Oil – Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

Need an oil therapy for the skin but worried the oil product will leave the skin too greasy? The worst is when pouring out too much oil and cause spillage all over. How about a therapy oil in pump dispenser to avoid some mess?

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil has the cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E is now available in a hand held bottle with pump dispenser. Formulated to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry and/or damaged skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin.

Contains Rosehip fragrance (Yes it smells really nice and soothing!) and is dermatologically tested.

The proper use of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is to use it 3 times a day (But I am a tad lazy… been using it once every 2 days.), or as often as desired. Can be used on both face and body! Also an ideal bath oil for a deep moisturizing treatment!

Here’s a snapshot of my dry skin leg! Looks scaly scary hor?

I had one spray of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil on the targetted area…

Surprisingly, the amount of the oil from just one spray is sufficient for half the leg! My skin does feel oily initially and I have to spread the oil with some massage all over the dry skin. After awhile, my skin feels less dry and the ‘scales’ (due to dryness) look less visible.

Despite the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is suitable to be used on facial skin, I personally feel it is too oily for my liking.

Another way of putting it on facial skin will be to use the remaining oil after massaging the legs onto the face. This maybe less oilier for the aged and dry skin.

Anyway, the name itself already says “oil”, of course it will contain some oiliness. But do not be mistaken it to be as oily as a cooking oil ya! It’s actually in watery lightweight texture, definitely far different from those cooking oil, makeup remover oil.

I like how Palmer’s Skin is packaged in a pumped bottle with nozzle, keeps the oil formulation “fresh” and prevents contamination.

And oh, this miracle oil can be used to lighten scars too!


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