#Review# Ultimate Colla-gen Gold

It was my first time to receive a Japanese-gift-wrapped product. Looks like those lunch bento sets! Oh well, it’s not bento set, but still something good for the health! It’s collagen drinks!

Korean celebrities Mr Lee Min H and Ms Kim Hee Sun, are Ultimate Colla-gen’s brand ambassadors! Does that motivate you enough to try out Ultimate Colla-gen?

Love the cheery colours on the packaging!

As we age, collagen level in our bodies decreases, our skin then loses the suppleness and elasticity, wrinkles start to form. No doubt we maybe using tonnes of skincare, we still need supplements to further enhance our beauty. That’s where collage comes in.

Korea #1  preferred Collagen is Halal-certified with a light and refreshing sweet taste. Ultimate Colla-gen uses a technology that provides the lowest (50% smaller than other collagen drinks) Nano-molecular structure in collagen for easier and faster absorption.

Ultimate Colla-gen uses  real Blueberry extract and contains other key ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Glucosamine, Acia berry.

Ultimate Colla-gen, caters to people of all age groups, but comes in 2 different formulations. Ultimate Colla-gen Plus nurtures skin, hair and nails, good for those between 20s and 40s. Ultimate Colla-gen Gold are meant for those who are in their golden years, it nurtures joints, bones and skin.

Each sachet contains the powdered Ultimate Colla-gen.

Added in water to dissolve the Ultimate Colla-gen powder, do a little stirring and it’s good to drink!

The drink tastes sweet and if you have it chilled for awhile, it is very refreshing drink to be served after a hot day from the outside.

I shared the box of collagen drinks with mum who has a problem with her joints and bones. I guess it must be the Glucosamine content that helps in giving a little more strength during climbing of the few steps. Mum in her 50s, has a weakness in climbing up stairs. Even the 2-3 steps up the bus, she needs a grip on the poles. Ultimate Colla-gen Gold doesn’t help much on her aging appearance, but more on her joints.

But it was not an overnight thing that happened to her. She only managed to see some results after finishing almost the whole box! To see better results, regular consumption is required for sure.

Does this sound like a good Christmas present for the elderly at home? Ultimate Colla-gen is available at Nishino pharmacies, Robinsons, Pan Derma Clinique, Pharmex Healthcare, and selected Sasa outlets in SG.

I totally heart the pink scarf that was used to wrap the box of collagen! And guess what, it’s from Burberry!!

Happy max!

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