#Review# BRTC Stem Cell Masks – Morning Glory, Edelweiss

Tried out 2 face brightening masks from BRTC Stem Cell range before my Europe trip this Friday. I sure need some nice radiance and moisture on my face before the trip which is going to be a dry and cold one.

BRTC Stem Cell masks come in a box of 5 pcs, S$25/box.

Here are my reviews on 2 of the 6 masks which I’ve received from Sasa SG. I love the results and will be back to review the remaining 4 in December.

Starting with BRTC Morning Glory Stem Cell mask. This is mad love!

Check out the quality of the mask sheet, made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose.

Notice there is a pattern printed on the mask sheet? Reminds me of those body cell drawings which I’ve seen in Bio-science.

I love how the mask sheet provides optional masking for the eyelids and lips! Yes, I mean lips! Super nice to also moist the lips while masking the face right, afterall who will want to talk during masking, unless she is not afraid of wrinkles. 😡 This maybe a myth, then again, why keeps moving (it moves if you talk) the skin when it is supposed to resting and absorbing the nutrients during masking?

The result is instant and very obvious. It purifies the skin with morning glory callus extract. My skin looks so clear during the day!


Before masking, my skin looks dull with slight flakiness.


Flakiness isgone and skin gets brightened up after masking! My skin feels/looks freshen up!

My bare skin looks so glowy under natural sunlight lighting shone from my room’s window! It’s my first time to see such a nice glow!

After revitalize my face, I follow up with a moisturizing mask the next day.

BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell, with Edelweiss callus extract that is supposed to replenish the moisture loss on dry skin, and add some radiance to the skin.



Immediately after I remove the mask sheet,, I still feel an excess of the essence on my skin. So as not to waste it, I give my face a gentle massage using the essence. Guess what, my skin feels soft and bouncy!

So far, the two masks from BRTC Stem Cell have not fail my expectation. It helps to prep my skin for the cold weather by giving some sufficient moisture before it gets worsen under the harsh environment.

My skin now feels ready to face the dry environment after the masking with Morning Glory Stem Cell and Edelweiss Stem Cell.

Other available BRTC Stem Cell Masks are Rice Stem Cell, Green Tea Stem Cell, Zinnia Stem Cell, Ginseng Stem Cell masks. I can’t wait to use them when I am back, for sure I need them to rejuvenate my skin again!

BRTC Stem Cell masks are available in Sasa SG Outlets.


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