L’Oréal Hair Expertise EverStyle

Do you have the dilemma of wanting to style your hair everyday but also worried about damaging the hair with the heat and chemical-formulated hair products?

Fret not now! L’Oreal Hair Expertise has come up with its first alcohol-free hairstyling products, EverStyle!

The Hair Expertise EverStyle helps to achieve easy hair styling and is gentle on both scalp and hair. It doesn’t contain any alcohol and that prevents the hair from drying up. Another plus point here is, the products are able to provide a long-lasting hold up (be it for curls or for taming the hair frizz) to 24 hours!

Hair Expertise EverStyle is also formulated with botanical extracts like Orange Peel Oil to give an invigoration scent to the hair. Saves me from the embarrassing moments when my hair smells oily!

A good tip when using hairstyling products will be to apply bit by bit. In any case when we need to apply more than one product, we should always start the one with the lightest texture. Simple tips like that will keep the hairstyle fresh and long-lasting enough without damaging the hair conditions.

Basically there are 6 products in Hair Expertise EverStyle range, mainly for,

  • Curls
  • Volumizing
  • Strong-hold

For styling hair curls,  Curl Activating Mousse (S$17.90) is available to shape and boost the curls while taming the frizz and maintain natural shine on the hair. Curl Defining Gel (S$15.90) has a more heavier texture than Curl Activating Mousse. It gives maximum curl control to define and hold the curls after styling.

Both products are to apply on damp hair using fingers to brush through to ensure the products are evenly spread on the hair. Give the hair a blow using diffuser or electric tongs to create the curls.

For volumizing, Volume Boosting Mousse (S$17.90) is a must-have for ladies with fine limpy hair like mine. The light-weight mousse texture boosts up the hair volume without making the hair sticky. It leaves no residue or any flakes on the hair.

This is easy to use as blowing is optional. I’ll just have to apply on my damped hair and spread evenly using fingers, create some volume using my fingers and leave the hair to dry by itself.

For an even more volumizing look, Volume Root Lifting Spray (S$18.90) helps because it is a spray that concentrates on the hair roots, builds up thickness and lift at the roots.

After my hair has turned dry, because of the increase in the volume on my hairtop, twisting my fringe to the hairtop is easier. My hair looks less limpy as well.

For the ladies who loves styling the hair with good holding power, Strong Hold Defining Gel (S$15.90) maybe the perfect one for you. Despite the gel texture, it leaves no residue, stickiness and flakiness on the hair. Infact, hair looks shiny and structure with the strong holding power.

For those who are used to hair spray when comes to strong hold power to the hair, Strong Hold Styling Spray (S$15.90), affordable priced and alcohol-free, is just like a hair mist giving shine to the hair, while also giving the hair a good holding power to the hairstyle.

L’Oreal Hair Expertise EverStyle is now available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and selected departmental stores.

Grab one to DIY your hair into a professional-looking hairstyle for this festive month!

Here’s a video clip starring Velda, co-founder of Love Bonito, on how L’Oreal Hair Expertise EvertStyle eases her fuss-free time to create 3 different hairstyles for different occasions. Enjoy!


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