2012 Christmas Collection – MAC All For Glamour Touch Up Kit Medium

I am finally back from my Europe trip! That explains the haitus in updating my blog~

For those who have followed my instagram and twitter, you’ve prolly seen some of my shopping buys?

It was a crazy shopping trip in Europe. My HB had a hard time dragging the uncountable shopping bags back to hotel! Heh!

When I stopped by at Charles De Gaulle airport on my departure day, I couldn’t resist the shopping there too. Despite the miserable shops at the airport, I managed to grab myself an item from MAC cosmetics 2012 Christmas collection! *Happy Me*

I always have a hard time trying to grab the limited collections from MAC in SG, so when I managed to get one at the airport, I was uber happy happy and more happy!

So just a quick post here to show off my MAC All For Glamour Touch Up Kit Medium! Cost me €31.20.

It comes in a light pink cushion case, inside with blot powder and 1 lipstick.

Blot powder are available in 3 different shades, from the lightest to the darkest. Frankly speaking, after trying out the 3 shades, they make no difference on my skin. All 3 shades blot powder are transparent on the skin, they aren’t going to do any coverage, or to affect your skin tone. It basically helps to mattify the skin during the day.

Each blot powder shade comes with a matching lipstick, no way to mix and match the lipstick to your liking. So there are chances where you feel you want the lightest blot powder but the lipstick isn’t the colour you want.

But if the blot powder is not going to affect your skintone, you can just go ahead to pick according to your favourite lipstick colour. πŸ˜€

For the cushion case, it is only available in light pink for this touch up kit. Eyeshadow and bronzer kits will come in other cushion colours. πŸ˜€

For the makeup addicts, MAC Christmas collection 2012 is not to be missed!


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