My Humble Tips on: How to have a Gold Christmas look this year?

It has been a long time since I played around with colours on my eyes and nails.

My recent favourite eyeshadow belongs to the Hello Kitty Kawaii Duo Shadow in #13 – OR & TERRE! It’s basically in dark brown in metallic finish and shimmering gold with metallic finish.

Previously I did a vertical gradient (shown in the Hello Kitty makeup blogpost), and now, I am doing a horizontal gradient here.

Horizontal gradiant is very easy as long as you dab the colours bit by bit. I will prefer the outer corners of the eyes to be in darker shade to create a smokey and deep intense look on the eyes. In any case I have overdone it, I will “erase” the excess with my foundation, or lighten the colour with the lighter shade. Lighter shade will start from the center to the inner corners of the eyes.

To further enhance the “Gold Christmas” feel in my look book, I went to dig a bottle of nail polish in gold and purple (from MAC Cosmetics, 2011 Christmas).

Thanks to Sasa SG for sharing with the facebok fans on some DIY nail art. I try to DIY using the steps on Sasa SG facebook with my MAC nail lacquer and I must say though my “Gold Christmas Tree” wasn’t looking good enough, I am still very satisfied with my first trial.

Add on some spare swarovski crystals to glue onto my “Gold Christmas Tree” to add that “bling” feel on my big toenails.

I guess I will just have to put on a dark purple, red or a black outfit to make my “gold” stands out!

So here I am, an eyeshadow which gives me a horizontal gradient gold, and a nail lacquer in gold, with a simple DIY nailart, that’s my two humble tips on how to have a Gold Christmas look this year.


That’s all for the last blogpost before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!


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