Za Limited Edition Foundation Case

Before 2012 ends, Za has got some good news for the Za fanatics!

First news is, Za is now finally launched in Japan since August this year!! *Throw Coffetti*

Already 65 stores in Japan are now selling Za products, Za is still planning to increase to 300 stores by end of 2012! Wow, that’s a great achievement!

Second news is, to celebrate the first good news, Za has launched a limited edition foundation case!

The design is all about Japan, Tokyo girls and all girls pampering things! Here’s a short summary on how the design come about. We all know Tokyo has always been well-known for the latest fashion trends their girls lead and how tokyo girls love to dress up looking kawaii and fashionable. So, Ed Tsuwaki, a designer who is very good with drawing, illustration and graphics, came up with the design of a fashionable Tokyo girl who loves makeup and shopping, and added stars to create the “omph”  which a star usually has.

Notice the long neck the girl has? That’s the style of Ed Tsuwaki whose works have been published on Vogue Italy, Starbucks, Comme Des Garcons and Marie Claire Aust.

Previously, Za also launched the Perfect-Fit Two-way foundation which I’ve missed sometime ago. This foundation is said to contain moisturizing ingredients and able to keep the skin away from shine like up to 8 hours!

So here comes the third news!

The limited edition Ed Tsuwaki Case is now bundled with Perfect-Fit Two-way foundation refills (2 refills packs) at only SGD33.50 at all Watsons stores! This Christmas bundle also includes a foldable shopping tote bag with kawaii prints!

This is really a good deal! Imagine how much savings you can have with this bundle? FYI, a Perfect-Fit Two-way foundation retails for SGD18.50, and 2 of it will cost you SGD37!

Limited edition case + 2 refills packs + tote bag = SGD33.50 ! Super value for money!

Before ending this post, sharing with a nice restaurant, Zero Zero! it serves exquisite Japanese-Westernized fine dining, same concept as Taos, one of my favourite dining places.

Thanks to Charmain from Za who introduces this place to us!

We had refreshing apple rose tea! One sip and you can’t stop!

A fulfilling desserts but I am not sure what it is named.

It’s basically fresh fruits served in cold. Mango on top of custard?

Pomelo and another ‘unknown’ fruit but definitely not orange!

Ambiance is similar to Dozo, also one my favourite fine dining places.

That’s all for now, been a little slack ever since my return from Europe. Gonna catch up with some overdue reviews.


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