Neogence Pore Solution Series

Neogence Pore Solution series is like the basic and yet sufficient skincare to target on pores issue. Included in the range is a cleanser, pore-reducing serum, treatment gel and a pore-purifying serum.

Under the hot and humid weather in SG, oily t-zone, enlarged pores are few of the common skin issues faced by some of us. The very first step we should do is to keep the skin clean and prevent clogged pores, followed by products to help to minimize pores size, and finally to maintain the good skin’s condition to prevent acne from surfacing.

Neogence Pore Solution series did it all! Its 4 main functions “effectively recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving acne, and rebuilding pores” are what the series is all about!

The products contain quite a few active ingredients which help to solve pores issue. Glycacid, Witch Hazel extract just to name a few.

The very first product to use when comes to keeping skin clean is a cleanser!

Neogence Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel helps to deep clean the pores and removes the dirt to prevent clogged pores. It has an oil-controlled formula that helps to maintain sebum production.

Neogence Extremely Off-heads Serum is meant to soften and dissolve acne and pores. This is my Holy Grail product for pores. It is like a painless extraction for the dirt and blackheads stuck inside the pores.

It contains Witch Hazel which is also a astringent, helps to sooth and minimize pores size. By minimizing pore size, oil sebum surfacing to the skin will appear lesser, and in return less prone to acnes.

Other than removing the dirts and clearing up the pores, the skin still needs a product to minimize the pores so as to prevent further dirts get into the pores.

Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum provides oil control properties to the skin. Other than reducing the pores size, it also tries to build up the the good skin’s condition, improves huge pores problems. Contains both Witch Hazel leaf extract and Vitamin B3.

Texture is pretty light and 1-2 drops are sufficient for areas near my nose. I use it once a week since my pores issue is very minimal.

So after cleaning the pores, removing the stubborn dirts and minimizing the pores size, it’s now all about maintenance.

Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel, just like the name says it all, it’s a treatment gel. It basically strengthens the oil-control formula to control sebum production.

Comes in gel-like texture, very moisturizing to the skin while taking care of the pores.

I am impressed with how the serums are packaged, so much easier to use with a few drops and contamination is avoided. In this way, product life can be prolonged.

I got to know about Neogence Pore Solution Series when I was invited to their launch event. The event started off a short presentation on the products, followed by a live demo.

I had my polaroid taken by the folks from Sasa/Neogence with the product as my backdrop. That’s an awesome photo!

Neogence Pore Solution is available at Sasa outlets in SG.


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